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Last week we had another visitor from Germany, an engineer who would be in charge of tutoring the staff of shapeCD, he came out of the airport after a 1 hour wait for him, we took him to the hotel where he would lodge and as we drove past the streets of Lagos, he said the same thing his boss said when he came in, “Nigeria has the biggest shopping mall” located on the street, he was so surprised he could buy almost anything from the comfort of his car, he was so thrilled at what he saw, he watched sales men running after cars and negotiating for goods. Where on earth is this done?

Dirk as I call him found close friendship in me as he was confident of safe haven here in Nigeria, He said he read on papers that Nigerians are very violent and that the kidnap rate is so high and he is scared of staying here in Nigeria. He compared Nigeria to Turkey where regularly they kidnap Germans. But somehow he felt safe here in Nigeria.

He had a good treat as I took him to an eatery where he ate Eba and Egusi soup with assorted meat, he watched me do it and decided to join, he was having a good time and he enjoyed every bit of it and almost ask for more. He said something that made me feel good……”i think Nigeria is a calm place and they are hospitable, if you hang out with the right people….and I think you guys are the right people”

I felt so good hearing those words, I am proud to be called the “right people”  and it goes a long way to tell people that Iit pays to be honest and possess integrity. Where do you belong and what would people tag you for. He is still around and he has a good impression about Nigeria and Nigerians and would really want to visit.

How do you showcase Nigeria to the public, are we hospitable or hostile? Are we welcoming? let the world know what you stand for.


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Stock market– update

The stock market has been stagnant for a while now and little activity has been going on in the industry. Blue chip companies are feeling the heat, last week, First bank was dropping seriously but now its going back up. All the banks in the industry had a fair share of the drop.

The insurance sector seems to be doing badly in the area of gains, Investment and allied assurance is still dropping and also NEM insurance. This sector has been tagged a penny stock sector. the prices are continually dropping and so it is a good time for those who are looking for penny stocks to buy into and would be guaranteed of good returns.

Recently there has been information that Bank PHB  wants to acquire spring bank, and all of a sudden the demand for spring bank shares has shot up, the market is now being controlled by those who have the shares, while this is a good investment, it would be very difficult to get the shares, the price now would be a thing of hike as there would definitely be scarcity of the shares in the market.

Do you think of paying into an idea? would you like to join the train of those who believe in new things? You can get the shares at a good price now and be rest assured of a good investment.

Please look clearly at the prices of stocks in the market and invest now when prices are low.

See you on top, in big things

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Last weekend I was in Ilorin, for my colleagues wedding, it was a time to free our brains from the heat of everyday work, we all had fun although not free from work as we had New Nigeria Club launch in Ilorin that weekend, but I had a terrible journey to and fro Ilorin, I have never in my life seen a road that bad, even when I complain about the Lagos/Benin express, I had no idea it was terrible down west.

The route from Ibadan all the way to Ilorin through Osun was as thin as a bicycle lane, rich with pot holes, and muddy, then on another lane I saw men building a gutter with blocks, so strange, where on earth do you build gutters with blocks knowing that even the speed of water can destroy the block, or not to say the tyres of cars that are trying to avoid pot holes, don’t be surprised that the government approved this contract and a large sum of money would have been directed towards executing the project, but do they think of the gains of the society? or they are concerned about their pockets. it was so terrible that we lost a tyre due to the poor state, I wondered what the road would look like during the end phase of the raining season when the rains are heavy , would cars be covered up with water, or would the death rate on road increase? Only God knows.

Nigerians has over the months suffered from neglect, people live in pains, sorrow and they hardly know where their next meal would come from, only recently I read in a paper an advert that says “Africans for Obama” a campaign for the Democratic candidate of the United states, and to my surprise a platinum ticket cost as high as N375,000 and for a corporate table you would pay as much as N2.5 million, for the gold table individuals would pay N275,000 and for the corporate table N2 million, while people are spending irrelevantly, others are dying of poverty and starvation. The power sector for the 8th time is in state of emergency, Bakassi is still an issue for Nigerians. What the hell are they campaigning for? And what would they use the funds for as Barack Obama has disassociated himself from the fund raising. Continue reading

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The football season for me started yesterday with Chelsea football club playing their first league match against Portsmouth, I had a funny wait for the match as I prepared myself fully guarded to watch this cracker, I even had to travel late cos I didn’t want to miss a bit of it.

But all the wait was in vain as the channel which I hoped would show it, didn’t and it was frustrating. well I got the news and it was so exciting, Chelsea, thrashed Portsmouth 4-0 to start the season. Goals from Joe Cole, Nicholas Anelka, Frank Lampard and Deco gave Chelsea a well deserved start.

Many people including me, thought it would be very difficult for us to score a goal as our marks man Didier Drogba was out injured, and also our team was an aging team. But a big surprise, the score board was very pleasing to the home fans. Also when I thought our own Mikel Obi would never get a shirt in the midfield of the team, as players like Lampard, Deco, Ballack, Malouda, Joe Cole and Essien who have track record of success are ready to game. Mikel played full 90 minutes and he did well. Then came the new sign ups Bosingwa who started the game although was substitued for Ferriera, Deco also played and scored on his debut.

Chelsea is on the table now on goals and I am hoping it stays like this till the end of season, and also let the margin be on points. lol

Chelsea RULES.

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The beginning of self confidence is to know what you want and know how to get there and achieve what you want, today I was working in the office as usual and my phone rang, it was a strange number and because I was so busy I rejected the call, but the caller made another attempt and the persistence, I took the call, and to my surprise, it was one of Nigerians foremost musician, and I was so shocked that I went mute for the first few seconds.

I wondered how he got my number, but something told me that when you position yourself ie sowing, definitely at harvest time, you would be notified. He got my number from someone and was calling in respect to the latest technology we have which would be so useful to career, he sounded so excited and wanted to see me immediately, but since he was very far from me, I wondered how that was going to be possible, after much said, we fixed a meeting to see on Tuesday, and talk things over on how to make our impact in curbing the decay in the sector.

I am believing in possibilities because the limitations we have in life are those we set on ourselves, whatever you say you cannot do, you would never be able to do it, I have always said it that I would capture a whole sector of the economy and in no time make decisions in that area, well I guess my dreams are coming to pass and I know that I am true to my dreams, I would make it big and strong, I would make decisions and people older than me would listen, how good is your dream treating you, what would you be remembered for?

Your relevance in life would start from what you are set to achieve, I am so confident that my tomorrow would look so brilliant as I have set a hurdle for myself and doing well to surmount it.

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Your best is yet to be seen.

My boss always used to tell me that the best in me would soon show up, as it is yet to be seen, he told me that in a class of 20 boys, they all won’t be together on the same level for a long time, even if they started on the same level, they would not be on the same page for a long time.

Where would you be in 2 years, and where were you 2 years ago? Most people think their background is responsible for their mishap today,……very wrong, what you are today is what you made for yourself, if you sow a seed of failure then prepare for the harvest of failure. According to Deolu Akinyemi in his post “Barack Obama and I” he says “ your background is not responsible for your back being on the ground” Barack Obama did not have a fantastic background, so did many of us, but now he is a potential record breaker and history maker, if he mounts the seat of the most exalted position today..the president of the world power. Do you continually blame your parents for what you are today? Then you need a rethink as Obama’s parents divorced when he was 2 years, but where is he now? How is he doing? He has put his strength into winning and now a black man, partly from Africa, Indonesia and lived in Honolulu is making waves world-wide.

We are now in the computer era, where everyone has direct access to the internet and most of them use it for well what I say not too relevant things, it is so strange to note that only about 10% of Nigerians have a well felt presence on the internet. I ask a question, “would I get a reply if I Google your name now on the internet” so would I just get a”the name doesn’t exist “ where do you belong? OK quick try……..Google your name……………………………

You would want to know that Obama made a whopping $36.8m in a month from his site as campaign funds, yes..this was possible because as he had a blog which he started long time ago, and now it has brought him millions, you too can partake in this kind of blessing as you don’t know when the millions would be flowing from. Continue reading

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Today……so beautiful to behold, 08/08/08…….the beginning of new things in my life…our lives. 7 is the number of perfection, so it is perfection plus 1, the heavens and the earth and all that is inside of it, a day to this perfection shows that the creation process is complete and satisfactory, people say that 06/06/06 is a demonic number well I can’t say less because a number less than perfection would be demonic or evil, well we resumed this morning with praise and thanksgiving for new things in our lives, the birth of the great story. The shapeCD machine which we have been expecting came into the office and also my boss’ brand new Range Rover Jeep……whoa….

These are two opening for us, the shapeCD machine would usher in history as we would bring a new trend into the market. The joy is uncontainable and the opportunities are limitless, sometimes I sit and appreciate my being here, yes I am a pioneer in so many ways. I have been involved in so many things that in a few months time history would not be complete if my name is not included.

My boss smiles and my colleagues salute a laudable achievement for all of us, I know it is so close, cos it is harvest season, those who planted early enough would have the time to reap the fruit of their labour. “The harvest is much but the labourers are few” these are words of the lord. The harvest is abundant, but where are the labourers? Those who were supposed to plant in preparation for the plenty, ignored the essence of the harvest, but those who took advantage of the planting season to make a statement, now would be invited for the harvest. What are you doing now? What seed are you sowing? And when do you intend to harvest, note that the principles of life are constant, its always seed time before harvest. Plant now and prepare.

ShapeCD would commence operations next week and you reading this post would also be remembered in history as a partaker, the opportunities are limitless, you can do what you want to do, you can tap into the future of digital technology today.

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I am reading a national daily and as a tradition, I flip to the stock market page….woah I heave a sigh of relieve, gradually the stock market is picking up, prices are steadily climbing and this is good news to investors, its not only my miracle but I guess for a  few thousand Nigerians if I am wrong, I have been receiving calls from people complaining that their investment is going down in drains, sometimes in my office, we joke about a share we bought that was really going down, we say soon people would get it for free as, the price would drop so drastic that it would encourage people to give it out as GIFT to their friends, well I guess this won’t be happening as the season is here……ok is coming again, investors would smile, people would once again look in the direction of the stock market  and invest their money .

As prices go up high again, I ask myself what have you achieved from the fall, what have you been able to get? In my previous post, I encouraged people to buy now that the market is suffering, because it is eminent that the prices would go high and when you buy in the bad weather, you would definitely make it when the rains come, now the cloud is dark, it is ready to rain, now the seed we planted would sprout and bear fruit, and as natures law goes, harvest time would come…….. Continue reading

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“If truly our lives shrink to the limits of our courage, what are you going to do to expand your life today?”

What are you capable of doing? To what extent are you willing to go if all you ever imagined of or thought about can actually be achieved now?…what would you venture into now to make the most out of it?

Most people wish for things that if they get now would only destroy them, it’s like a child asking for the fathers car key and the father gives him, what the father is doing in this instance is killing the son not actually showing love to the son, so it is with our heavenly father who we continually flood with our requests, he knows exactly what we are capable of doing if we get our desire, but since he loves us, we don’t get the desirables now.

I was watching a video last week and I saw a man wish for something and in no instance what he asked for come alive right in front of him, so what would happen if all your courage wishes for is granted to you immediately, what would you wish for? What would wish for if you had one wish? How would you change your fortune? Well if I had one wish, I would wish for wisdom to make wealth, it is strange to learn that 20% of the world’s population, controls 80% of the wealth, while over 80% struggle with 20% left over, so I would seek for wisdom to join those who really control this 80% wealth. What are they doing to get so much, and how do I get there? first things is to learn the necessity for investing, now people are so concerned about quick wealth, they want 100% ROI instantly they have ignored the long term investments, but note that the principle of compound interest is still useful and to build wealth, you need to inculcate this habit.

If your live shrinks to its limit, what would you do?………

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