The beginning of self confidence is to know what you want and know how to get there and achieve what you want, today I was working in the office as usual and my phone rang, it was a strange number and because I was so busy I rejected the call, but the caller made another attempt and the persistence, I took the call, and to my surprise, it was one of Nigerians foremost musician, and I was so shocked that I went mute for the first few seconds.

I wondered how he got my number, but something told me that when you position yourself ie sowing, definitely at harvest time, you would be notified. He got my number from someone and was calling in respect to the latest technology we have which would be so useful to career, he sounded so excited and wanted to see me immediately, but since he was very far from me, I wondered how that was going to be possible, after much said, we fixed a meeting to see on Tuesday, and talk things over on how to make our impact in curbing the decay in the sector.

I am believing in possibilities because the limitations we have in life are those we set on ourselves, whatever you say you cannot do, you would never be able to do it, I have always said it that I would capture a whole sector of the economy and in no time make decisions in that area, well I guess my dreams are coming to pass and I know that I am true to my dreams, I would make it big and strong, I would make decisions and people older than me would listen, how good is your dream treating you, what would you be remembered for?

Your relevance in life would start from what you are set to achieve, I am so confident that my tomorrow would look so brilliant as I have set a hurdle for myself and doing well to surmount it.

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  1. damilola

    yeah ! All u need in life is inside of you.explore,sow that u may reap also.

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