“If truly our lives shrink to the limits of our courage, what are you going to do to expand your life today?”

What are you capable of doing? To what extent are you willing to go if all you ever imagined of or thought about can actually be achieved now?…what would you venture into now to make the most out of it?

Most people wish for things that if they get now would only destroy them, it’s like a child asking for the fathers car key and the father gives him, what the father is doing in this instance is killing the son not actually showing love to the son, so it is with our heavenly father who we continually flood with our requests, he knows exactly what we are capable of doing if we get our desire, but since he loves us, we don’t get the desirables now.

I was watching a video last week and I saw a man wish for something and in no instance what he asked for come alive right in front of him, so what would happen if all your courage wishes for is granted to you immediately, what would you wish for? What would wish for if you had one wish? How would you change your fortune? Well if I had one wish, I would wish for wisdom to make wealth, it is strange to learn that 20% of the world’s population, controls 80% of the wealth, while over 80% struggle with 20% left over, so I would seek for wisdom to join those who really control this 80% wealth. What are they doing to get so much, and how do I get there? first things is to learn the necessity for investing, now people are so concerned about quick wealth, they want 100% ROI instantly they have ignored the long term investments, but note that the principle of compound interest is still useful and to build wealth, you need to inculcate this habit.

If your live shrinks to its limit, what would you do?………

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  1. la4la1

    I will do the same!wish for wisdom to create wealth.

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