Stock market– update

The stock market has been stagnant for a while now and little activity has been going on in the industry. Blue chip companies are feeling the heat, last week, First bank was dropping seriously but now its going back up. All the banks in the industry had a fair share of the drop.

The insurance sector seems to be doing badly in the area of gains, Investment and allied assurance is still dropping and also NEM insurance. This sector has been tagged a penny stock sector. the prices are continually dropping and so it is a good time for those who are looking for penny stocks to buy into and would be guaranteed of good returns.

Recently there has been information that Bank PHB  wants to acquire spring bank, and all of a sudden the demand for spring bank shares has shot up, the market is now being controlled by those who have the shares, while this is a good investment, it would be very difficult to get the shares, the price now would be a thing of hike as there would definitely be scarcity of the shares in the market.

Do you think of paying into an idea? would you like to join the train of those who believe in new things? You can get the shares at a good price now and be rest assured of a good investment.

Please look clearly at the prices of stocks in the market and invest now when prices are low.

See you on top, in big things

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