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Hello friends, I spent the past week reading a book titled “As a man thinketh, so is he” and I have come to know so much about life, and how our thoughts control our life, I watched “the secret” sometime this year, and again I have come to realize that the earlier I re-align my thoughts, the better and faster I would begin to tap into the best part of life’s gift for me.

“As the plant springs from, and could not be without the seed, so every act of man springs from the hidden seeds of thought, and could not have appeared without them”

A man is made and unmade by himself. In the armory of thought he forges the weapon by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tool with which he builds himself heavenly mansions of Joy and strength and peace. By the right application of thoughts, man ascends to the divine perfection. By the abuse and wrong application of thought he descends below the level of the beast. Between these two extremes are all the grades of character, and man is their maker and master. It is interesting to know that a man’s mind can be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed-seeds will fall therein, and would continue to produce their kind, Continue reading


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images3Recently in Lagos, the convoy of a naval officer, maltreated a young lady to the full glare of the public, these naval officers took laws into their hands and dealt cruely with a helpless woman, because she refused to clear from the road as the naval chief drop by with blaring siren. This constitutes a breach of fundamental human right and disrespect for humanity.

This goes to show that there is no law in Nigeria, or that these guys were above the law. How on earth would a human torture another human so inhumanely and expect the public to adore them. But unfortunately due to the blessing of the internet, this act has been viewed by over 2 million people since it happened, it has gone round the world, if you haven’t seen it well your lucky day….visit

This has brought Nigeria to the fore front of public view in a negative light, how do we defend that things work in Nigeria, where is the human right that they preach, this is more or less the military junta, where you can’t stand up and air your view, where you live in fear of being killed. I weep for Nigeria.

But alas there are a few people who believe in democracy, some NGO’s in Lagos have taken this case so seriously and organized a press conference, Nike Adeyemi and another colleague in the NGO sector, Continue reading


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images1Experts have proven to us that Time is life, the way you manage your time is the way you manage your life, time management is the key ingredient in personal and business success, I attended a training today on time management and here are a few steps to help you manage your time effectively and achieve more in every area of your life.

1- Identify your value system…List values that are important to you;    Everyone wants success, what that looks like may differ from person to person. Having a clear idea of what success means toyou makes it easier to focus in on what you need to be doing on a daily basis to make that success happen for you. In our fast paced life we rarely take time to stop and think about values. What is really important to you? And are you consistently (daily, weekly, monthly) doing activities that support those value? Truly meaningful time management is more than checking off tasks on a list.

2- Goal setting; Success in life happens when we focus our energy, time and talents on specific goals. Using your time wisely means making choices about where best to aim your focus. Think about Zig’s quote, “It’s not lack of time; we have the same amount of time as any “avarege” billionaire. It’s how we spend it that makes the difference.

3- Plannning and scheduling your time; To get the result you want, you must find the time to do activities neccesary to reach the goals you have set. That doesn’t just happen- that takes planning! Many people resist the idea of planning their day because it seems too structured, too much of a hassle, and who has time to plan anyway? Planning your day enables you to make better decision and actually increase your control over your day. A well planned day reduces stress and can produce more creativity and even create more time in your day. Continue reading

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OBAMA……Mission accomplished.

Today, history is made, after years of racism, years of intentional torture; Obama becomes the first black man to rule America….sorry the world. Today as I watch the breaking news on cable, Obama wins the world.

I get cold chills run down my spine; I feel the rush of joy overwhelm me, the first black man to sit in the oval office, the 44th president of America. Today the dream of martin Luther king Junior has been fulfilled, he would have smiled down in the grave, finally slaves have become kings, and peasants are counted among world leaders.

Obama has made record making headlines and front pages and all the breaking news, and McCain stood down, the underdog could not make the most talked about come back, throughout the campaign period I have never heard him talk so humbled as he did this morning in the concession speech, he was so calm and collected that his supporters booed him at a point. From his words;

“This is a historic election, I recognize the significance it has for African American. I wish to congratulate a man who is my former opponent and now my president

Now the dream is born, now the uncertainty prevails amongst us, now anything is possible, black is now the new white, black is the future, Obama is the number 1 sold out brand in the world, celebrities came out to congratulate the new president. Continue reading


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