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Dear readers, it’s been a while, I have been staring consistently at the price list for stocks and it has kept me jaws down wondering where we are heading.

The world is experiencing the worse recess in a very long time, Asian shares nose dived sharply, it’s lowest over 26 years.

I read a post on the internet from Tele post and would like to share with you, it reads ” Be prepared for the nasty period”… on…………

The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to brace for a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets over the next three months as inflation paralyses the major central banks.

“A very nasty period is soon to be upon us – be prepared,” said Bob Janjuah, the bank’s credit strategist.

A report by the bank’s research team warns that the S&P 500 index of Wall Street equities is likely to fall by more than 300 points to around 1050 by September as “all the chickens come home to roost” from the excesses of the global boom, with contagion spreading across Europe and emerging markets. Continue reading

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I got home today, ready to rest the brain from a hard days job, I actually traveled to Delta state, to seal a deal with some officials of the Delta state Government, It was exactly 10pm and and I had it in mind to watch my sport channel and eat fries, but something caught my eyes on Hi Mix, I saw a group of man on top of the Manhattan bridge, New York, trying to fix a bad lamp.

They climbed over 3,244 feet to achieve this, they hold on to just steel cables all the way up,but they had to do this in order to change only one electric lamb,This stood me up and immediately I threw away my intention to watch soccer and see this documentary.

The bridge had a difficult beginning in the 1870’s as the original designer died of an accident before the construction started, twenty people died during the construction of the bridge, but it was officially opened to the public in 1883, and it is the longest bridge of its kind in the world since no such bridge has ever been built. In 1884 a herd of 21 elephants were walked across the bridge to prove its strength.

For a bridge that took them this long to build and the sacrifices made, they have to do all it takes to keep it intact and retain its beauty. The risk involved to fix this lamp. Continue reading


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Read this story and learn from it………………

A girl in love asked her boyfriend…

Girl = (g);                  Boy = (b)

(g): Tell me… who do you love most in this world?

(b): You, of course!

(g): In your heart, what am I to you?

(b): The boy thought for a moment and looked intently in her eyes and said, “You are my rib. In the Bible,

it was said that God saw that Adam was lonely, during his sleep; God  took one of Adam’s rib and created Eve.  Every man has been searching for his missing rib, only when you find the woman of your life; you’ll no longer feel the lingering ache in your heart.” After their wedding, the couple had a sweet     and happy life for a while. However, the youthful couple began to drift apart due to the busy schedule of life and the never-ending worries of daily problems…. their  life became mundane….

All the challenges posed by the harsh realities of life began to gnaw away their dreams and love for each other… The couple began to have more quarrels and each quarrel became more heated.

One day, after the quarrel, the girl ran out of the house. At the opposite side of the road, she shouted, “You don’t love me!” The boy hated her childishness and out of impulse, retorted, “Maybe, it was a mistake for us to be together! You were never my missing rib!” Continue reading


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Most times in life, we meet with what we never bargain for, unrest hits the forest when all of a sudden the sound of a mighty tree falling is heard, the others are reminded that the lumberer is around and the fate would soon be vested on them. The horrors of life sometimes remind us that things never really work out as we planned and the only saving grace is to secure a covenant with the lord especially in blood.

Yesterday I heard a story of a man who has been married for the past 6 years and all these years he lived in peace, never having a quarrel or better still settled with his wife almost immediately, they had a bunch of happy kids and enjoyed life to the height.

Until they had a tiny issue about their kids welfare which she was responsible for, and it began the tear down, they hardly talked at home, they get to the office usually they call themselves, but that stopped, well it didn’t, she never picked his call. He tried to take responsibility for her actions but guess it was feed up time for her, she is slowly tearing the marriage, never taking into consideration the effect on the children Continue reading

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