Last week we had another visitor from Germany, an engineer who would be in charge of tutoring the staff of shapeCD, he came out of the airport after a 1 hour wait for him, we took him to the hotel where he would lodge and as we drove past the streets of Lagos, he said the same thing his boss said when he came in, “Nigeria has the biggest shopping mall” located on the street, he was so surprised he could buy almost anything from the comfort of his car, he was so thrilled at what he saw, he watched sales men running after cars and negotiating for goods. Where on earth is this done?

Dirk as I call him found close friendship in me as he was confident of safe haven here in Nigeria, He said he read on papers that Nigerians are very violent and that the kidnap rate is so high and he is scared of staying here in Nigeria. He compared Nigeria to Turkey where regularly they kidnap Germans. But somehow he felt safe here in Nigeria.

He had a good treat as I took him to an eatery where he ate Eba and Egusi soup with assorted meat, he watched me do it and decided to join, he was having a good time and he enjoyed every bit of it and almost ask for more. He said something that made me feel good……”i think Nigeria is a calm place and they are hospitable, if you hang out with the right people….and I think you guys are the right people”

I felt so good hearing those words, I am proud to be called the “right people”  and it goes a long way to tell people that Iit pays to be honest and possess integrity. Where do you belong and what would people tag you for. He is still around and he has a good impression about Nigeria and Nigerians and would really want to visit.

How do you showcase Nigeria to the public, are we hospitable or hostile? Are we welcoming? let the world know what you stand for.


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2 responses to “TALE OF A GERMAN.

  1. Brother you forget to add that he ate roasted plantain and danced to Igwe

  2. Nigeria is not as bad as the western press tend to potray her. Their are other countries where life is worth less than a penny. I believe we all have a lot to do as individuals in promoting the goods inherent in this beloved country of ours.
    Nice writeup.

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