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Dear Readers,

Thank you for holding in, I have had a busy schedule at work and every time i come here, i experience bloggers drains which limits my creativity to drop you a line, the past week has had some juicy stories from the death faking to the huge loss of my team @chelseafc.. buh I am here now and wish to stay steady on writing, I have a piece to share this morning before I leave for my exams

Attitude is everything, without it a man is just simply a moving object, no matter how you display it, your body language gives you in most times.

Attitude is more important than facts. We are the sum total of our attitude in life. Developing a right attitude is a personal commitment by individuals. The most valuable character asset anyone can possess is a right attitude. Your attitude as a valuable personality trait is the first thing others can read about you. We may not be able to change our body type but we can learn to cultivate a right attitude even where someone exhibits a bad trait.

A positive attitude may not be hereditary but it can be acquired as we journey through life. Bad attitude can be made better and while a good disposition can become greater. We are product of our attitudes. Cultivating a good attitude will influence our interpersonal relationships.

A right attitude positions us for opportunities, favour, goodwill and promotion in life while negative attitudes rob one of needed opportunities. Everyone can choose a right attitude over a negative one. If you desire the right attitude that works this morning, you have to cooperate with God, allow Him to help you overcome any challenges associated with your relationships.

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