ON A LIGHTER NOTE Vol 6….How People smoosh in Trains and Buses

Molue in Lagos

It happened in an obscure enclave within a moving coach. The sotto voce conversation began with a simple hi-hi greeting exchange and a moment later a slight body touching and gentle bottom slapping followed. Then, a hot love making rendezvous became imminent between two strange sex thirsty passengers. By the time the love birds uncontrollably went deep into the main act, apparently unmindful of the people’s presence around them, Thomas a friend who was an eye witness, could hardly believe his eyes. “It was around 7 0’ clock in the evening and the cloud had gone dark” he began.

“I had boarded the train from Iddo to Sango because I did not have enough money on me to pay the road transport fare. I had always heard it from people that there are places in those trains where some passengers have turned into their private bedrooms where they carry out their sexual activities especially in the evening hours. Although it was not the first time I would travel by rail within Lagos, what I saw that day was a very strange experience to me. I had always boarded trains with seats inside them. But later learnt that there are other places within the train that can stay without paying. So, I found my way into this small enclave only to meet a shocker. It happened exactly the way I was told”

Kajola’s experience is just one out of many instances of sexual orgies perpetrated by passengers of various transportation systems, ranging from molue, buses, BRT, train, lorries and even motorcycles within Lagos and often times beyond. But out of all, investigations have revealed that such an immoral act has become most frequent and outrageous in the train, the rail transport system for instance, a source close to the railway station at Ikeja hinted that passengers who have amorous feelings often sit on coaches that have seats on the train that ply Sango – Iddo route. The source said that they often prefer to enter the coaches that do not have seats in other to carry out their unholy acts. When asked how they do these things, we found out that they spread clothes on the floor and get their groove on, as most of these coaches are not manned by officials especially at night when these love birds are doing their things.

Finding have also revealed that in Lagos, the sacredness and decency expected to be displayed by people in sexual matters especially in public places have long been thrown to the dogs by several passengers in these transportation systems. It has become a common sight to see sex hungry men and women either sitting or standing in the same bus taking time to quench their sexual urge with or without the consent of their partner. Interestingly, the fact that the teeming population has to struggling to board the few available means of transportation in order to reach their destinations has further encouraged this animalistic drive of the people to satisfy their sexual desires.

Some female passengers who because of the nature of the route often board molue explained that it was always hell standing in front of a male passenger without prior intent to have sex, they lamented that randy male passengers as a way to satisfy their sexual pleasures glue themselves to their buttocks and thus communicating the desires of such men. Lara, a customer care officer of a company in Oshodi gave an account of her experience. “I ordinarily board molue because it is quite cheap and economical for me. On this particular day, I was late to the office and could not get a space to seat and so I had to stand. When the molue was going I noticed a man behind me was getting closer. He capitalized on the forward and backward movement of the vehicle to get closer especially when the driver slams his brakes. I did not suspect anything at all until I discovered that a hard object was ceaselessly touching my buttocks. Each time I looked back, he would take his eyes off me as if he was unaware of what was happening. Because I did not want to embarrass him in public so I politely told him Oga if you want my ass there are better ways to say it than this, immediately he stopped and sheepishly apologized by bowing his head” Lara said

Another female passenger who would not tell her name said she has encountered these sex thirsty men at different occasion, she said such acts takes place regardless if you are sitting or standing. She recalled that while sitting in the bus someday, a male passenger lustfully rested his head on her breast while pretending to be sleeping. She said Lagos is a very funny place, she has never seen where men can be so indecent. Also she said she was in a bus one day wearing a body hug that revealed a large portion of her breast, as the vehicle was moving, she noticed that a man sitting beside her would gradually drop his head towards her chest. She tried calling his attention to it but to no avail. She then looked at his thighs and found out that his trouser was swollen, obviously his manhood was hard, at that point she took a pin out of her bag and positioned it close to her chest. When he brought his head near her boobs again in order to reduce tensions, he got more than he bargained for. His head hit the pin and immediately he withdrew and never complained. J

Also the female that ride on motorcycles popularly called Okada are not spared. One of such female passenger commented “I prefer taking Okada to work because it is faster and I hate being stuck in traffic” she said she has come to understand that many okada riders are sex starved and would look for any opportunity to satisfy their urge in a disgusting manner. She said that most of the riders who harass you are not worth entering your toilet, but they take advantage of you and rest on your breast at any time, they slam their brakes at intervals just so your breast can touch their backs. The size of the seat is big enough to accommodate 2 people but because of their evil intentions, they would shift backwards only to feel your breast. In some areas, 2 people can sit on a bike at the same time, but the male passengers misbehave, most times their manhood gets so erect that you feel it piercing your bum, also most of them would go as far as fondling your breast from the back, it’s so crazy that I almost slapped one recently.

The guys are not spared as a male spoke out, don’t mind the ladies they are the ones who temp the men and later they complain, he said one day he was on his way to Oshodi in a molue and young woman stood in front of him and gradually she started to lean backwards on him, when she discovered that his manhood was not erect, she bent forward as if she wanted to pick something and in the process rubbed her buttocks against my manhood till it arose, she didn’t stop but glued herself to me till people disembarked and I went to sit down.

Johnson also tells his tale “I boarded a TATA bus from Ketu to Ikorodu one day, beside me was a young cute lady with big boobs and because the seat was so tight I could not rest my back, I decided to shift to the front, before I knew it she shifted her chest very close to my back such that at any given time, she rubbed her boobs against me. I was so aroused that I touched her boobs, she didn’t complain. I caressed her like that till we got to the last bus stop, I never had such intentions but she lured me into it.

I could go on and on narrating people’s ordeals in trains and buses, but would like to stop and give a few word of advice, daily we meet people and we do not know these people, most of them have terrible spiritual inclination and the more we get attached to them the more we drag unnecessary issues to ourselves. Most people are suffering from spiritual curses placed on them by their indecent actions, you are responsible for what happens to you, a 5 minutes pleasure might lead to a life time of agony and pain. For those of us who would never ride in a bus, please know that picking people up from the road is as dangerous as riding in the bus.


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7 responses to “ON A LIGHTER NOTE Vol 6….How People smoosh in Trains and Buses

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  2. Stephen Madu

    Lol..this is so funny…how stupid can people be….it once happened in front of me…and the lady gave the man a dirty slap..

    Nice post pal

  3. Andrew Nyokor

    Guy na waooo.. so you fit yarn like this….

    I love the way you flow…and must say ….good one and well narrated…

    Me sef don smoosh babe for bus ….lol

  4. Jennifer Antea

    Josephekwu…this post is so true…i have been a victim before and even though to an extent it was fun…but I hated the guy…

    I like this blog

  5. Dejo

    Yes it is true I experience it at iyana ipaja even at bus stop, when a passangers rush to enter bus at night they will glue their dick to human butt. In procesin of enterin bus.

  6. Swagger

    I experience one at obalende coming to oshodi we were standin in a TATA bus, the human standin in front of one man! and I quckly notice dat d woman was movin up and down and use her hand to rub dat man trouser and d man place his man hood on her butt and d woman just keep silence, and wen we alight at oshodi I notice d skirt of dat woman was stain wit sperm infact I saw many many like dat

  7. Joseph

    Helo everybody, pls i wnt to share my article on overmasturbation, pls type over masturbation testimonies on goggle u wil no wat am talking about. U can cantact me opekeji@yahoo.co.uk.

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