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Airservice offers both scheduled and charter service and can access points not accessible by competitors fleet, also they provide scheduled service to many communities in the aspect of health, economic development. Air service closed trading at N22.04, its all time high is N 23.14, and the lowest price is N20.94, traded in 26 deals with a total of834,224 deals valued at 18,120,547,00. The growth has been slightly progressive, over the years, the financial year ends 31st December, Airservice was listed on the 6th of December,

Airservice made a turnover of N3.471 Billion in 2007 as against N1.847 Billion in 2006,Profit before taxation in 2007 was N322.760Billion as against N179.238 Billion in 2006. Proposed dividend/share is 5kobo. Unaudited nine months results ended September 30 2007

Amb. (Dr) Patrick Dele Cole is Chairman of Airservice , Mr I. A Onoleye is Secretary. The Financial year was changed from March 31st to December 31st in 2006. The Annual general meeting would hold on the 15th of May at the Banquet Hall of Gateway hotel, Abeokuta.

Airservice is not a very good buy for now but there is room for a boom in the company. Watch out for details.


Longman was incorporated in August 1961, as a book publishing company. It developed as an off shoot of the well known International company, Longman group UK limited, now known as Pearson Education Limited, Which is the world’s largest education business. Today Longman is the largest educational publisher in Nigeria with a total of 280 staff spread across the country. Longman was listed in Nigeria Stock Exchange on 23 July 1996 and the highest equity value in the publishing sector.

Chief E .I Ijewere currently serves as the chairman, Mr D.N Obidiegwu is the Director/CEO, and there are about 11 people on the board. Financial year ends 31st December, Longman has about 813,730,500 outstanding shares . Longman closed trading with N 24.47, it’s all time high N 23.25 and it’s lowest price N 23.25. With this Longman would make more in the coming year . Good buy.

University press

University press was founded in 1949 under the name Oxford university press Nigeria, grown to become one of the oldest ,most experienced and the nations foremost publishers of materials for educational and general reading .At incorporation in 1978,the company name was changed to university press with an authorized share capital of 8 million ordinary share of 50k each quoted on the Nigeria stock Exchange on 14th August 1978. UP plc .

UPplc closed trading on Friday with a N12.35 in about 19 deals and about 123,560 units worth over 1,555,778,40, Presently Dr. Lekan A Are is the chairman and Mr Samuel Kolawole serves as MD/CEO. .also 7 members are on the board. Financial year ends 31ST March.

UPplc unaudited results for 9 months ended 31 December 2007 with a turnover of N747.0 Million at against N568.2 million, profit before Tax N184.3 million at against N125.2 million in 2006.

Buying into University press would require professional advice and long term investment plan for investors.

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NACHO to hold its annual general meeting May 9 2008 in Enugu, this would be the first meeting since its successful capitalization in 2007, shareholders expect payment of 30kobo dividend on every 50kobo share held and a bonus issue of every 8 units of shares that a shareholder currently holds.

Result shows that an increase of 13 % in turnover from 3.245 billion in 2006 to 3.681 billion, while profit before tax grew by 41.38% from 555.9 million in 2006 to 786 million, also profit after tax increased from 434.1 million to 589.9 million showing an impressive growth of 36% over 2006 figures. NAHCO’s public offer floated in September 2007 was subscribed by 678% meaning the company got almost 10 times more money than it wanted, the excess has been returned to investors with interest. It was indeed a successful 2007 for NAHCO as the company won the presidents Merit award for the Nigeria Stock Exchange and was admitted into Aviance, the first international alliance of airport service providers.

NACHO public offer records over 678% subscription as they record profit. Managing Director Mr Bates Sark, Identified several key challenges facing ground handling companies and banks need to urgently tackle to achieve a mutual rewarding business, and also saluted the recent development whereby financial institutions were beginning to take an interest in financing ground handling operations.

Since its listing on the floor of Stock Exchange in November 2006, NACHO has remained investors choice with the steady rise in the price of the stock from a listing price of N5.50k in 2006, the stock rose to N70.00 in May 2007, then in September, stock appreciated from an offer price of N17,50k to N31,90 as at the close of trading on Thursday April 10 2008.

My rating – 7/10 a good buy.

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Once upon a time there was a man who felt so good with himself that he always made a boost of his situation, he told all those who cared to hear that he was the best in everything, he wanted to make himself outstanding, in any field.

He came out one day and said he can walk on water…..everybody laughed at him and called him a joker..but of course someone has walked on water before…Jesus..But he never advertised it.

He printed handbills, posters and advertisement materials all over inviting people to the event. Behold the day came and all the villagers were gathered, people from different part of the community and state were there waiting to get a surprise from the man and also to make a mockery of him, reporters were there with big cameras, microphones and ready live television…

Then the man came out fully dressed in his costume, he greeted his fans and headed straight into the river..he took the first step…paused and looked at the spectators, they all smiled as they knew that a river is always shallow at the bank, they he took another step, then another,…then another….then another………..then another……till he walked across the river.

WOAHHH..Whoa people screamed, cameras shuttered, people clapping…asking How did you do it? ….How? He strolled out of the river and met with a huge crowd of reporters and people asking questions.

How did you do it? They asked: He said, you all can work on water……….if only you know where the stones are.

Brilliant…this man has broken barriers, He knew how things worked because of consistent research, he had studied all the techniques of how to walk on water, he took time to calculate the distance and then he made history. What have you not done in your life, you have the power to do all things, but….have you exercised it? Have you taken time to know how to get things done. Most of say we are good musicians but we have never tried singing, we say we are good public speakers…but you never made an attempt to stand up and talk to yourself, until you make that move nothing would work for you, until you stand up and move everything around you would ever be stagnant,

What is that gift you think you have, but you have never tried to utilize it, you have never made an attempt to see what can come out of it. Like precious stones that go through series of refining process before they come out sparkling…so also you need to exercise your gift in order to become the best.



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What is network marketing if it isn’t consistency of purpose?

The name of the game is know what you stand for – stand for it – and act in accordance
with it in everything that you do from today until you meet your objective.

The problem is when you’re on the phone all the time getting fed negativity and rejection
even the strongest willed person will have moments of doubt.

But if you can pay yourself along the way to validate what you are doing is the right
thing and you can continue that process until you meet your goals . . .

Then, my friend, you’re on the path to great success.

Always be consistent in your actions, but make sure the things you stand for are things
that you can stand for 10 years from now and you’ll have a winning formula that just can’t fail.

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I was on google today, trying to find out more about myself and I got a whole lot of replies especially from my blog and comments on several blogs where I have placed a comment, I was amazed at the speed I was going and I knew it would not be soon before my name would be seen on ever site on  the internet.

Then suddenly something popped out and I saw my name in a letter apparently sent to someone far from here for financial assistance, and there it state that I am the BRANCH MANAGER, intercontinental commercial bank Accra, also attached was an email address, which I have never seen or ever used. I sat for a while to think what this was all about and found out that no matter what you try to do to create a good picture aboiut things there  people who want by all means to DESTROY your personality.

I am Osodi Joseph Chukwuekwu, and I am a new breed  Nigerian,  with  a purpose, a Nigerian that  wants to see the dream of a better tomorrow work out, we have a dream to create a NEW NIGERIA thus we are driving the new Nigeria club.

I distance myself from that letter and that Joseph Ekwu.  I have never being been to Ghana and I am not into banking in any sort. This mail is definitely a SCAM and should be disreagrded.

Let us bring our brains together to build a better Nigeria where everything works, where you would get what you need at anytime at a good price and without stress, this is where my energy has been directed into over the months.

WE HOPE FOR A BETTER NIGERIA IN 2020,….it is possible it begins form here…from me and you…where do you stand and what do you stand for?

Ask yourself.

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Today, I was given a major responsibility  here in  the office, woah… I realised  that  to whom much is given, much is  expected…although looking through the past months ity has been hectic managing  the 2 deals under my office, I had  tiring afternoons answering calls and attending to members who always have something to complain about.

We had a meeting and everybody unanimously  handed over the deals admin to me, when I was thinking that I was not doing a very good job in the department, I was actually impressing them, I made up my mind that no matter what you are doing, be the best put in your everything as you don’t know where your strenght would be needed and in what capacity.

Also when I was making up my mind on the way forward I got a call from a man far away in Port-Harcourt who works in one of the oil servicing firms, asking for my help to manage a new concept which he has on ground, he needed me to consult for me and strategies for him on possible ways to tip his concept, I was astonished and at same time not surprised at this because my boss told us that in a short while we would be getting calls from people seeking our help for different things, at first I felt it was a way to make us work harder but all of a sudden it all started making sense, I have been receiving calls from different people asking for one assistance….small me…it’s worth the stress,

We are expected to make ridiculous financial target every week not knowing how to go about it but indeed I have met that target consistently over the weeks and most times I wonder how I did it but it was always done. I made up my mind to do it and opportunities opened up for me.

We were made to work as hard as machines, we were giving targets with fine penalties, and we struggled to keep on track and meet our targets although we used all means, competition was a healthy one, but the purpose was achieved and we are near our target….our tipping point.

Know where you are headed, know what you want, set your goals and work toward it…it is achievable.

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Hello, welcome to the most informative blog, here I would be giving you the most current information on venture capital…stocks, shares, history and how they are performing in the market

(1) Longman press Plc—Incorporated in 1961,and was listed in 1996, has its financial year as December 31, as at today, its closing price was N27.73k. Ijewere is the chairman, Obiadegwu is the CEO of the company. UPplc has an outstanding share of about 813,730,500

(2) University press plc— University press Plc was founded in 1949 under the name Oxford University Press Nigeria, and has grown to become one of the oldest, most experienced and the nation’s foremost Publishers of materials for educational and general reading. At incorporation as a Public Liability Company in 1978, the company’s name was changed to University Press Limited with an authorized share capital of 8,000,000 Ordinary shares of 50k each.
Quoted on the Nigeria Stock Exchange on 14th August 1978, UPPLC has, o two occasions, won the prestigious Stock Exchange Merit Award in the service sector of quoted companies. It also won for two consecutive years 1984 and 1985, the concord Prize for Excellence in academic publishing. lowest price date is September 8 2006, highest price date June 28 2007, last sale was N12.60k,

Board of directors Mr Lekan Are- Chairman, Samuel Kolawole- MD, M.O Akinleye- Director

(3) Nigeria Aviation Handling Company Plc is the leading handling company in aviation industry, providing services to 25 of the 35 airlines operating in the country. Its principal activities revolve round: passenger and baggage handling at the four international airports in Nigeria; cargo handling services through it’s customers bonded warehouses and mail handling through postal authorities; and ground handling services. NAHCO, listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in November 2006, emerged the company that has rewarded investors most in the last 52 weeks. In less than 52 weeks, the stock has given a total return of 1127% (dividend and bonus inclusive). In spite of the extremely generous bonus it awarded its investors, the market confidence for good prospects in NAHCO remains strong as the stock is already trading above the marked-down price of N26.10.

(4) Africa academy press plc– began commercial printing in Dec. 1965 and was incorporated in 1970, now has a total of over 201.6 million shares issued at N6.51k, its maximum price is N6.51k, Executive director is Bashir Animashun, The shares are doing well in the market.

These are some of the information that are handy for you all, looking forward to sending more information.

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Communication infrastructure is important, in fact, with electricity, they play undeniably crucial roles in economic development. A basic infrastructure. Luckily, it has also been with us in Nigeria for over 100 years. To be precise, telecommunications started in Nigeria in 1886. Good, you may say, but on a faulty foundation. And this is because the colonial administration then was only interested in promoting administration functions than the socio-economic development of the country. Therefore the administration saw the external connection by public telegraph services linking Lagos by sub-marine cable along the West Coast of Africa to Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia and on to England as a more prominent project. Consequently, the total number of telephone lines in Nigeria as at independence in 1960 was only 18,724 and this is for a population estimated at about 40 million. Meaning a tele-density of 0.4 telephone per 1,000 people.

“With the deregulation of the communications industry, 108 approval for licenses have so far been given out for Internet services. Of this number, 48 companies have paid for their licenses. It is hoped that with democracy and the window of opportunity now open to investors in the Nigeria economy, more and more companies will invest in the Nigerian telecommunication industry”

The telephone network then consisted of 121 exchanges out of which 116 were manual types and only five were automatic exchanges. And to correct these anomalies, there have been a number of development plans for expansion and modernization of the telecommunications networks and services since independence. These developmental plans can be categorized into three with the first being a period between independence and 1985. During this period the management of the telecommunication industry was left entirely in the hands of two government agencies. The department of post and Telecommunication (P&T), which was in charge of the internal network and the Nigerian External Telecommunication (Net) Limited, Net was responsible for the external telecommunication services. However, telecommunications development within this period was marked by a lot of shortcomings. There was indeed a remarkable difference between planned targets and their realization.

For instance, the installed switching capacity at the end of 1985 was about 200,000 line. And this was against the planned target about 460,000 line. Consequently, telephone density and penetration remained poor as it translated to one phone line per 440 inhabitants as against the target of one telephone to 100 inhabitant recommended by the International Telecom Union (ITU) for countries performing at five per cent growth rate.

Government in a bid to correct these defects, in January 1985 broke the postal and Telecommunications department into two. With the postal part of the former union being merged with Net limited to form the Nigerian Telecommunications limited, NITEL. The new body was to harmonies the planning and co-ordination for the internal and external telecommunication services., rationalize investments in telecommunications development as well as provide easy access, efficient and affordable services. However, 16 years on, NITEL has failed even in this task. Presently, Nigeria has only 700,000 installed capacity out of which only 400,000 lines are connected. Consequently, it is agreed that Nigeria still lag behind when compared with even less endowed African countries not to talk of the advanced countries. And one of the ways of catching up with the rest of the world is to deregulate the industry. This is what government did in 1992, when by the Decree, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) was created. The main objective of the NCC was to promote fair competition and an efficient market conduct among all players in the industry.

Since the inauguration of the NCC in July 1993, it has set out guidelines for private sector participation in the industry. It has also issued licenses to a number of companies for various telecommunications undertakings. However, NITEL has remained the only basic provider for domestic and international service. And this has had serious effects on the industry in terms of its gross inefficiency, high cost and lack of universal access. For instance, there is only one mobile cellular telephony network provided by the Nigeria Mobile Telecommunication Limited (M-Tel).

This cellular mobile network covers three areas of the country with a total capacity of 22,500 lines and are fully loaded. This is compounded by the fact that there is only one mobile switching centre (MSC) in each of the three areas. In the same vein, there are a total of 152 routes with 312 repeater stations spread across the country.

The main trunk routes have been digitized and operate in the 140 to 155 mbls configuration. Government has also promised the digitization of others in the planned south Atlantic Telecommunication/ West African submarine Cable (SAT3/WASC) project. The project is planned to link Africa with Europe and Asia and it is to be financed by a consortium of International telecommunication operators in Africa, Europe and Asia.

On the provision of Internet Services, the Nigerian government has also made efforts with an initial capacity of 5,500 points starting with Lagos as the main point of presence (POP) with 3,000 ports. However, this can only be interpreted to show that less than five per cent of Nigerians have access to the Internet. According to a report from the United Nations, the total Internet connectivity in Africa is about 50,000 people and more than 80 per cent of this number is in South Africa. Only 9,000 of this figure are Nigerians. However with the deregulation of the telecommunications industry, 108 approval for licenses have so far been given out. Of this number, 48 companies have paid for their licenses.

It is hoped that with democracy and the window of opportunity now open to investors in the Nigeria economy, more and more companies will invest in the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

“culled from the internet”


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Today opportunities surrounds us and just a few want to invest, we all know that if you sow a  seed today, you would reap  fruits tomorrow, most people prefer to stay on their own and save the money they earn today, they  prefer to sit on their cash instead of investing, taking a risk is too risky for them.

Last December, we had several opportunities open for people to invest in, to take advantage of, but just a few  people bought into this, we sent out e-mails and made phone calls to people hoping they would invest and multiply their cash, but they stayed away form the offers, example was the land deal which NNC secured for members and only those who have the eye for the future bought into it others said so many things to shy away from it and now the land has appreciated far over 100% and all they say is oooopssss, yeah thats what they say, but I am pleased to inform you that several times you would either stick your head out orcontinue soliloquizing to your self  ooppppsss.

More opportunities would come out and it is left to those of us who refused to invest then to tap in now, Introducing the New Nigeria City, where everything would work where you can turn on a switch at anytime of the day and light comes on…where you can turn on the tap and water comes rushing out, a city free of all crimes and social vices, where you can feel like you are at home, it would come out soon and you would have another chance to buy into the future, and make the best for yourself.

Also private placements have come and we told the world about it, if you a regular here, bet you cannot afford top miss out on hot details about current opportunities, so log on and stay in touch

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Life is a series of unfolding events from the day we are born to the day we breath our last, how would you live through your time on earth, knowing it is a time where every event counts and you get to tell your own story.
I have had many times when I tell myself that anything I do would be my CV, I take my time to plan myself, I am not in any way perfect, and not faultless, but in life I am responsible for all my actions and what I do resounds in future.

Lately I was found wanting on Integrity issues although it was just what I thought was harmless, but if it was not checked, I was going to pay in time for it, my colleagues also fell victim of this harmless intent but when I was told of the consequences in a long run I knew it wold be better to face today knowing that nothing was going to hold you anywhere soon, today I am a mirror of what people should look like, from where I stand now I see a bright future for my peer, I read newspapers and magazines but nothing seems to catch my glimpse and make me want to sigh for relieve, I take my time to think …what if everybody was just like me? what if things where done the way we really want them?, Then we would be living in our dreams, where gold would be on the roads, and diamond would surround the culverts of roads. It takes only one person to start an epidermic of any sort, JUST ONE PERSON, it could be you, I and my colleagues are starting the New Nigeria where everything would work, a Nigeria we BELIEVE in not a Nigeria we would be leaving, wouldn’t you rather join us? Make your mark on the sands of time, where would you be years from now? what would you be know for? would you be remembered for the good things or the bad things? I for one would be remembered for the BEST things in Nigeria. if you are reading this blog, I bet you should start deciding what you want to be known for , It’s our time to rule.

What would you be known for?

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