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Hello readers its been a while now since I even visited my own site, every time when I try to sign in, I always get something to occupy the space, and when I overcame that and opened it, it takes me a lot to start a post, I start….type about a paragraph or two and blank… goes again…..

This has been consistent for a while now and I have called myself to discipline today seeing someone write about the benefits of keeping a diary record of your activities in an active blog. Well I must confess it not been easy to maintain a blog even when I get viewership from over 40 countries in the world (a real encouragement) and also have a regular reader and commentators base the likes of Ameya Waghmare from India and Jeff Brunson from Australia. Not forgetting all my fans in other countries around the world and in Nigeria. THANKS A LOT.

It’s been work work all the way, you know what its like building a career in advertising and brand management. Not most people know what it is like working in this field, knowing what to sell, how to reach the target and when to get them, placing in mind the right medium. I have come to realize that apart from the brands which we build in our minds, we apply these decisions in our everyday life. How we package ourselves as brands and the medium we show Continue reading


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streWe all have these moments! Don’t feel like you are alone in the world for feeling tired, frustrated or fed up, there are those moments! But those moments just don’t come, they come for a reason. Everything that happens is either cause or effect, and believe me getting tired and fed up is not a cause, it’s an effect. In case you are wondering “what did I do to cause this” or “why me?” don’t worry for long there is a way in and there is a way out. Weak moments will happen, but you can stay strong in the midst of them.

I was listening to Sam Adeyemi speak recently and he was talking about the times we are in, and how to survive in these times, he gave a shocking revelation about a book he is reading, he said in the book they profiled 2 set of America’s richest group of people, the first set were the Rocafellas and co, then the second set were the Bill gates and Warren Buffet. The most astonishing thing here was that the sets of people were born in a space of 4 years apart. So it is no coincidence that they are rich, only that they capitalized on the opportunities when it presented itself.

It is so hard to hear someone tell you to invest now when what you should actually be doing is save, but to shock you this is the time to do the unimaginable, they capitalized on situations like this especially during the gulf war and bought huge amount of shares, even during the great depression, but I can only imagine how difficult it was for them at that time to release a whole lot to invest, but years after, it is paying off, their names are mentioned on top of the world’s richest men.

Here are some few tips on how to get there and how to get out. Continue reading


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