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I woke up today to hear what looks like the climax of a lingering religious war in the Northern part of Nigeria, for days now police and terrorist( I hate to use that word) have been torturing the people in the area especially christains, well the news took a new twist today when BBC reports thus:

“Nigerian government officials said Mohammed Yusuf, 39, was shot while trying to escape. His capture by police had been announced just hours earlier. His group is blamed for days of unrest that has left hundreds of people dead. The Boko Haram group wants to overthrow the Nigerian government and impose a strict version of Islamic law. Mr Yusuf was held and later shot in the north-eastern city of Maiduguri.

A BBC reporter in the city was among journalists shown two films, one apparently showing Mr Yusuf making a confession; the other showing what appeared to be his body, riddled with bullets.”Mohammed Yusuf was killed by security forces in a shootout while trying to escape,” the regional police assistant inspector-general, Moses Anegbode, told Nigerian television.

A spokesman for the state governor was also quoted as saying that Mr Yusuf had been trying to escape. Troops had stormed Boko Haram’s stronghold on Wednesday night, killing many of the militants and forcing others to flee. Mr Yusuf was arrested earlier on Thursday, after reportedly being found hiding in a goat pen at his parents-in-law’s house.

‘Gun battles’

Staff at Human Rights Watch said there should be an immediate investigation into the case. “The extrajudicial killing of Mr Yusuf in police custody is a shocking example of the brazen contempt by the Nigerian police for the rule of law,” said Human Rights Watch’s Eric Guttschuss. Another Human Rights Watch researcher, Corinne Dufka, told AP news agency: “The Nigerian authorities must act immediately to investigate and hold to account all those responsible for this unlawful killing and any others associated with the recent violence in northern Nigeria.” The violence began on Sunday night in Bauchi state, before spreading to other towns and cities in the northeast of the West African nation.

Crowds of militants tried to storm government buildings and the city’s police headquarters, but dozens of them were shot dead by security forces. Several days of gun battles between militants and Nigerian security forces ensued, culminating in the assault on the militant’s stronghold.  It is thought more than 300 people have died in the violence – some estimates say 600, although there has been no official confirmation. Continue reading


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Eagle with Sea SnakeThe funniest videos clips are here

Sequel to my post on the life of an eagle, I would like to share this video with you all for you to see the powers of the eagle, even deep in the blues of the ocean, the Eagle can pick out a snake and actually handle it preventing the snake from infecting it with its poisonous fluid.

This is the strength I would like to possess including its skills.

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imagesHi pals, would like to share this insight I read in a magazine about the Eagle. The eagle is the long lived bird in the world. By the time they are 40 years old, their claws would start to age, losing their effectiveness and making it hard for them to catch prey. The life span of an eagle is up to 70 years. But in order to live this long, it must make the toughest decision at 40.

 At 40, its beak is so long and curvy that it reaches its chest. Its wings, full of long, thickened feathers, are too heavy for easy flying. The eagle is left with 2 choices:-

(1) Do nothing and await its death; or

 (2) Go through a painful period of transformation and renewal.

For 150 days, it first trains itself to fly beyond the high mountains, build and live in its nest and cease all flying activities. It then begins to knock its beak against granite rocks till the beak is completely removed. When a new beak is grown, the eagle will use it to remove the all its old claws and wait quietly for new ones to be fully grown, the eagle will use them to remove all its feathers, one by one.

 Five months later, when its new feathers are fully grown, it soars in the sky again with renewed strength and is able to live for the next 30 years. In life, as an individual, in an organization, sometimes, we have to learn to make difficult decisions so as to make room for changes. Changes bring about renewal. The only way for us to soar again is to let go of old ways, old habits and old lives. For as long as we are prepared to put aside our old baggage’s – past glory or shame, past success or failure – be willing to become zero, with an empty cup mentality, we will be able to discover our potential and head towards a renewed perspective in any aspect of our lives. Continue reading


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Hi guys, how is July treating you? Well as usual its work and more work, I am writing a paper on “How to build a successful business” I would like to share some of my findings here for your comments, I got some stuffs from the internet and have tushed it up.. so let me know what you think.

Men like Warren Buffett don’t just stumble onto the world’s rich list year after year and not know a thing or two about how to run a very successful business. Buffett is more than just one of the greatest investor’s of all time, just like McDonald’s is not just in the burger business, but also in the real estate business considering their immense portfolio of prime real estate around the world.

So if your thinking about starting your own business, like thousands are doing every day around the world then who better to learn from than “the Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffett:

1. Stop trying to start: start already, Get your hands dirty.
“Can you really explain to a fish what it’s like to walk on land? One day on land is worth a thousand years of talking about it, and one day running a business has exactly the same kind of value.” – Warren Buffett

It is extraordinary how often I hear someone with an excited look on their face declare that they want to go into business and leave their dead end job. They continue to talk about all the benefits and opportunities that starting a business will bring to them in a manner that is more to convince themselves, then it is to convince those around them that they are making a smart decision with their life.

But what is surprising is then nothing happens. Instead of starting a business with gusto they start to talk about it and drag out the whole process by weeks, months and sometimes even years. They start to see skill sets that they find lacking in their arsenal and look to investing a period in learning. This might take the form of looking at their job to learn more skills, maybe take a few courses or buy some reading material. Continue reading


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