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OOppps,…what a topic, well I just felt  I should go on a different trip and write something from a different angle, breakups in relationship, how am going about this when I have not witnessed it,. but I have a little inside knowledge about these things and I have read a little on the topic.

well most people suffer so much in their relationship but they remain in it for the sake of being in a relationship, I was talking with a lady this morning and she told me how she has been suffering in her relationship, she has not known peace, the guy treats her like she does not mean anything to him, but she is still there, she was talking and before she knew it she was in tears, I was so surprised that she was crying but she is still in it…..they guy actually called her and told her that he has a new girlfriend and she should not call him again…this says a lot for a girl who has been in a relationship for over 2 years and has since been receiving this kind of treatment. I told her that she knows exactly what to do but she is not doing it, would you rather die in misery than step out and never look back……. but my story is about the “SHE” in the relationship.

Most girls act very strange these days and I was reading an article from yahoo about ladies and their unhealthy habits, I culled out 3 ways you can easily know when your girlfriend is cheating on you. Continue reading

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Many people live in pain all in the name of relationship, they get the worse of all treatment in life under the umbrella of being in a relationship, I tell a story of a friend who was going out with one of the most famous chick on campus, they had all going well for them on the outside, they looked so compatible and everyone admired them, they were the toast of the campus, if you didn’t know them, you are not a socialite.

One day I was going visiting, and I passed through a hostel and his room was the first on the block, I heard someone sobbing and lamenting, the so highly placed couple had a fight apparently the lady found out that she had contacted a disease, the guy was a terrible flirt since he is tall, dark and handsome, and could get away with whatever he does, he had a fleet of chicks and indulged in unprotected sex, the lady was HIV positive.

She was telling him about the result of the test she took, the lady is crying now but then she had a chance to choose who to go out with but because she was carried away by the guys looks, she stayed and enjoyed the complement from people that admired them. Most people nowadays are carried away by the packaging and they ignore the content, what is the use of a neatly painted car when the engine is faulty? What’s in it for you to go out with a guy or girl when you can’t have peace of mind, when you get cheers in public and you cry your eyes out indoors? Continue reading


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We live in a world where people no longer wait to see the end result of something especially when it is a long term thing, we live in the NOW era, we want everything now, people don’t have the patience that existed before that is why most of them fall prey to money launderers, people want to invest N10,000 and expect to get N100,000 tomorrow, I remember a seminar I attended where we were taught the necessity for long term investment, they taught us that the wonder banks did well to rip Nigerians off their money because of the sin of impatience, they know that to make money…good money, you have to be able to endure and wait long term for big return on investment.

People believe that since we are in the jet age, things are unusually fast and with the speed you can make fortune, most of these people committed millions into some of the Multi level marketing deals and did not get their quick cash out, they invested even borrowed funds and still got stuck, most of them believed the MLM program was an investment where you put in money and get more, they ignored the rules of the game.

There are so many investments now that you would like and would give you good ROI, but I must say that you would need knowledge of long term benefits, the need for compound interest…….imagine how much you would make in 20 years if you save N10 daily. That is what you stand to gain if you invest now and view long term. Areas where this would really work is investing in real estate, stocks (regardless of the fact that the stock market is bearish), you can buy now when prices are near its bottom price. I always preach the need to buy now as It is certain the stock would always go up and make profit, those that bought at times like this are millionaires, you too can join the train. Never be enticed by fast wealth, no clean wealth comes cheap, there are laid down principles, don’t join the bandwagon that promised quick wealth, don’t be deceived by wonder banks, invest in areas where you would be guaranteed ROI. Continue reading

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Look into the mirror and tell me what you see…….

What you see today is a miniature of what you would be, where you are now is a small picture of where you would be and what you do now would show and tell where you are going. Most people take their today jokingly, they waste their time on irrelevant things and wish they had the luxury of time and could dictate it.

Your today is as a result of what you did yesterday, how you laid your bed, planning is the key to a good life, what you want for yourself, what have you decided to do with your time. What would you be remembered for?

I tell a story of a man who all he sees for himself is failure, he never sees a good thing for himself, he is always thinking of being bullied in the office by his colleagues, and that is exactly what he gets, he is the topic of discussion in the office and suffers insults, he sees himself daily as an object of insult and since he sees it, he gets it. On his way from work he knows that he would be bullied by passersby and this is what he gets daily, he knows nothing good can come his way, so he gets the worse things in life. Then one day he told himself that enough is enough, he decides within himself that he would never be a victim of humiliation, he redirects his thoughts and from that day on all the people that bullied him either left his office, or moved away from his neighborhood.

He saw himself from a different view and he got a different treatment in life, the way you see yourself matters a lot, if you see yourself as a no good, then you would never get the good, always see a big picture no matter what or where you are, also learn to believe in yourself and never be discouraged by the present state of things, know that where you are now is the smallest you can ever be, learn to take advantage of information that would benefit you, move with people that have a proper exposed mindset, read books that would develop you intellectually, and see a different picture of yourself….

Set your sails and live your dream.

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The power of gratitude is an extremely important aspect of attracting to you the abundance and happiness that you desire and deserve in life. When you are in a state of gratitude, your energy is one of acceptance and harmony; you resonate and thus produce a much higher vibrational frequency which is exactly what attracts you to the events, conditions and circumstances that you desire.

Think of yourself as a giant magnet. Whatever you are feeling be it love, hate, happiness, joy, anger, gratitude, resistance etc, you are in essence creating a magnetic force that attracts and draws to you events, conditions and circumstances which are in direct co-relation to what you are feeling. Fear of something creates a co-relation which attracts more of what you fear. Expressing gratitude for any situation projects a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.

At anytime that you are not expressing gratitude for an outcome you are in essence resisting the outcome which places your focus on NOT WANTING that outcome. When this happens what are your thoughts and emotions fixated on? What you don’t want……that correct. That focus of not wanting creates a magnetic force which only serves to drag to you more of what you are not wanting of resisting. Continue reading

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The latest gist in the sporting world is the recent signing of Ronaldinho to play for AC Milan, the former Barcelona ace, one time world player of the year arrived in Milan where he signed a three year contract.

Barcelona agreed late Tuesday evening to sell the Brazilian ace for an initial fee of 21 million euros ($33.5 million) following two days talk with Milan chief executive Adriano Gilliani. The player flew into Milan with Gilliano early Wednesday morning and went straight to the Milanelo training ground where the squad was gathering for the first day of the pre-season work. About 4000 fans were outside the gate to welcome the 28 year old playmaker who has been struggling with fitness and form the previous season.

AC Milan had a poor season last season, as they were edged out of the champions league by the Arsenal and finished 5th in the serie A to secure a place in UEFA cup this coming season. The formalities of the transfer would be concluded in a few days and would be made open to the public. Coach Ancelloti has been under pressure due to last season fall to Arsenal and he was thrilled to resume this season with the likes of Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho would join forces with the likes of former team mate Gianluca Zambrotta and new transfer from Arsenal Mathieu Flamini. Some years ago, he was considered to be the best player in the world, here in AC Milan he would have the opportunity to re-launch himself. We wait for other news from the transfer market.a

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NSE- update

The Nigeria stock market is still bearish, and major stocks are depreciating, the agony increases and investors are stranded with decisions, what would they do next, how would they make the profit they envisaged and how would they retain their confidence in the stock market? For about 2 months now, it has been an investors nightmare, but from where I stand I believe strongly that this is the time to invest as the season would switch over soon enough to reveal the positive side of the investments made.

Price list as at 14th July 2008

Niger Insurance closed at N93.60 while firstinland bank closed at N8.01, BOC gas closed at N17.83, Oceanic closed at N23.23, while Dangote finished at N31.52, Union bank follows on the gainers chart with N37.50, UBA sold for N32.59 and First bank closed at N49.51.

In the losers column, closed at N94.81, followed by WAPCO at N50.26, NAHCO closed at N21.24.

Market capitalization was at 11.002 trillion, Market index is put at 54,997.2 and about 13,629 deals were traded valued at 7.611 billion.

Whatever you do this season would help you especially if you buy preparing for the bullish season…..lets invest wisely considering your risk convenient level……

ShapeCD private placement is still on and would be closing this week invest now for 90kobo per share and a minimum of 100,000 units..


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Nigeria has over the years been tortured and tormented by cruel and self centered rulers, people who put themselves first and let others die, those who do not have the heart of sympathy for their fellow country men, they think of themselves and their families, there are millions of Nigeria living under untold hardship, people who can not afford a meal in a day, those that don’t have a house to lay their head at night, and those who live by the mercies of others.

I served in one of the northern states and I saw some things that I never would believe if there were told to me in a dream, people were eating from the ground,  most people did not have where to live, they were sleeping on the side of major roads, life generally is hard for them. But you hear in the news everyday that a Governor or President or….. travelled out of the country to seek medical check up. Why they do this most times I wonder? Can’t they bring these quality health service here? They know that the best can be gotten and because they are in the helms of power, they do as they please.

Everyday in the news we hear the EFCC declare the stolen wealth of most of our fraudulent leaders, they make up a mock trial and sentence them, then the next day the loot is buried out of the hearing of the public,  these leaders buy private jets running into Millions and some people have not seen a grain of rice to eat, they travel out for vacation and some have not had rest in months, where do we go from here, Continue reading

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I could not believe it when all I did was knocked out, yes …..its so unfortunate but we did not win this week, we lost the contest with a difference of ten points, this was like a big blow to me as I had done all I could to see the success of the team, but as a team you can’t do it all, I had to make others work, then it hit us…2 of my team member fell sick, and they were absent from work, there was no way the team would have succeeded with the absence of the tow of them, I tried my best to do most of the work laid out for us but could not finish.

The quiz we did was a good one as we won with outstanding margin and undermining the fact that I was not there my team members took the day, but when it dawned on them that the stress was too much, they had to rest. I was made to face the music of working extra week,  for not winning,, I would make sure that all the targets for the week is met by my new team,….yes we were re- shuffled into new teams and I landed into another  vibrant team, which had 2 members from the previous winning teams.

This week I am ready to make the most of it and achieve outstanding success in the areas where I have been assigned to me and im on track, I have 2 things done already ready to win….

I am waiting, wishing and working……

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It was Saturday afternoon and another day to play the most intelligent game, CASHFLOW 101 by Robert kiyosaki, we were all gathered and as a co-facilitator, I had put everything in place ready. Our players were sitted and we just waited for the perfect timing. The compeer took the starters through the rules of the game and what they had to do as the game goes on.

There were 12 people on one table and 8 people on the other table, we started well and at first the game seemed so boring as they didn’t show any interest in the game. They tried to fit in but it was really tiring, but later as the game moved on, they got gripped with the fever, especially when one player had a child, as it is a custom in the game that if you have a child your expenses increases, there was a wild jubilation for the guy and lady who got this.

The whole essence of the game is to awaken the financial genius ion you, to help you get out of the rat race which seems to be the problem a whole lot of us are having, we spend the greater part of our lives in the rat race struggling and not getting out, there are certain things you need to know to help us access the fast track. The game helps you identify the thing you need to do, how you ought to do them and when you should do them, there are different types of investments (opportunities) you come across in life that you should tap into and make good decisions to help you enjoy them, this game teaches you how to go about it.
The Game still going smooth, the players already on their heel and the tension rising, people were buying investments and making profits on them already, others had a lot of doodads to contend with, while the rest had to chose between small deals and big deals, the atmosphere was charged up, and nobody seemed to be getting out of the rat race, they were actually auditing each other’s account and would not let anyone cheat……… then a player broke out of the rat race and the tension ran wild…competition set in, they all asked him how he did it that his passive income outweighed his total expenses as that the only way you can leave t he rat race. Then another guy left the rat race then another…..but during this time there was a guy that was busy stealing cash from another player that was on the fast track without his knowledge, well the interesting thing in the game is that the players pick their profession ranging from Janitor to lawyer and doctor and they have different income level, but when the game ended, the Janitor actually got of the fast track first. The game ended well and the novices at the beginning were already professionals in life and they knew how to take the decisions that would change their lives, they saw the need for risk taking in different areas of life. They left really happy for the knowledge they gained…..
Get in touch ….play CASHFLOW 101 and get into reality of life.


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