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Woah………coming out of a meeting  with my boss and a few colleagues, apparently the land we bought in December has appreciated over 300% that has just made me a MILLIONAIRE,  yeah you heard me right, at an early age, I have joined the club of Millionaires waiting to take over Naija, ready to make an impact in the world, well only recently Aliko Dangote was named among 500 billionaires in Africa, well just yesterday I was named among the youngest millionaires in Nigeria, and still eager to aim high.

Being among the youngest  millionaires makes me work harder than I expected because staying there demands a lot.  I made up my mind that I would never live a mediocre life, not take anything just because I want it, I rather go for the best that is within my reach. Most of my friends that heard about the NEW NIGERIA CLUB, either laughed or made fun of me, but now I guess a few of them reading this blog would have their jaws on the floor, and would soliloquies to themselves…”I wish I knew”.

Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly….is POOR. this happens to most people, they seem to know so much about so little and they are quick to criticize, well if you fall into this class of people, it’s not too late you can start now, join the train of Billionaires in the making and improve yourself, create a bright future for yourself, take the risk of investing, as you are not so certain what tomorrow would look like and the blessings it holds for us.

The secret of getting rich is asking, where ever you are reading this blog from, seek for information and I bet that you are on your way to undefined wealth.



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There are times when things seem to scare you……….

I woke up today after the rally and so tired, my phone rang and as I answered I knew that today was going to be another fulfilled day, I got up and had my bath, went to the venue and helped with arranging the hall and making sure everything goes on as planned, when we were finished, the hall was looking like it.

I made for the airport to pick up our guest speaker, Gbenga sesan, who was coming in from Lagos, the mention of his name sent thrills to them as they looked anxiously at any vehicle that pulled up in the venue. Then he arrived, and the venue  came agog with screams, and as he was introduced to the podium, he got a rousing welcome. As he started, the students were glued to their seats as he poured out the words of wisdom and encouragement and motivation.

He told them the essence of having a life, and making a living from doing legitimate business, on schedule he was to speak for just 30 minutes, but due to the concentration of the students that he forgot that he had a flight to catch in 30 minutes, he finally finished and we made out for the airport, due to the delay, we met the flight taking off as we got there, it was a frustrating sight as he had an engagement in Lagos that night.

We immediately set out for Port-Harcourt where another flight is set to leave for Lagos by 5.30pm, we drove as fast as we could in an executive taxi, although the ride was good, I was under pressure as I was in charge of the seminar and everything was going on without me. We made it to Port-Harcourt and on arrival we met with  a long queue of vehicles apparently a hold up was brewing, a terrible accident had occurred. We stayed in the hold up for over 2 hours and he missed his flight too and at this time there was no provision for accommodation, feeding and we were stranded, I was confused, I missed the seminar which was my priority, and our guest speaker was stranded, I resorted to giving him my ATM card for his personal use and headed back to Owerri.

I got into Owerri at about 10pm and I was so tired but I rushed to see  the organizers and know what happened when I left
and from stories and pictures it was a huge success, we got 2 sign-ups and many people talk with plans to join.

The purpose of the seminar was to pass the message of the NEW NIGERIA  to the  youths who hold the future of this nation. The picture of a re-birth of the greater Nigeria, the most desirable nation in the world come 2020,  Let’s put our heads together and start a revolution of change.. it’s time…..

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As I write this post, I’m on board a virgin Nigeria flight en-route Lagos –Owerri, and I must say this is the most  wonderful experience I have had in my life, as a first timer I enjoyed the flight from the beginning to the end, when most people slept all through the flight, I keep looking out of the window and savoring the beauty of nature.

I am on my way to Owerri for a seminar in IMSU, New Naija reloaded presents “Great opportunities seminar” for the staff and students, throughout  the trip, I had it behind my mind that I was going there to make an impact, to pull the crowd and pass a new message, as we are always told that we are candles that are meant to light other candles and start a new light, I was thinking about what I would talk about as I was meant to give a peep talk.

We landed  at about 1 pm and went straight to the accommodation we would stay, then from there we went into the campus for the mini rally, and to my surprise a crowd of students were waiting for us, as we highlighted, we were welcomed with a big shout, then I knew that the epidemic  has started, they all adored the New Nigeria shirt fully crested with their names on them, I knew once that it has started, they were so happy to see me, we talked, went to departments and to lecturers, the rally was simply a show of class, we made an impression, even when most of them didn’t know about the club, they felt so free to mingle. “NEW NIAJA” they all shouted and dancing round the van, I was happy but one thing remained a source of joy, these are the target class of people as they would lead the NEW NIGERIA.

Today ended well as I got inside and had a brainstorming session with a few of the crew on how to make a huge success of this event, touch lives and pass the message.

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My life has been a series of  unfolding events, from my days in school to NYSC, to days of job hunting, I have known that your tomorrow is a product of your today well spent. I had this ideology  that  whatever you do today would always reflect later in life, I have had so many experiences in life as growing up, I have done some things that most people would not think of, rolling with the mean trying to find a life, there was a time when I had to look after my house as things were falling apart.

I had to become what I was not,but this gave me a feel of responsibility when I knew that I had people looking up to me, but I will never forget the Chick in my life then, she did everything to sustain us, she helped in a lot of ways doing things out of place, most times when we ate she would leave her food for us knowing well that there might not be any food for her to eat that day but she persevered……

I remember the days when I hadn’t money to go out and mingle with my friends, she was always there to help out even when it means taking from someone. But most times I ask myself why she keeps doing these things for me, when I know deep inside of me that I would not be able to pay her back no matter how much love I promise her, all the good words that I speak to her most times frightens me because I promise so much.

Times when we were driven from school for lack of payment of lesson dues, I got home feeling really angry as my pals were learning and I was home doing nothing..she would go all out to look for money enough if it means borrowing from her friends just to make me happy, I was honoured loving her and getting this much love from her and I have committed myself to loving her, I made those promises on a concrete premise and I intend to uphold them.

Know today that this beautiful,loving lady is the most caring person on earth, she has made me what I am today,I know she has laid a good foundation for me, I am happy i have the sweetest MUM on earth, she has been through a lot, and I owe you so much,I would do everything within and beyond my powers for you, just to make you happy


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Things have happened in my short time on earth, that are worth remembering, I can recall my days in the university and the days I was trying to meet up with the trends of time, I was a boy that had never had friends of my age group, I grew up in the midst of older guys and I knew most things early enough not to be a novice, I was well known in the university when I was still a secondary school student, I knew more than my peer group, I learnt so many things when I was growing up, I knew all the tricks of surviving in the roughest of all waters, I knew what it takes to woo chicks as my friends where all guys.

Then it got to a time  when they all graduated and I was left  in school, I felt so out  of place and made frantic efforts to look for friends of my class not age, and I found a few of them but coincidentally there reasoned like my peer group, I never intended to make them feel bad, but there was no helping it, I sometimes dissed them because we are not on the same page and we conflict on ideas a few times,

But all the same we were friends, in life you meet with a whole lot of people who most times are not what you bargained for, what do you do in this situation? do you diss them or you just flow along with them? If you flow along, where is your destination? Know that our ticket for a good tomorrow is a today well spent and if you utilize your today well, you are sure that your future is secure,make available opportunities and let them know that things are happening and you set out for NEW NAIJA.

I believe in a the New dream that all things would work in np time and that our own NAIJA would soon be the greatest, and most desirable come 2020, the race starts now, I have seen a whole lot of bad things during my little time in the Niger-Delta, I learnt how to survive the hard way,growing up in a family of six, my parents had a hitch in their finances and this almost dragged the family to a halt, I did some things to make sure we don’t halt, we kept rolling even when this was not working, I put my heads down looking for the opportunity to get my family to survive the test of time, today we have made it compulsory to face any storm as It comes, and build an Integrity network, It starts now, all you are required to possess to drive the New Nigeria is INTEGRITY. So you are expected to make this work, join the new

Welcome to a brilliant Nigeria,

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“Today is a most unusual day, because we have never lived it before; we will never live it again; it is the only day we have.

Today can be a healthy unusual day for you — and for others — if you take time to give someone a smile . . . to express a word of kindness . . . to lend a helping hand to someone in need . . . to write a note of gratitude . . . to give a word of encouragement to someone who is temporarily overcome with problems . . . to share a portion of your material possessions with others.”

Most of us go through our day with a frightened and low heart, most people wake up hoping to get whatever comes their way, they do not have the next plan to benefit their lives, they allow the environment dictate for them, they live under the influence of things around them, I belong to the school of thought that says that man controls his environment,he has made inventions on the way forward as regards surmounting obstacles.

We need to encourage ourselves every morning before we go out, It would mean a lot to your day even when do not achieve all the goals we set out to do, but giving yourself an encouragement all things that happen does so for a purpose. Most people speak to their day and tell the day the exact thing they want to achieve and fortunately things roll out in this direction.

“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.”

You get the best from what you give I assure you that things work out the way you define it, let us find the next best word to tell ourselves when we feel down and also to bless our day. With this I feel it should better than it is now.


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I’m still trying to recover from the meeting we held in the office, the agenda of the meeting I still keep close to my mind, I have a lot of people to attend to and I’m thinking how do I meet with my target for the week(that’s a common language in the office), I’m trying to handle people on phone and listen to them, then suddenly he walked in. who you may ask

my boss….. and announced “Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world”. I ignored the statement as he walked away immediately,…..then it hit me like a blow. then my brain started asking “who is the current richest man? Who has been successful enough to overthrow a man that has held the record consistently for over a decade? Who has made so much to earn world recognition? Or could it be me..Reflecting on the fact that I have met my financial target for 3 consecutive But I must say that this is real worth writing about, I can imagine how he would feel now. Knowing he has just started. What you may ask? He has just started the race to keep the position, most of the successful businessmen never thought the record could be broken as Bill Gates has guided it jealously over the years.

I then left the office for a few minutes and when I got back I heard that a small meeting was held and another discovery was made that the youngest billionaire is just 23 years the founder of facebook Mark Zuckerberg and he is worth about $1.5 billion, I ask myself how do I get here as I’m older than him, but what is the secret of his success? When did he start investing or when did he make his first 1 million dollar. Well back to the story.

Buffett- currently the world’s wealthiest man and a personal friend and philanthropic partner of Bill Gates, Buffett is worth an estimated $62 billion, up $10 billion from a year ago thanks to surging prices of Berkshire Hathaway stock, surprisingly Bill gates is presently the third richest man in the world and a Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu is the second richest man with a networth of around $60 billion, up $11 billion since last march,

It is so surprising to note the race is dominated by Americans Germans, and Russians. The world richest woman is Liliane Bettencourt and she is worth about $23 billion, Where are we in the race? Where would you be found in rank 10 years from now? what are your strategies for getting there? Let us meet there because we can do it, it’s in you, the only limitations we have, are the ones we place on ourselves. Where do I meet you in future, brace up because it is survival of the strong and fight for those with courage.


Behold the richest man

Warren Buffett


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I settle into the night after a hard days job, and a cold bath to refresh my brain and reminisce about things that happened today, I have a cold bottle of water by my side  and  my laptop on my thighs, it’s time to tell you how things unfolded today.

Firstly I got to the office and started from where I stopped yesterday, I responded to mails I had on deals and I went on to attend to people who came for a complaint or something, then  I went out to attend to other issues,

I got back in and checked my mail and got a surprise mail from a lady in New Zealand, whoa I exclaimed, she told me she saw my posts on one of the Nigerian forums where I placed an advert for purchase of e-gold, and she felt she should get to know the person, she sent me mail asking a lot of questions trying to gain trust in me because we are about to do business together, I read from her tone that she has had issues trusting Nigerians in business because of the  ways they behave and carry out business. She told me she has never met anyone like me as she has only known me online and he has gained confidence in us. She told me it’s surprising to know that there are still a few Nigerian who have so much drive and passion for success. She made me feel so good, It was an encouragement that meant so much to me.

I sent her a mail to acknowledge her comment and immediately she replied and told me that the way I write, the confidence, passion and the authority I carry, I talked to her about the New Nigeria club, our Vision, Mission, and objectives  what we stand for, our  target population and where we are headed. I became a big picture of change and she instantly accepted the dream of  a better Nigeria and wants to participate fully in nation building,  I must tell you that I was very honoured that that I made someone’s passion  come alive, and with this medium I have been able to begin an epidemic of change….a social change.

This mail made my morning.

I later went to UNILAG for a youth re-orientation seminar  and when we got there, because of our unique outfits, we were given everything we wanted was given to us at once, we got  a stand and we began business, talking to the ushers, they gave us free  hands to operate, and soon we got down to  registering attendance of people who would join the New Nigeria club, surprisingly the target group which is the youth were given us audience, we talked to some and they were so interested in the club and hails those that thought about this DREAM, we got a red carpet welcome and good introduction.

I achieved my  goal today and I am satisfied with myself,I am a candle that would ignite other candle and bring light into the world.”

I dedicate this post to you,……… M. Obiakor.  

Thank you.

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