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Hey guys, compliments of the season to you all, it’s been a while I visited my own blog, well duty calls and it’s been work all the way well I actually got something new I’m working on and its eating my blogging time, I am glad to be back.

A lot has happened within these few weeks that I have been off the radar and I think it would only be fair for me to refresh your mind on the brand Nigeria.

Our president has been out of the country for 25 days now as a result of ill health and this has almost completely crippled operations in Nigeria, the budget has since not been passed and fuel has become so scarce that people pass the nights in filling stations waiting for the station to open early the next morning and they would be the first to get fuel.  The queues are back in filling stations and there is no sign of it getting better even when the minister told us that about 12 cargo would be arriving our shores this week, I wonder why this is common with the festive season, there would always be one issue or the other.

Ohhh before I forget, about 3 weeks ago, the speaker of the house of assembly, Dimeji Bankole was in the news, apparently he spent over N40 billion on international trip in 2009, where on earth is this heard? Only the secretary of state Hilary Clinton has really travelled round the world and we all knew when she made all these trips, it’s no news, but when a Dimeji travels to about a handful of countries and spends so much with little result to show for it then that’s news. We love to waste money, there is huge power problem here in Nigeria, and the 6000 mega watts which was promised Nigerians this December cannot be achieved, I can imagine if this money was put into the power sector, I know it would be resolved. But they rather live elaborate lives and dream.

Years and months have gone by and any time election comes around, we hear more roads, water, light and all what not, but after they are voted in, all they remember is more money to loot, when would we change? I know a few people are laying the foundation for a better Nigeria, but when these few are building it, others are destroying it, when I drive to work all I see is people buying water…water….water a free gift from God is what most people cannot get, the government cannot provide for us, a friend from another country once said that every family in Nigeria is a local government, why you may ask? Well when one man generates his own power, gets his own water, provides his own security and other stuffs then he is a local government, I am of the opinion that Nigeria needs a revolution and those recycled leaders should leave the stage for the 21st century youths who know the best for the country.

Fashola is doing so much in Lagos and he is laying a foundation on how things should go around here, he travels and tries to replicate all he sees.  This is applaudable and this would be the best governor that Nigeria would ever have, thumbs up man.

I wish all my readers Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

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