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It’s the beginning of the festive month again and fun is in the air, driving through the major streets, you would notice brilliant decorations and signs of good signs telling you about the discount you would enjoy this season, yes…it is Christmas, that time of the year to relax and get some new things, exchange pleasantries with your friends and love ones, yes it is time again.

Last week I achieved another accolade in my career, I delivered the first ever ShapeCD Christmas card in Nigeria….to Coca-cola…, well to clarify it to you, it is a Christmas card with a CD is the shape of Black Santa clause. This I know is one of the record breaking periods of my life, since the inception of shapeCD in Nigeria, I have done the deal that has put my name in history, the first ever ShapeCD Christmas card was done by Joseph Ekwu, you might be lucky enough to get a copy of the beautifully shaped Compact Disc, it is a sight to behold and a gift you would like to cherish a lot.

The competition to work is around the office, and people are working hard enough to be the first, but I have said it times without number that I would always break the record and set a pace for others to follow, I believe in my abilities and know I would do it, well to set the records straight, I did it, and I am just revving up for more, I hope you would always be regular here as I would drop the latest anytime it comes up.

This is a means of enlightenment to those who are not aware of it, shapeCD has come to stay in Nigeria, soon it would be a household name, it is not too late to join the team of achievers and sketch your name in history just like me, you can obtain a sample of ShapeCD from our office, also you can visit for more information.

This is wishing you all a fun filled season, enjoy the rest of the month in peace, favour and Gods goodness.

See you on top.


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