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Have you noticed that the power situation in Nigeria is getting better? Well I can not really say this of every street in Lagos as most of them have always had the PHCN issue, well there has been a relief over 2 weeks now, at least for me, I have been sleeping with light all night and most times I come back from the office and the fridge is so cool, but I must say this has not reduced the budget I reserved for purchase of fuel for my generator which I still exhaust before the reserved time is past.

I arranged a poll to see if this is applicable to every area in Lagos and from what I have so far which I would soon publish, the result is looking better as compared to months ago. Different areas claim they now have light for about 10 hours in 24 hours. This as against the 30minutes they see back in the days. I would consider this as a promise of the federal government been fulfilled, at least it would take time before they achieve the 6000 megawatts of electricity promised us by the end of 2009.

Last weekend saw the biggest surprise in Nigeria, a 36 years old man, Aroma won N10 million in the “who wants to be a millionaire” an MTN sponsored program on national Television, earlier this year, I wrote a post on slumdog millionaire, the story of an 18 years old Jamal Malik who won 20 million rupees and at the end he was arrested thinking how on earth would a young boy know so much to win so much, well a Nigerian 36(sum of 18 + 18 ) won the largest sum ever after 6 years since the inception of the show in Nigeria. Well what would we say now, this graduate of Geography who is well travelled, this goes to show me that no matter where you are in life, you must learn, most people travel and shut their eyes to things happening around. Jamal Malik won because he learnt from all the lesson of life, no matter where you are please learn and keep events with you.

Away for Aroma the millionaire, CBN has made an announcement on the state of the 14 banks still under scrutiny, October is when they would know their fate, those who mismanaged these banks should be getting ready to loose their jobs, but since Cecilia Ibru and others were sacked, there has not been any MD, who has openly resigned before he is humbled out of office. Well I would not recommend this to any of them

Guys before you leave I would like you drop a line telling us if the power situation in your environment has improved?

Pray and keep the faith it is getting better.

See you on top


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ON A LIGHTER NOTE -Vol 2 (Kishi Tale)

Hey guys, this post has long been due, it as they say its better late than never, I sat down today to reminisce about the September 11 2001 event that rocked American and I have come to realise that time flies so fast and the wound has been healed well I know those who lost relations here would not fell the same but I sympathize with all those around the world who lost 1 person or more. Take heart and the Lord would console you.

Kishi, to me is like the end of Nigeria, a small settlement beside Niger republic but hey they claim they are still Nigerians, I found my way here as a result of the love for a colleague who lost her father, Tope Oladokun. She made us venture into a trip that almost never ended.

It all started well as we arrived at the take off point exactly 7am and hmmm guys, chicks were ready really gajed up (slang for well dressed). We started out with our HR director and we all know road trip is always very exciting as there was enough to talk about and stroke each other. We arrived at Ibadan within 1 hour 30 minutes and of course we were doing fine, she called me asking about our where about, situation report was good as we were running fine, but seats started getting really hot in the middle of cold air conditioners when at 12 noon we were still on our way to never never land.

We called her to know the coordinates as this was the only way we could keep tabs. We resorted to asking people when it was clear that we might have lost our way, well this was necessary as the terrain of the place was so bad that the dust would raise when we pass, the rock types seen around were those found in the far northern part of Nigeria, the rivers were so dry even in the midst of the rains. The driver turned off the A.C as the fuel we planned for was running out, we were almost been taxed in other to continue our journey.

After about 7 hours of terrible driving, some of us slept off and others had to buy stuffs from the window, we finally arrived at Kishi, and all roads pointed to the venue, ooppss I forgot the part were we almost drive the opposite direction cos of poor road map. We met her and household, although we missed the interment, we didn’t miss the food….Hmmmmm.  we were served with urgency cos the crowd knew how much we had stayed on the road, the way they greeted us was as if we were the bereaved. Rice, salad, moi-moi, amala, ewedu, Shaki, beef, were excess on the menu and trust boy now…we ordered. Then I heard someone order shaki and roundabout and the host came with 18 pieces and before I could say Jack the plate was empty, only 2 people took it all, and these people were on the heavy side. I knew its only the slim ones like us that would suffer eventually. (if you know what TAEF means)

We spent 7 hours to get here, we couldn’t waste any more time so we headed back immediately to avoid the unknown. We got to Ibadan at about 6pm well this was ok, then it hadn’t hit us what was in store for us, we got into Lagos, well just the outskirts and met the worse hold-up of the century, well its Lagos so we thought it would clear off soon, we spent 1 hour on 1 spot, 2 hours, 3 hours, then it started raining, I have never slept on the road in my life and the phobia of it kept me up all night, but it was so clear this would be my first experience.

But as a sharp Waffi guy, I thought I would beat the hold up as only 1 side seems to be blocked, so I crossed over and waved at the next available moving object down, well only a truck stopped and I hopped in not knowing who they were. I held my guts so strong and was hoping I’d get home soon. We moved only 5 minutes and the other side was jammed, after 45 minutes in this truck no moving I came down and trekked back to the bus to cool my boiling head.

We passed the night there in the midst of foul air as a result of 9 shaki and kpomo with smell of Ewedu mixed with pepsi, na waooo  I lost weight this day as they bombarded me from both sides. Those who could live in this condition slept off. At about 6am we set out to on foot to beat this traffic, we walked for over 45 minutes before we got a bus that took us to town and get us home before the environmental sanitation.

For me this was an experience I would never forget. For all those who were there…and those who TAEFFED, well done.


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09-09-09 Today

Thanks to everyone for the comments and good will, it really helped put me back on track. I must thank those from Blogged who stopped by, it really meant a lot to me. Today is a great day filled with so much a day to celebrate the new things in life, today 09-09-09 very beautiful to behold, only a few day ago I would have missed this day as I wrote about 08-08-08, I praise God that I am so alive to see this beautiful day.

Superstition has it that today holds some spiritual undertone, well for those who believe in the mark of …. I don’t but rather I strive to enjoy any day on earth knowing that it would never come again, where ever you are and what ever you do, stop for a while and say a big thank you to God for keeping you alive to see this day and set your mind to better things in future as whatever you conceive you would definitely achieve, your today is a reflection of your tomorrow as the decisions you make today would define your path for tomorrow.

Still on a bitter note, an icon of struggle in Nigeria, a man regarded by many as a constructive critic for better governance, Gani Fawehinmi has died. The Iroko tree fell after months of strong battle with Lung Cancer at the age of 71 on the 5TH of September. This iconic Nigerian was a civil right lawyer, politician, publisher, author and an outspoken critic of corrupt and unfair government. He stood up when others were too shy to talk, he barked when others feared for their lives. He did well on the poll of living legends and at death I am hoping his ranking would go up. I am so sure all those who ruled during Gani’s ripe years would miss the voice stronger than any voice. This is an example of an Icon…Those who lived for others. We would surely miss you.

It is time for me to comment on the woeful performance of the drowning eagles of Nigeria, who after the entire boast they flopped on own soil to the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia. I would say flop because the stadium was filled with supporters whose hopes were dashed after the game ended 2-2. the Eagles I learnt were still paid $10,000 match winning bonus, this they claimed was to encourage them to win their remaining matches, well this was done in Tunis when they drew and again they have been paid the same sum, who are they fooling? Can they be punished at least a little for them to see the need to win? They don’t look like they want to play in the world cup, well good for me as it saves me the excess adrenalin rush whenever these Eagles play.

Guys please free yourselves from torment anytime these Eagles play. Just enjoy the lose or win which ever one comes. To end, please treasure today make a commitment to stay honest, always be grateful and know success is not an accident.

See you on top.

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Hello friends, its been a bad weekend for me and I know I should have written about this a long time ago, but hey circumstances would not allow me do so, I regret it terribly but thank God I am alive to continue blogging and keep tabs of all my fans and blog mates.

While it lasted I felt that it was the end of my sweet and fun filled life, the whole events in my life flashed through my brain in a second and I knew that life is the best thing anyone can ever enjoy. I meant to write about my trip to Kishi with my colleagues but guess this is most important as it is an experience I would never forget in a hurry.

I left the office after a hard days job at about 7.10pm and strolled out of the car park to grab a cab to Troyka to meet with a friend, on my way there I made a detour because the gate was shut and opted for the other gate, but it was also locked at this time the guy was getting so furious, and as I paid him he zoomed off even when I begged him to wait for me to check the gate, well I couldn’t care less as I would still make it there anyway. I decided to look for another bike that would lead me through another route but by this time it was pretty dark but the thought of anything negative never crossed my mind as I was in GRA(Government Reserved Area) for heavens sake. As I waited I walked down planning a good weekend with my babe and how to get my groove on, I remembered my colleagues talking about a movie that is a must watch and immediately I included it in plan for the weekend, I also longed to eat home made salad and as I had just gotten some cash I felt it was a good time to get my fantasies alive.

Then all of a sudden a noticed two guys walking straight towards my direction, at first I didn’t think much cos it is a residential area and people who went to work would be returning at about this hour. I tried to walk out of their path but they followed and at this time there were very close to me, the next thing I saw was a gun right in front of me, at first as a real Delta boy my instinct was to engage them, but he whispered aloud, “don’t try anything stupid, just raise up your hands and drop all you have on the ground. I thought for second this was a big joke, but then the other guy drew out his gun and I knew that men this day would certainly be remembered for long well only if I make it out alive. Continue reading


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Hello everyone, welcome to another great month and hope your expectations for this month and the rest of the year are really high because what you desire is actually what you get. I was at Nigerian Breweries yesterday as part of my programme with Insight communications. Nigerian Breweries is one of the biggest accounts the agency has and we have built the product to a brand that has been around for years.

I had a fun time yesterday with my friends although the experience in Nigerian Breweries was not what I expected; I pardon them owing to the fact that they make alcohol so just maybe a few of them were “hi” on their own produce. I got into the office today and went straight to one of the social sites to grab a bit of gossip as that what most youth do there…lol. What struck me most was that the buzz created by Koko mansion is still floating around, I heard a few guys call D’banj names, most of them say he was just short of what to do and thought he could just play chics, other claim he is looking for a wife since he has had too many hot chics.

Others threw big blows at the organizers of the first show of that kind in Nigeria, and the comment that fascinated me most was when one said “the organizers are just a bunch of confused people that are short of ideas, they should learn from those who packaged Gulder ultimate search, AMBO, the Apprentice Africa. An irony, the same set of people who packaged all these so much talked about TV shows, did Koko mansion. Well people would always talk. A friend asked me why those girls were selected. That they expected highly intellectual girls and we brought a whole lot of dull cheerleaders for the event, well the idea was for viewers to have a picture of the ideal Nigerian Lady who can combine all the roles and still make a good wife. I guess I’m wrong but people were expecting to see a maths contest, or maybe they needed them to pick books and read then have a presentation. Lol. Continue reading


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