Have you noticed that the power situation in Nigeria is getting better? Well I can not really say this of every street in Lagos as most of them have always had the PHCN issue, well there has been a relief over 2 weeks now, at least for me, I have been sleeping with light all night and most times I come back from the office and the fridge is so cool, but I must say this has not reduced the budget I reserved for purchase of fuel for my generator which I still exhaust before the reserved time is past.

I arranged a poll to see if this is applicable to every area in Lagos and from what I have so far which I would soon publish, the result is looking better as compared to months ago. Different areas claim they now have light for about 10 hours in 24 hours. This as against the 30minutes they see back in the days. I would consider this as a promise of the federal government been fulfilled, at least it would take time before they achieve the 6000 megawatts of electricity promised us by the end of 2009.

Last weekend saw the biggest surprise in Nigeria, a 36 years old man, Aroma won N10 million in the “who wants to be a millionaire” an MTN sponsored program on national Television, earlier this year, I wrote a post on slumdog millionaire, the story of an 18 years old Jamal Malik who won 20 million rupees and at the end he was arrested thinking how on earth would a young boy know so much to win so much, well a Nigerian 36(sum of 18 + 18 ) won the largest sum ever after 6 years since the inception of the show in Nigeria. Well what would we say now, this graduate of Geography who is well travelled, this goes to show me that no matter where you are in life, you must learn, most people travel and shut their eyes to things happening around. Jamal Malik won because he learnt from all the lesson of life, no matter where you are please learn and keep events with you.

Away for Aroma the millionaire, CBN has made an announcement on the state of the 14 banks still under scrutiny, October is when they would know their fate, those who mismanaged these banks should be getting ready to loose their jobs, but since Cecilia Ibru and others were sacked, there has not been any MD, who has openly resigned before he is humbled out of office. Well I would not recommend this to any of them

Guys before you leave I would like you drop a line telling us if the power situation in your environment has improved?

Pray and keep the faith it is getting better.

See you on top


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3 responses to “HOWS THE POWER SITUATION IN YOUR AREA? better….

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