It’s October again and as a Nigerian that means a lot to me, October 1st 1960, Nigeria got her independence and that sums to 49 years. My dear country is 49 years older and we are celebrating, rolling out drums. I had the best of times yesterday hanging out with my Ono, we went to see the movies and had a lot of fun shopping. It was worth the holiday.

I take a break to look into 49 years of independence, how are things coming, well enough on the sad side of Nigeria, I would like to say that we as a country are doing well although things are not coming out as we want but they are looking better, Lagos is a model city and is really growing, roads, hospitals, and streets are looking better, there has been reduced crime rate as an effect of street lights built around Lagos. There has been relative peace in Nigeria especially in the Niger-Delta, militancy has become history as the restive youths have laid down their arms and embraced peace. Just yesterday, Egberi-papa (not Timaya) surrendered to the federal government making him the toughest militant to be cracked. This tells a lot about the good side of Nigeria coming out already.

But for a minute I would not shy away from telling our leaders the truth, the power situation is getting better, but there is a lot to be done, the judiciary system is doing well but the killing of Bayo Ohu should be investigated and killers brought to book. The sport sector is in shambles, Samson Siasia’s eagles are doing so poorly now, and the administration of soccer should be given to those who know what to do.

I was in the galleria yesterday and while watching a movie, guys came up to offer free Lucozade boost to people watching the movie, this is a good engagement strategy for GSK, Lucozade boost is a non-alcoholic drink configured for instant energy burst with glucose as its major ingredient. Lucozade has been around for a very long time and has controlled the market for so long. Most people misconstrue Lucozade for a medicinal drink but this is as not correct as it has been recommended in hospital because of its high energy content and its healthy nature.

This kind of consumer engagement should be encouraged to build brand and keep them in the minds of consumers for ever. Ride on GSK way to go.

I wish Nigeria many more happy years and for those who wish Nigeria bad luck, you would be shocked at what you would get.

Happy independence my great 9JA.


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  2. Very well done site….the writer is very knowledgeable on his subject matter…the site is candid and frank…I could not leave the site without commenting…if I had more time I would have stayed longer

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