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Hey Guys, it’s just one day left for the year to run out, 2010 that just started just like yesterday and in the blink of an eye it’s over, the year has had its blend of good and bad, wonderful and dull moments, Challenging seasons and great moments, I have thought to do something’s that I deliberately shut out, highs and low, its barely 2 days to go well I’m so grateful, my heart beats calmly, my eyes are filled with soft tears, I must say 2010 has been a very good year to me.

Can you find a reason to thank God for a good year? Has it been worth it, those tough decisions, times when you feel it’s all over then it just picks up again, times when the world seems to abandon you, but you round the bend and He gives you a way out.

It started with my entrance into CREDIT DIRECT LIMITED in 2010 meeting Akinwande Ademosu and colleagues with vast knowledge and experience, it didn’t take much for me to blend into the system and working with well experienced hands in a new industry gave me the urge to learn. As a Strategy and Business development executive, I have been so busy learning and working, Branch set and recruitment were some of my core responsibilities in the company, and this has kept me in the skies as we set up 6 outlets this year. I could only be grateful to God for keeping me safes all the days out of Lagos, I have toured the East, South, West and North and been totally protected.

For safety needs; I thank the Lord for his mercies, going up and about on official and personal duties

My love needs in life has been met, family, friends, nothing compares to my lovely fiancé Ono, my wonderful Boss Akinwande Ademosu, Denis Unokesan, colleagues, my entire  CDL team

I am most grateful for my team, allowing individual skills to produce result in a team, its fulfilling, the responsibilities bestowed on me to deliver. I have been through a lot in the past 11 months and for this I must say Thank you Lord.

I don’t know about you, but from where I stand I appreciate God for all He has done for me and can’t stop here, I urge you to enter the new year with a grateful and thankful heart, Appreciate God for all he has done and what He is yet to do, remember the more you thank the more you receive.

Attract all you want in the last days and set your mind to it, you would receive the best in the coming year, please share your testimonies with me here.

What are you grateful for?


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BE S.M.A.R.T IN 2011

“Procrastination is said to be the thief of time” We have the tendency to postpone our tasks promising ourselves we will do better one day soon. People make New Year resolutions that they don’t keep after a few weeks into the New Year. Every year holds in store promises, opportunities and prospects that must not be trivialized. As we usher in 2011 we must commit to doing things differently. We can simplify our goals and make them S.M.A.R.T. so that every day can count for us:

 Specific: Get up early to set your priorities for the day. Spending time meditating in the Word of God helps build the character required for the market place experience. You will possess inner strength with virtues needed to build your intra and inter personal relationships. Prioritize time for your family, holidays and rest. Exercise your body and eat right. Take care of your body because it is your greatest treasure as you expose your potentials through work. You can never maximize your potentials through ill health situations.

Measurable: Juggling between tasks can be challenging. Some people are completely distracted and can’t run with their tasks till completion. When you start too much you have the tendency to finish too little. Start on precision to build on your successes by mastering one thing at a time. Use a good organizer, a diary to plan your time and resources. Don’t dissipate energy on tasks that won’t in any way add to your productivity.

 Achievable: Don’t swallow the elephant in a single bite. Taking baby steps towards the big picture is the rule of the game. Paul affirmed “One thing I do”. Speak in terms of what you will do rather than what you won’t attempt to do. Set realistic goals as this will motivate you to a higher goal after you accomplish the task on hand.

 Recordable: What you can’t measure you will definitely not be able to manage. Documenting your progress makes you accountable. You don’t have to wait till the end of the year to measure your progress. You need to appraise to keep tab on your progress. “Which of you intending to build a tower, will not first sit down to count the cost to see whether he has sufficient enough resources to finish it”

Time-Specific: Learn to review your goals weekly or daily if you’re struggling with your tasks. In this way you can troubleshoot early, and change direction when necessary. “Throw yourself into your tasks so… everyone will see your progress”

As we embrace 2011, despite the economic challenges there will be tremendous opportunities for everyone who can see with their inner eyes. Eyes that look are common but the ones who actually see are rare. You must maximize your opportunities to pioneer, strengthen, establish and reposition in your life endeavors. Get up off the couch and go for it! Distinguish yourself from the pack. There are tremendous opportunities waiting for your discovery this year. You cannot afford to be complacent! You must keep moving toward your perfect day! Happy New Year!

Ayo Daniels


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Perhaps the single greatest source of life energy is positive interaction with others. Even if you were the class nerd in high school, it’s never too late to achieve social success. You can develop social confidence by following a few simple steps.

Schedule Your Social Life: To hone your social skills you have to invest time in them. You need to surround yourself with others to create a rich supply of opportunities to observe interactions and to improve upon your own social behaviors. Don’t turn down invitations. Plan outings with acquaintances you’d like to know better.

Think Positively: Insecure people approach others anxiously, feeling they have to prove that they’re witty or interesting. Self-assured people expect others to respond positively. Good conversationalists make comments that are connected to what is said to them relative to the social situation. You don’t have to be interesting. You just have to be interested.

Enter Conversations Gracefully: Timing is everything. After listening and observing on the perimeter of a group you interact with, look for an opportunity to step in. Ask a question on what someone else has already said. The idea is to use an open-ended question to let others participate. Once the conversation gets moving, back off and give others a chance to talk.

Manage Your Emotions: Social situations are incredibly complex and dynamic. They are verbal and nonverbal cues, such as facial expression and voice tone which must be interpreted before you decide on the best response all in a matter of microseconds. No one can do these without a reasonable degree of control over their own emotional states, especially negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, emotions that usually arise in situations of conflict.

 Laugh a Little: Humor is the most prized social skill, the fast track to being liked. There’s no recipe for creating a sense of humor. But even in your darkest moments, strive to see the lighter side of a situation. Managing conflict without aggression requires listening, communicating, taking the perspective of others, controlling negative emotions, and problem-solving. Develop this confidence.

 Have a great week and Merry Christmas


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16th December 2010, Lagos, Nigeria – As part of the activities following the concluded Independence day Cash Dash Promotion and in line with its commitment to rewarding Nigerians for their loyalty to the brand, Nokia, the leading manufacturer of mobile devices is presenting prizes to the winners of the sales promotion in grand style at the Protea Hotel in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. The event had in attendance, Nokia officials, the winners of the cash prizes, close friends of the winners and Members of the press.

Tunji Ademiluyi, Customer Marketing Manager, Nokia Nigeria commented that the promo is a way to give something back to loyal Nokia customers. “At Nokia Nigeria our customers are very important to us and it is not proper to celebrate our 50th Independence without doing something to say thank you to those customers that have been loyal to Nokia throughout the course of the year. Especially in this season when it is customary to give gifts and show love, this promo it the most fitting way to close out the old year and welcome the new year with loyal Nokia customers”.

The event is a climax of all the raffle draws that had been previously held in which several winners emerged. The promotion was aimed at encouraging Nigerians’ sense of pride in Nigeria as well as rewarding their loyalty to Nokia products and it was carried out across several states in the Nations four geo-political zones. The cash prizes ranged from fifty thousand Naira, one hundred thousand Naira, one hundred and fifty thousand Naira to four hundred and fifty thousand Naira only.

Among the winners was Mrs. Bukola Aiyesimoju who had tears of joy as she received her cash prize thanked Nokia for their generosity and also, Mr.Rasheed Agoro, who recounted a story of how he lost a sum of money in a contract many years ago. He said that this is God’s way of paying him back for his loss. Other winners were, Okolo Victor, a student, Mrs Ronke Ajala, Wasiu Salami, Adeyinka Oshodi, Gabriel Adu and Theodore Gyuk who mentioned that the first thing he would do with the money was to purchase another Nokia phone.

Nokia is a global leader in the mobile phone market and in Nigeria. In Nigeria alone, Nokia has sold over one billion units of mobile phones since inception and in spite of the influx of new brands of mobile phones and increased competition; Nokia remains a leader in the mobile phone market. It is due to the loyalty built over the years towards the brand that Nokia has chosen to reward its Nigerian customers at this auspicious occasion. It is also intended to reinforce Nokia’s position as a consumer friendly brand and a partner in the progress of Nigeria and Nigerians.

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Though repeatedly tempted by Potiphar’s wife, Joseph said no. Faced with similar circumstances, David said yes. But the story doesn’t end there. David married Bathsheba; when their son Solomon grew up ‘He had seven hundred wives…and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. Integrity may not seem like a big deal now, but your lack of it will have far-reaching consequences. Integrity means keeping commitments, even though the circumstances in which you made them have changed. One leader points out that when integrity is the referee, your lips and your life will be in agreement. Your beliefs will be mirrored by your behaviour.

There’ll be no discrepancy between what you appear to be and what you are, whether in good times or bad. Integrity is not only the referee between opposing value systems, it’s the decision maker between being at peace and being fragmented within. It frees you to become a whole person no matter what comes your way.

There’s a story about a job applicant who was asked why he was discharged from his last position. He replied, ‘Because I wanted to take work home with me.’ When asked who he worked for, he replied, ‘The First National Bank.’ We smile, but in a recent survey of employees, 55% said they didn’t trust their top management. Are you trustworthy? Will Rogers said: ‘People’s minds are changed through observation, not argument. People do what people see. What they hear, they understand; what they see, they believe and follow.

Integrity is the one of the necessary ingredients for success, I hear people talk about integrity but they don’t have it, it’s just a lip value for most people. They have abused it, most people make money off others innocence, and build a company, on the wall you see our core values “Integrity” when you know the right things to do that would help others, but you rather fleece them. How do they prosper in the business? Others report false records for companies as auditors and when you walk into their offices Integrity takes front door. In the environment where we live it’s difficult to find anyone who truly posses this quality as it is survival of the fittest, where do you stand? With the liars and deceitful ones, Or with those who possess the real thing?

That’s why a corrected and contrite Psalmist prayed, ‘Guard my life…let me not be put to shame…May integrity…protect me…


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Team Work

Hello Guys, we just finished the senior management retreat in the company where I work CREDIT DIRECT LTD, and the most preached secret of succeeding is working as a team,  team work can never be over stretched, when a group of people with totally different background come together to do work successfully results in success. I had the nudge to identify some things that must not be overlooked if we want to succeed.

Team work is the co-operative effort by a group of people to achieve a common goal. The achievement of any TEAM is usually measured by some kind of performance indicator like customer satisfaction, increased enthusiasm, sales growth, capacity to handle responsibilities and expansion of frontiers. Teamwork is something that must be given constant attention in today’s market place experience. Every player must understand how important it is for them to work smoothly together with others if they want to make a success of what they do. Teamwork plays an integral part in any life endeavor because “two are always better than one, and there will always be a good reward for their labour”

Most people would ask, what happens when you work together and at the end of the day someone steals all the shine? Well then that person should not be regarded as a team player, most people are selfish and wants all for themselves, but we should always know that what you work as a team to do and succeed is collective and must be shared.

The word T. E. A. M means Together Everyone Achieves More!

Here are some considerations when you are assessing your team;

1-      Does your team agree on goals created?

2-      Do players openly encourage and support each other?

3-      Do they have open communication with each other?

4-      Does each player know what their role on the team is?

5-      Do players use statements such as “we” when referring to the team, or is it more of an “every man standing alone” syndrome?

A productive team has players who share common goals, vision and some level of interdependence that requires both verbal and physical interaction. Teams come into existence through shared attitudes about a particular goal and every member of the team is accountable for the overall results. All if everyone does their job well, then the results are guaranteed. Everyone on the team has a unique role, which must be recognized and appreciated.

Joseph Osodi signs out


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NOKIA LAUNCHES N8 IN STYLE…partners with Chocolate city records

November 25, 2010;

Lagos, Nigeria: Nokia, the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile devices has partnered with one of Nigeria’s top record label, Chocolate City, for the launch of their latest Smartphone into Nigerian market. The event which coincided with the launch of the second album of top Nigerian hip-hop artiste MI, was intended to give consumers a first-hand experience of the exciting new features of the N8 mobile device.

The event was meant to position N8 as a leader in its category by associating with the best that the music industry could offer, through strategic partnership. Nokia’s Head of Communications for West Africa, Osagie Ogunbor said the decision to have MI latest album on Ovi store was part of efforts to make consumers experience with the device a wonderful one. He said N8 being a premium device was the appropriate platform to showcase an equally premium artiste like MI. The Nokia N8 includes features include high definition quality imaging and cinematic sound which allows one to shoot and edit photos and video with supreme clarity of a 12MP camera with a 12megapixel Carl Zeiss camera.

The phone also supports up to 32GB memory cards. The Nokia N8, a seamless and fully integrated social network experience, gives live updates from Facebook and Twitter right to users’ home screen, with feeds visible at a single glance. It can also connect from anywhere on the phone—the home screen, contacts, or map. The event featured an experience stand where the public was given the opportunity to have a look and feel of the N8 Smartphone and its features. Consumers could experience the gaming facilities, the high quality music and the extraordinary 12mega pixel HD camera capabilities of the new Nokia N8. This was done through giant Nokia N8 dummy that gave the public a feel of the N8 features.

There are over a billion people globally using Nokia phones, making Nokia the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile devices. Nokia is also fast emerging as a leading solutions provider in the converging Internet and communications industries providing internet services that enable users to experience media, messaging, maps and

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