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A trembling in your hand
as you speak with it
tells me a story far deeper
than the message in your voice.

Your eyes glance to the side
then bounce back to our center,
penetrating my defenses
with a direct melt.

Clever words dance about
your acrobatic tongue,
and we laugh at their ballet
when the sentence ends.

Where is your soul hiding
inside this communication?
What messages are you
sublimating into my inner ear?

I’m hearing a cry for help and love
from deep inside your lilting voice.
I would offer to rescue you,
but I’m nowhere safe myself.

Let us just enjoy our fan dance
of foxy phrases and fencing eyes,
of flashing hands and smiles,
of gambling give and tricky take.

Quickly as our conversation may
cavort and twist and frolic,
its loving undermeaning remains
calm as Mona Lisa’s smile.


Alan Harris….

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How would you say that education is considered as one of the ingredients towards one’s success as what many people say? Perhaps, an average man who have been imparted with enough knowledge during his schooling days, elders who have been experience rise and fall in life, graduates who have been finished their degrees in tertiary, and most of all, successful persons who have been adored and well-respected because of their triumph in life– these people can definitely speak more about how important education really is.

Like what the phrase stated, “Education is the key to success”. It means that every individual, rich or poor, capable or incapable, skillful or unskillful, ugly or beautiful, whoever and whatever in life, as long as he existed, he needs to prioritize first education.

Education can be gradually obtained by entering and accomplishing one at a time the levels of education: primary, secondary and tertiary education. In our society, wherein poverty had never totally disappeared from its existence, parents almost believe that education is all that really matters at the end. In fact, the best thing that parents could actually give to their sons and daughters is education, right? Most parents are wishing to send their children to school. On the other hand, why is our government sincerely gives importance to the aspect of education?

Indeed, most countries have allotted a large amount of budget of their national budget to education. But why? Aren’t you wondering? Well, let’s consider the two main importance of education.

First, it is true that education is the key to success. As man grew, there are a lot of careers wait for him. These careers only classified into two, a career for betterment and a career for worst. Nevertheless, the only way to gain a better life in the rear future is to acquire a better career. Moreover, this could only be possible once the right decision is applied. To sum it up, education, as a key to success is the better thing one should acquire for in life.

Second, a society’s existence, survival, sovereignty, and independence, always depends on its people because they are the one who dictates their economy. What if people in one society are mostly illiterate and uneducated? How would this society appear to be? This ignorance, undeniably, may lead to a poor and a phrase of society’s growth and development.

So, as a conclusion, we, as a productive citizen and man power of our country, should be responsible enough to value education.


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the mantle has been passed to me by…

……A lot is happening around me at the same time and I wonder what next to do, the world seems to be closing in on me and the cold air of destruction looms around the nostrils, I sit amidst the torture and pain of my today knowing that the future even though is bright and promising, illuminates darkness in its core, the cloud is dark, the rain drops hot, and the sun is losing its shine, the once quiet street is now so busy, our once breezy neighbourhood has lost its cold nature and the heat has set in, the mother hen can no longer cater to the chicks and the rat runs to and fro the house looking for food.

Nigeria has become a strange land, the once peaceful state has turned all violent, gunshots from different ends, kidnapping and hostage taking on the other end, and the latest bomb blast, I only but wonder what would happen next.

But first of all, who is to blame? Who or what is responsible for all these? Where can we lay our blame and on who? Nigeria, Gods own country has lived through the bad, the worse and the ugly and has come out stronger, the world is watching and hoping this nation would fail, well I’m not thinking so at all, I know we lie on a thorn filled bed and our mattress is covered with linen of spikes, our own Nigeria has become like the middle east where Bomb target innocent people women and children.

Most people are dubious in nature and would like to gain from the mishap of a nation, Nigeria is in a delicate stage in its history and we are seeing men without integrity and honest openly signify interest in becoming president, I cannot rule out the hand of any of these people in the bomb blast that almost marred the independence celebration, where on earth did we learn to do that, BOMB? It’s so unbelievable, this is the second I’m hearing after the Warri incident, before you know it,  it would become a trend. Who are the real targets? The innocent and helpless or the rich and dubious who find all the means to protect themselves even at the detriment of the average man.

How heartless can humans be that they kidnap 15 school children in one day demanding for ransom, it clearly shows that there is no plan for tomorrow, if they would use that to make money then what wont we see. The future is blank where are we headed? Most times I write and even when I try to be patriotic I have every reason not to be, I was all dressed up in GREEN WHITE AND GREEN our national colours to display on the day of independence but as I stepped out my received several PINGS on my blackberry device, I stopped it read them and it was the news of the blast. I was turned off immediately and wondered if it’s worth it, why should I join the celebration when innocent people just lost their lives for the cause of a better Nigeria. How many more would die? How much pain would we bare before we make it through?

I write this post with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that drips of blood. The pain is immeasurable, the sorrow unfounded, I regret all this happening and I am sorry to say but I am still arrogantly proud to be a Nigerian, I hate all that is going around but there is only one Nigeria I lay claim to, the one where things don’t go well, my prayer is that one day the truth would come out and the world would see us for who we really are, it may not be any better now, but it would look good soon.

In church on Sunday, Sam Adeyemi talked about the future and the reflections gave a presentation, the president of Nigeria giving his independence speech, He congratulated Nigerians on the success of the country, as we celebrate 35 years uninterrupted power supply, explaining how our GDP has grown to over 300% and national security is no longer an issue, he congratulated Nigerians on making the 4th largest economy in the world after America, China and Germany. That’s the Nigeria I see and hope for, which Nigeria do you see? And which one do you hope for? It starts with you, your vote in the next general election counts.


I handover to the next powerful blogger to do justice to Nigeria…


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Hip hip hip Hurray……

Roll out the drums…the red carpets…..where are the elegant Efik dancers? ……………. the Horse riders from Sokoto……the Striped skirt entertainers from Benue…….The Red cap chiefs from the East….the ever flexible Urhobo dancers…..the Eyo masquerade mascot from Lagos…… where are the vibrant and swagger filled youth, PINGING and chatting their way through success…… bring out the best of all culture as my dear country….Yes I mean my lovely motherland NIGERIA IS 50

50 years ago, the Giant of Africa was freed from the colonies of the British, my Nigeria was birthed, the great land, flowing with the biblical milk and honey. The land that has struggled through thick and thin and is still standing strong, yeah that’s my NIGERIA.

The hype about this day has been up for a while and critics say there is really no need to be celebrating, the worst things are happening and why do we celebrate, well true to say that the worse things are happening, but in the midst of the these destruction, peace is still……the land has not been torn apart, the evil plotters have not gained full control of the country.

A friend of mine from another African country called to mock me on our celebration and called it sad, well I forgive him, he said the country has so much but lacks so much, true to say, but we cannot compare it to other countries where they have all and the poverty level is still sad, unemployment is steadily on the increase. Back to the friend, I shut him up with just a short sentence. GSM came into Nigeria  over about 10 years ago, now there are about 65 million GSM line sold out in Nigeria, this figure is well over the population of your country…… Continue reading


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