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……A lot is happening around me at the same time and I wonder what next to do, the world seems to be closing in on me and the cold air of destruction looms around the nostrils, I sit amidst the torture and pain of my today knowing that the future even though is bright and promising, illuminates darkness in its core, the cloud is dark, the rain drops hot, and the sun is losing its shine, the once quiet street is now so busy, our once breezy neighbourhood has lost its cold nature and the heat has set in, the mother hen can no longer cater to the chicks and the rat runs to and fro the house looking for food.

Nigeria has become a strange land, the once peaceful state has turned all violent, gunshots from different ends, kidnapping and hostage taking on the other end, and the latest bomb blast, I only but wonder what would happen next.

But first of all, who is to blame? Who or what is responsible for all these? Where can we lay our blame and on who? Nigeria, Gods own country has lived through the bad, the worse and the ugly and has come out stronger, the world is watching and hoping this nation would fail, well I’m not thinking so at all, I know we lie on a thorn filled bed and our mattress is covered with linen of spikes, our own Nigeria has become like the middle east where Bomb target innocent people women and children.

Most people are dubious in nature and would like to gain from the mishap of a nation, Nigeria is in a delicate stage in its history and we are seeing men without integrity and honest openly signify interest in becoming president, I cannot rule out the hand of any of these people in the bomb blast that almost marred the independence celebration, where on earth did we learn to do that, BOMB? It’s so unbelievable, this is the second I’m hearing after the Warri incident, before you know it,  it would become a trend. Who are the real targets? The innocent and helpless or the rich and dubious who find all the means to protect themselves even at the detriment of the average man.

How heartless can humans be that they kidnap 15 school children in one day demanding for ransom, it clearly shows that there is no plan for tomorrow, if they would use that to make money then what wont we see. The future is blank where are we headed? Most times I write and even when I try to be patriotic I have every reason not to be, I was all dressed up in GREEN WHITE AND GREEN our national colours to display on the day of independence but as I stepped out my received several PINGS on my blackberry device, I stopped it read them and it was the news of the blast. I was turned off immediately and wondered if it’s worth it, why should I join the celebration when innocent people just lost their lives for the cause of a better Nigeria. How many more would die? How much pain would we bare before we make it through?

I write this post with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that drips of blood. The pain is immeasurable, the sorrow unfounded, I regret all this happening and I am sorry to say but I am still arrogantly proud to be a Nigerian, I hate all that is going around but there is only one Nigeria I lay claim to, the one where things don’t go well, my prayer is that one day the truth would come out and the world would see us for who we really are, it may not be any better now, but it would look good soon.

In church on Sunday, Sam Adeyemi talked about the future and the reflections gave a presentation, the president of Nigeria giving his independence speech, He congratulated Nigerians on the success of the country, as we celebrate 35 years uninterrupted power supply, explaining how our GDP has grown to over 300% and national security is no longer an issue, he congratulated Nigerians on making the 4th largest economy in the world after America, China and Germany. That’s the Nigeria I see and hope for, which Nigeria do you see? And which one do you hope for? It starts with you, your vote in the next general election counts.


I handover to the next powerful blogger to do justice to Nigeria…


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17 responses to “NIGERIA AT 50 Day 9..TEARS FOR NIGERIA

  1. “That’s the Nigeria I see…” until we are confident (daring & bold) to ‘see’ the Nigeria we want and begin to dream it; we will simply keep walking in circles. We need to consciously break out of the circle of ‘doom’ we are (unconsciously) used to and dream the Nigeria we want.
    Dreams do come true.

  2. i’m loving the series. I miss Daystar.

    I see a land where the resources are utilised and we value human beings …. it does start with me … and I’ll do my bit

    nicely put

  3. …I’m indeed still “arrogantly proud” to be a nigerian.

  4. ^^__^^I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  5. baroQue

    …when you think of it, it is sad…but seeing that Nigerians are the happiest people on earth..we manage to manage it somehow

    God help us all

  6. baroQue

    Nigerians are very strong people, & are my statistics, the happiest people on earth…somehow, we manage to manage…how long shall we continue like this

    God help us all

  7. olawunmi

    Good one! we all hope and pray for a better nigeria.

  8. “…as we celebrate 35 years uninterrupted power supply, explaining how our GDP has grown to over 300% and national security is no longer an issue…”

    This is so so possible, i wait for a Nigeria that we can evolve into and i pitch in and do my part.

  9. naijalines

    Let’s hope the elections go smoothly and that the leader with the majority vote is who gets to lead the country towards a better future. Long live democracy. Long live Nigeria.

  10. Powerful message by Pastor Sam Adeyemi! What our eyes can see, our strength can fetch. Nigeria go survive!

  11. Interesting. I don’t know very much about Nigeria, I will try to read more about you country. And, by the way, you have a good sense of humor. Success !.

  12. Hello to nigeria….quite good design..very simple but powerfull…..

  13. We cant fix Nigeria by damaging it more, and you are right, instead of our beloved people taking the easy way out and committing crime upon crime, they need to change this mentality and be the change. We need to be the change

  14. It warms my heart there are good people in Nigeria who want to better themselves and are selfless in doing so..

  15. Interesting blog you got there. Dont know much about Nigeria so this helps..

  16. Very good suggestions, I’m going to bookmark this and come back to it. I’m curious if you have any follow ups to this post?

  17. Interesting facts and discussion. The content based on Nigeria was interesting and entertaining. Great work overall. Good luck and best wishes with this site in the future.

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