Hip hip hip Hurray……

Roll out the drums…the red carpets…..where are the elegant Efik dancers? ……………. the Horse riders from Sokoto……the Striped skirt entertainers from Benue…….The Red cap chiefs from the East….the ever flexible Urhobo dancers…..the Eyo masquerade mascot from Lagos…… where are the vibrant and swagger filled youth, PINGING and chatting their way through success…… bring out the best of all culture as my dear country….Yes I mean my lovely motherland NIGERIA IS 50

50 years ago, the Giant of Africa was freed from the colonies of the British, my Nigeria was birthed, the great land, flowing with the biblical milk and honey. The land that has struggled through thick and thin and is still standing strong, yeah that’s my NIGERIA.

The hype about this day has been up for a while and critics say there is really no need to be celebrating, the worst things are happening and why do we celebrate, well true to say that the worse things are happening, but in the midst of the these destruction, peace is still……the land has not been torn apart, the evil plotters have not gained full control of the country.

A friend of mine from another African country called to mock me on our celebration and called it sad, well I forgive him, he said the country has so much but lacks so much, true to say, but we cannot compare it to other countries where they have all and the poverty level is still sad, unemployment is steadily on the increase. Back to the friend, I shut him up with just a short sentence. GSM came into Nigeria  over about 10 years ago, now there are about 65 million GSM line sold out in Nigeria, this figure is well over the population of your country……I got a deaf silence for about 15 seconds and then he asked to drop the line. No matter how bad my country is I believe so much in NIGERIA. I have seen things and as they played out I wondered if this is really happening, I know the journey to greatness is filled with thorns on the path, yeah this can be related to the potholes on our roads especially the torturous Benin Ore expressway. J

The political terrain in Nigeria now is so tensed that I wonder what people would do when the election proper comes. I hear of a state where one family has decided to rule, from father to brother then now sister….well it’s a shame that the vote of the people would count for this one which way now I am not sure.  Our Goodluck has declared for Presidency, and the dust has suddenly risen from the wet ground, the air is dense and visibility is poor that if a man put his hands in front of his face he would see shadows. The old general has come out of his hiding and the puppets are dancing. This terribly amuses me and I wonder what my NIGERIA has turned, the landlord – tenant palaver is still lasting, the senate house has ignored all the issues they have to deal with and they have taken into lobbying and office tussle. Schools have been shut down for weeks now as lecturers have unresolved issues with Government and they are not bothered about the future of this country.

In all these I LOVE MY COUNTRY…..the best has come out of Naija, our NOLLYWOOD is official the 2nd largest movie producer in the world, can you beat that, most Nigerians complain about our home movies, and they insult the actors and actresses calling them names, but once upon a time these people talking were so comfortable with the crap Chinese and Indian film they showed to us then, which if you watch now you would feel like breaking your television set. Nigerian excel in different profession outside the shores, from Medicine, Sports, entertainment, education….I can go on and on…but name an industry in the world and check the first 100 people there, you see a Nigerian. Nigeria has a world class digital television HITV and has good quality compared to the imported one we have here, most Nigerians have refused to patronize their own, but they rather pay so much for imported stuff later we say we are one, most of them complain that the content is poor, how would they develop the content when they don’t have patronage. CNN had NIGERIA on its I-REPORT for 3 days running now, this shows you that the beam light is on us, before success, you have to see pain, we would get there. I see the best coming from this country, the greatest is coming, and I know most people would not believe it.

Wherever you are today reading this post, stop for a minute and say a word of prayer to the LORD for our dear COUNTRY. NIGERIA needs all the prayer you offer, to free us from the occultic powers of the wicked ones high up there. Say something to the LORD on our behalf.





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  3. BJ

    I love this site. I will be back. Thanks for being so honest.

  4. Great blog that feels very professional. The header is great..and your writing is from the heart.

  5. I love reading some of your posts thinking about culture and how you keep things together in one post is great…keep it up.

  6. I’m just making a short post to say I liked your article and enjoyed reading it. I’ve bookmarked your site in order to be notified of new content. Thanks

  7. A very good and engrossing blog on Nigeria. Will continue reading..

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