One: Men hate the way women jump to conclusions and assumptions without knowing all the facts surrounding the situation. Women see a situation and immediately jump to the most logical explanation without asking any questions. Then when men try to explain the woman’s mind is already made up with their own delusion and they think they are right. Here’s an example…

What happened my sandwich you ate it on me…. Eh no I didn’t the dog must have taken it… Eh no he didn’t you ate it…. Look the dog is eating it in the corner there look… Well you gave it to him then, there is no way the dog could have taken it off the plate… Yeah sure hunny whatever..

Two: Women love to make plans without consulting us first, just as we think that we are going to have a handy weekend and just relax ourselves. Who should walk into crush our spirit, only herself, with great news on how she is got other plans in mind. And when we make plan to do something we get… Eh no you’re not your doing this instead… Famous words, I told you during the week.. If you told us during the week we wouldn’t have made our plans to relax for the weekend, would we..

Three: We don’t want to know your every step of the day. Women have a habit of saying, guess what happened to me today… What happened honey ? thinking you would just tell us the actual event of what happened. But no you tell us everything from the minute you left the house all the way up to what happened and everything in between… And you then wonder why we don’t listen to you… Just give us the facts we don’t want to know what kind of trouble you had finding a parking spot, or how much of a bitch your boss is or if a work college wore the same clothes as you… we just don’t want to know.

Four: We hate your total disregard in our input in decisions. Women ask our advice and then don’t take it.. For example … There is somebody talking about me in work and she is a total bitch what should I do… Confront her and tell her how much of a bitch she is if front of everybody and be little her just like she is behind your back.. Yeah I will thanks I’ll do it first thing tomorrow… After work that day… So did you do it ? Eh no I never got a chance.. how could you not get the chance she works beside you… Men confront men and let them know what they think of each other all the time. That’s how its done, usually when we have our differences a side we know where we stand and just get on afterwards.

Five: We hate the way you question everything we do, we cannot leave the house without telling you where we are going… Why do women do this and then accuse us of being controlling… We don’t ask women where they are going or what they are doing usually because it sparks an argument.. It’s just not worth the hassle to ask.

Six: Don’t ask us what clothes go with what because we can’t tell you, we don’t know what you mean. All we can tell you is trousers go on your legs and a jumper or a blouse will cover your boobs and you might want to put some shoes on. One of our shirts will do for Saturday or Sunday mornings because this is all you will need. It is up to you dress yourself up we wouldn’t have a clue… Sure whatever we say you just go with something else.

Seven: Men hate shopping, especially clothes shopping. Again we don’t know what colours go with what or what handbag goes with what shoes. The truth be known we actually don’t care, the only thing on our minds is when is this going to stop, so I can get home and relax. When men shop we know exactly what we want and just go for those items, women on the other hand might have an idea of what they want but could spend the whole day arising around different shops.

Eight: Stating the obvious is another great trait of the female of our kind. Women always seem to say the most obvious thing in any event, such as something falling, something breaking down or making a loud noise or almost everything. Here’s a few examples… I couldn’t stop it from falling… It’s a bit obvious you couldn’t stop it if it’s broken on the ground… We’ll have to clean that up… Well we are hardly going to leave it there are we… That won’t fit in there… Right again honey it won’t sure look at the size of it… I have come to the conclusion that they only state the obvious to buy them time to see our reaction.. Yes honey I will fix it, I will clean it up, you broke it but sure just because you stated the obvious and I love you, I will get it..

Nine: We hate interruptions if we are doing something, women will call men from the other room and expect us to go to them if they want to talk to us.. Beckoned to attention like a dog would be.. Come here I want to talk to you, no fear of her getting up and coming to talk to you, oh no, we have to go to you. If men try and pull the same trick we get answered by…. Well you know where I am, you come here i’m busy… We are treated like dogs men and they see us as them too… After a while it becomes a habit and when we want to talk to them or they us, we just get up and go without thinking about it.

Ten: Women give out about the toilet seat being up constantly. Wouldn’t it be the same job for us to put it down than it would for you to put up. We don’t ask you to put the seat up when you are finished so what gives..


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  1. Dear Joseph
    I find hate somewhat too strong a word. I gently suggest dislike. Its only a suggestion. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It is otherwise a telling, helpful post for the furtherance of relationships between men and women.

    • david baker

      women are becoming more difficult for men to deal with.men do not play their games anymore because men are sick of it. women jump to conclusions, read into things, lie, get the wrong idea about things, take you the wrong the way. White american women, are getting more critical of white men.

  2. Good site, I especially appreciate the post for today about the “ten things men hate about women.” Please check my page out I will put your link up and respond to the things you have listed on your site. Thanks!

  3. I really appreaciate the rule they give woman and what about man

  4. Mary

    “Women see a situation and immediately jump to the most logical explanation without asking any questions. ”

    Would it be better if she jumped to the most illogical explanation…??

    To the second part: don’t men hate women asking them questions.

    Let’s face it, women and men will always dislike something or another about each other so well all need to find someone who, in our eyes, their good side outweighs their bad side.

  5. Fitzroy

    Great blog, especially the questions: “Where have you been?, What did you do that for? and the humdinger: What were you thinking?

  6. kilahchris

    ladies will always be offended. Because they see some of these attributes in themselves.

    My biggest pet peeve is the habitual nagger and complainer.

    (1) Women who complain about trivial things like the fridge door being opened a few seconds to long because the man is pouring himself a glass of water.

    (2) Women constantly obsessive over their weight. Like the extra pounds are going to go away by constantly whining.

    (3) Woman who do not look at the toilet bowl before they plop thier ass on it.

    (4) Women who love to shop all day and carry their man along with them for hours on end.

    (5) Women who complain about a current problem they are experiencing. Yet only want to complain rather than listen to advice or solve the problems themselves.

    (6) Materialistic and vapid Women. AKA Carrie Bradshaw from sex and the city!!!

    (7) Over emotional unstable moody women.

    (8) Women that have so many shoes, she eventuallys takes over your closet space.

    (9) Women who love the color pink and try to “Pinkerize” the entire house to their taste!

    (10) vegetarians, I cannot trust a woman who doesnt eat meat! As human being we evolved to creatures who eat vegetables and Meat. When you take meat out of the equation your get old wrinkly woman by the age of 35. Meat is your friend and leads to good skin and overall good health. Of course when eaten in moderation.

  7. Melvin

    What about the way the U.S. government jumps to conclusions along with our so-called womens movement, lying to women telling them that your bosom and cleavage complimented is supposed “sexual” “harassment”, when in actuality it’s not they are just imagining things. God wouldn’t tell you to mistake a compliment for being hassled but the father of lies, the devil would tell you that, you would love Satan so you would be gullible enough to believe the lie.

  8. Melvin

    Passing judgement on compliments is jumping to conclusions.

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