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They forget what they have said once money comes into the picture, the story changes and I wonder how can people be so weak and stupid. Hear the passion in his voice and see how much he said, a few years later with a position, money in the bank account, possibly security guards at his disposal the story is a lot different.


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These apt words were attributed to one of the greatest American Presidents in living memory, Abraham Lincoln.

Whilst the words in the quote does not discriminate against anyone, myself inclusive, because, if truth be told, a person without, is different from a person with. This is a FACT!. Many have correctly spoken that one does not really know one’s character until you find yourself with power.

A very successful and influential Nigerian whom I was having a chat with yesterday on the state of affairs of Nigeria reminded me of this quote. He mentioned former President Olusegun Obasanjo may have been trying too hard to make amends for what may now be deemed his mistake of directing the nation to vote in as president, a man who once had no shoes.

When I responded to my ‘Egbon’ (a respected elder) with the words, ‘”sn’t that rather too late”, it was at this point he reminded me of one of Abraham Lincoln’s quote, the one posted above, it drive home his point. And boy, didn’t he just do that.

What my ‘Egbon’ was inferring to was that, Obasanjo may have had good intentions for Nigeria, by nominating and campaigning for the former deputy Governor and Vice President, however, the insight he did’t have was how Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s character will hold up when absolute power was handed over to him.

The rest as they say is’HIs-story’…

….Jide Salu

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