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One of the greatest stress relievers God has given humanity is the gift of laughter. It does not only make us feel better, but it actually releases healing through our body system. When we laugh, it restores, rejuvenates and renews what the pressures of life have taken out. “A happy heart is like a good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing.” When we are good-natured, happy and full of joy by taking time to laugh and play, it is like taking a good medicine. It helps us to stay healthy. People that laugh regularly are 40% less likely to have a heart attack than people who don’t laugh at best. Laughter triggers the right side of the brain which helps us release creativity and helps us to make better decisions. There is too much sickness in our world today and much of it is related to sadness, hurts and wounded hearts. Everything seems to relate to the fact that we have not learnt how to laugh enough. It takes less muscles to smile and many more when we frown, which eventually leads to premature ageing. Learn to laugh at yourself even at the supposed mistakes when you discover them. Laughter does not necessarily suggest a disposition of un-seriousness neither does frowning portrays soberness.

Most people in our world today are uptight, stressed and experience burn out most times. The best antidote during trials, difficult and challenging times is the blessing of laughter. God says at such times, “I’ve got a solution – cheer up in famine, laugh and keep your joy.” You can laugh your way to victory, to better health and great energy. The good news this week is that we can learn to develop a sprint in our steps as we simply put on a smile, with joy in our hearts, unshakeable faith and courage to conduct our business in the market place. God’s plans for our lives are for good. He has the answer to our every question. Knowing this, we can always laugh because the best days are ahead of us!


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RESPONSE; What Men Dislike about Women

Hello Guys, I just got back from Enugu where I was out training some of my staff on Self mastery and Effective Salesmanship, I had a good but busy weekend with my colleagues, on sunday while I was preparing for the presentation I dropped a few lines on what men dislike about women as I read through a few blogs, the post was meant to reading pleasures and learning as its thoughts and musings of a few friends.

I only checked my linkreferral page and found out that a friend has responded to the post. This is so exciting and I would love to share her response with all of you, please feel free to drop your thoughts and comments: its a fun page and would love us to keep it like that;


  1. Men hate the way women jump to conclusions and assumptions without knowing all the facts surrounding the situation.     

Response: I do this because by this time my man has already let me down so many times that we can no longer offer them the benefit of the doubt. And once he clouds up the facts until they start sounding too good to be true I have already began seeing strait through him!

  1. Women love to make plans without consulting us first, just as we think that we are going to have a handy weekend and just relax ourselves.           

Response: I make plans because when we ask “babe, what do you want to do for the weekend?” I get “nothing, it’s up to you.” So it’s up to me especially if the guy works the entire week and think he’s gonna rest the entire weekend, the man still has to make time for family time!

  1. We don’t want to know your every step of the day.    

Response: In this situation I may have missed my partner and I ask him how was his day and he tells me and then I follow with a “guess what happen to me today etc,” sometimes telling what happen in order until the incident occurred jogs your memory of how everything went.

  1. We hate your total disregard in our input in decisions. 

Response: Every bit of advice may not work for everyone and if  I am given advice on how to handle something that night and go to sleep I probably have thought of 1000 other ways to handle it in my own way by the time I actually go to handle it.

  1. We hate the way you question everything we do, we cannot leave the house without telling you where we are going.

Response: Men and women have the traditional code language that only the same sex understands. We just would like to know where you are going what is the big problem? And back to the code men may act like they don’t want to know but after a hour of us being gone who’s calling the cell? yes, the man is calling to find out where you are! Example: he may not say where are you going before you leave but when you get the call he says something like, “are you having fun, sounds loud” that’s just a way to find out where we are.

  1. Don’t ask us what clothes go with what because we can’t tell you, we don’t know what you mean    

Response: this goes with number 4. We ask your opinion when we think it matters most, if you like how we look in something we know at least 8-10 other man may also find it attractive.

  1. Men hate shopping, especially clothes shopping.                                                                              

Response: So why do you volunteer to come? Be honest and don’t say to help…more like just to complain.

  1. Stating the obvious is another great trait of the female of our kind.  

Response: I especially do this because my partner will ask me where something is and be sitting right in front of it. Instead of first looking he ask, I ‘ve gotten anoid with this and stop answering him until I have seen him look thoroughly. So now, occasionally I will say “your pajamas are on the bed” just so he don’t even get the chance to ask me.

  1. We hate interruptions if we are doing something, women will call men from the other room and expect us to go to them if they want to talk to us.. Beckoned to attention like a dog would be.                     

Response: It is polite to just step out and address the issue right away, this is part of good communication. If we came out and started saying your business in front of everyone then we’re acting crazy. We do not mean for it to sound as if we are calling a dog. Just trying to get the issue resolved quickly.

  1. Women give out about the toilet seat being up constantly.                                                               

Response: you should already know why this is such a big deal for women just for the fact that when you leave the toilet seat up we fall in the toilet “SPLASH”! if we leave the seat up nothing happens to you! Just be cautious. 

I wonder what’s next. What do you think?

Thanks a lot Margret for sharing your thoughts with us all, we appreciate.

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In an ever changing world, core values are simply principles that should govern one’s life. They will always explain why we do the things we do, and what we stand for in the face of decision making opportunities we have in life. These are not just business strategies, cultural norms or responses to market changes but rather not negotiable principles that dictates how we live our lives.

John Blumberg says: I am yet to meet anyone who has achieved any significant feat in their lives who would say they didn’t operate from a solid set of values. However, it is more challenging than it appears. In leadership workshops all over the world I have seen the stunning realization people face when they are given blank sheets and challenged to write down their core values. My belief through this is that you will be challenged to investigate, indicate, and integrate your core values into the fabric of your life. What you truly believe determines how you act and manifests itself in your daily routine.

 John Mason says this may mean ‘making yourself valuable to somebody each day … tackling a problem bigger than yourself … getting to know God by reading His Word … helping someone who can’t repay you … doing three things that take you outside your comfort zone … giving thanks for your daily bread … leaving others a little better than you found them … not being afraid to ask for help … giving the best time of your day to God … doing today what you want to put off till tomorrow … remembering that the time and place to be happy is here and now … taking steps to conquer a bad habit … and evaluating your actions not by the harvest they produce, but by the seeds you are daily sowing.’

 This week please remember as we glean from Bob, that our lives are not summarized in our string of activities, it is not in the facade, charisma we put before others but largely in our character which is an offshoot of our driving force termed core values. These are the very things that motivates, inspires us to action. They determine our responses in tears, joyful moments and challenging situations. Take a moment to write what you think yours are – family, love, relationships, fairness, integrity, transparency, truth, stewardship, service etc. Think and meditate on them and you will simply discover that these have largely informed your choices and decisions so far in life, connecting where you are now, what you do, whom you do such with, when and how you act. Core values forms the heart of our lives! If you don’t like yours at the moment, change it and start living out your core values!

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One: Men hate the way women jump to conclusions and assumptions without knowing all the facts surrounding the situation. Women see a situation and immediately jump to the most logical explanation without asking any questions. Then when men try to explain the woman’s mind is already made up with their own delusion and they think they are right. Here’s an example…

What happened my sandwich you ate it on me…. Eh no I didn’t the dog must have taken it… Eh no he didn’t you ate it…. Look the dog is eating it in the corner there look… Well you gave it to him then, there is no way the dog could have taken it off the plate… Yeah sure hunny whatever..

Two: Women love to make plans without consulting us first, just as we think that we are going to have a handy weekend and just relax ourselves. Who should walk into crush our spirit, only herself, with great news on how she is got other plans in mind. And when we make plan to do something we get… Eh no you’re not your doing this instead… Famous words, I told you during the week.. If you told us during the week we wouldn’t have made our plans to relax for the weekend, would we..

Three: We don’t want to know your every step of the day. Women have a habit of saying, guess what happened to me today… What happened honey ? thinking you would just tell us the actual event of what happened. But no you tell us everything from the minute you left the house all the way up to what happened and everything in between… And you then wonder why we don’t listen to you… Just give us the facts we don’t want to know what kind of trouble you had finding a parking spot, or how much of a bitch your boss is or if a work college wore the same clothes as you… we just don’t want to know.

Four: We hate your total disregard in our input in decisions. Women ask our advice and then don’t take it.. For example … There is somebody talking about me in work and she is a total bitch what should I do… Confront her and tell her how much of a bitch she is if front of everybody and be little her just like she is behind your back.. Yeah I will thanks I’ll do it first thing tomorrow… After work that day… So did you do it ? Eh no I never got a chance.. how could you not get the chance she works beside you… Men confront men and let them know what they think of each other all the time. That’s how its done, usually when we have our differences a side we know where we stand and just get on afterwards.

Five: We hate the way you question everything we do, we cannot leave the house without telling you where we are going… Why do women do this and then accuse us of being controlling… We don’t ask women where they are going or what they are doing usually because it sparks an argument.. It’s just not worth the hassle to ask.

Six: Don’t ask us what clothes go with what because we can’t tell you, we don’t know what you mean. All we can tell you is trousers go on your legs and a jumper or a blouse will cover your boobs and you might want to put some shoes on. One of our shirts will do for Saturday or Sunday mornings because this is all you will need. It is up to you dress yourself up we wouldn’t have a clue… Sure whatever we say you just go with something else.

Seven: Men hate shopping, especially clothes shopping. Again we don’t know what colours go with what or what handbag goes with what shoes. The truth be known we actually don’t care, the only thing on our minds is when is this going to stop, so I can get home and relax. When men shop we know exactly what we want and just go for those items, women on the other hand might have an idea of what they want but could spend the whole day arising around different shops.

Eight: Stating the obvious is another great trait of the female of our kind. Women always seem to say the most obvious thing in any event, such as something falling, something breaking down or making a loud noise or almost everything. Here’s a few examples… I couldn’t stop it from falling… It’s a bit obvious you couldn’t stop it if it’s broken on the ground… We’ll have to clean that up… Well we are hardly going to leave it there are we… That won’t fit in there… Right again honey it won’t sure look at the size of it… I have come to the conclusion that they only state the obvious to buy them time to see our reaction.. Yes honey I will fix it, I will clean it up, you broke it but sure just because you stated the obvious and I love you, I will get it..

Nine: We hate interruptions if we are doing something, women will call men from the other room and expect us to go to them if they want to talk to us.. Beckoned to attention like a dog would be.. Come here I want to talk to you, no fear of her getting up and coming to talk to you, oh no, we have to go to you. If men try and pull the same trick we get answered by…. Well you know where I am, you come here i’m busy… We are treated like dogs men and they see us as them too… After a while it becomes a habit and when we want to talk to them or they us, we just get up and go without thinking about it.

Ten: Women give out about the toilet seat being up constantly. Wouldn’t it be the same job for us to put it down than it would for you to put up. We don’t ask you to put the seat up when you are finished so what gives..


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Well I guess this is the cell phone generation….and it’s here to stay! When you go on a date with a cell phone chick you can kiss your undivided attention goodbye! This is the type of girl who considers all her cell phone calls first priority and you a definite second. It appears that so many chicks can’t go one minute without talking to someone on the cell. Is this just me or does anyone else get annoyed by this?
I think it’s very rude to keep your cell phone on while on a date or with anyone you want to have quality time with. It’s very common these days to be on a date that is interrupted by a cell phone call right in the middle of dinner, movie, a special occasion or even sex! I’ve also observed many couples who are eating dinner at a nice restaurant and they were both on cell phones at the same time!
Many people don’t seem to have any respect or courtesy for each other these days. So when you’re on a date or intimate engagement, give your date the  undivided attention they deserve and turn that damn thing off!


I could write an entire book on these types of chicks. High maintenance women can be spotted in every corner of the world from ghetto to royalty. High maintenance is a state of mind and attitude. So she may not have financial wealth, she just has to have the best she can get as often as she can get it and in any way she can obtain it. Remember, there are different types of high maintenance women.

Here are three examples of the most common types of h-m-w, (book explains examples):
Type-A: Self-made / high maintenance women
Type-B: User / high maintenance women
Type-C: Daddy’s girl / high maintenance women

Now that I’ve given you some examples of what to look for and you think you’ve spotted a h-m-w. The next step is to figure out which type she is and how to handle her. Here’s my advice; if she’s a “very rare” loving, caring, giving, self made high maintenance woman, then you’ve hit the jackpot! Shes a keeper! If she’s a controlling, gold digging, hair flipping, mirror looking, compulsive spending, shop-a-holic, user, high maintenance chick… then may I advise you to get the hell away from her as fast as you can!


These are the type of girls who are obsessed with their pets, almost as if they were her children. Her whole life revolves around her cats, dogs, birds, goldfish or whatever. She might mention “my pet knows me best”, or “no one understands me like fufu.”

I think it’s because she doesn’t understand herself and she feels her pet does, and consoling with her pet calms her nerves and often fills a relationship void. Obsessive pet owners are strange and difficult to have a relationship with!

If you date a pet owner obsessor you will become second to her pet, unless you too are an obsessive pet owner…. then may I suggest you both hook up and start a breeding farm!!


A slutty chick is stereotypically the type of chick who enjoys sex frequently and with many partners. She commonly smokes, drinks alcohol excessively, curses and dresses distastefully. Although there are many different types of sluts, I think most guys should experience and date a slutty chick at least once in their life.

Slutty chicks can be so much fun – for a short while that is. You can experience life on the wild and crazy side, and get it out of your system and say you did it (or her) if you want.

Slutty chicks exist in all ages and cultures but the good ole USA has the cream of the crop! So if a slutty chick is what you’re dreaming of then head to your local topless bar, bring a bunch of dollar bills and you’ll have a wide variety to choose from!



These are the types of guys that can¹t do anything for themselves, so they ask their Mommy to do it for them. Similar to a 2 year old they can barely change their own diapers…I mean underwear. Momma¹s Boys are a definite turn off for most women.


* His Mommy does his laundry for him
* He often goes to his Mommy¹s house for lunch or dinner
* His Mommy comes over to help him clean up his apartment
* His Mommy helps him with his chores
* His Mommy goes food shopping for him
* His Mommy buys his clothes

Momma¹s Boys are very immature, not independent and rely on their Mother and sometimes Father for help in many instances. So if you go on a date with a Momma¹s Boy don¹t forget 3 things: His Bottle, Rubber Ducky and don¹t forget to read him a bedtime story.

GENTLEMANHere¹s a man that¹s definitely on the endangered species list. Gentleman are the types of men that will treat you with respect, courtesy and will be sensitive to your needs. This type of guy is very rare these days especially in the younger age ranges. Usually Gentlemen are from the old school… you know, like the guys your Mom talked about. But once in a while you¹ll see a younger generation Gentleman and he will stand out in a social situation.


* He will take care of you
* He will always open all doors for you
* He often brings you flowers
* He always pays for everything on your dates
* He will hold the umbrella while walking with you
* He holds your hand or waist while crossing the street
* He can be very romantic
* He¹s a good listener

Gentleman are one of the best guys to be on a date with and they have serious potential to be a marriage partner. You can¹t go wrong with him. So if you¹re looking and ready for a good man and a respectful relationship… it doesn¹t get any better than a Gentle-Man.

 MUSCLE MANOk girls if you want to meet a Muscle Man then I¹m pretty sure the gym is a good place to start! But hold on… Before you head over to the sweaty weight lifting room, let me ask you a few questions. Is this really the man you want?

First of all: I think you should be in pretty good shape or at least enjoy working out a few times a week, because he¹s usually attracted to physically fit women. Second of all: Muscle Men are often so into themselves and their body and they spend countless hours in the gym. You could very well be in second place to his workout. Third of all: Are you prepared for all the girls checking him out? Can you deal with these issues?
FILL IN THE BLANK ______________


* You can always get in for free
               at the bar he bounces at
* He¹ll always protect you and kick your stalkers ass
* You can both work out together
* You can hang out with all the
               famous people he¹s the body guard for
* You can enjoy looking at him naked
(even though his______ may not be quite as large as you thought it would be)
Don¹t worry size doesn¹t matter (so they say)

So if a Muscle Man is who you desire, I¹m sure there are plenty of WWF events or weight lifting competitions you could attend. Who knows… you might be in luck and get to oil up your Muscle Man!

GEEKS ­ aka – NERDS/ DORKS I¹m sure most of you have known a geek at one time or another. These types of guys can vary in age, character and style but they all have one thing in common. They have weird, awkward and quirky personalities! Most often they are very intelligent but they don¹t have a clue when it comes to common sense. So he may not be able to change your flat tire, but he can certainly fix your computer! But never the less some women find Geeks very sexy!


* Both of you can enjoy going to the Computer store
* Attend a science fair together
* Working on his stamp or bug collection
           can be very romantic
* Playing a game of chess (a big turn on for a Geek)
* Working on mathematical equations together
* Building a computer together
* Watching science fiction movies
* Hanging out in the sci fi comic book section

So if you¹re a Geekette and it¹s a Geek that makes you hot… I suggest you sign up for a Genetics lab at your nearest University. Who knows, maybe you¹ll get lucky and hook up with a Geek that will enjoy discovering your anatomy.

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 A group of Alumni, highly established in their careers, were talking at a reunion and decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired. During their visit, the conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in their work and lives. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups – porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite, telling them to help themselves to the coffee. When all the alumni had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said, “Notice that all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and the cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee. In most cases, it even hides what we drink. What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups, and then you began eyeing each other’s cups.”

 This week kindly consider this: Life is the coffee which may represents our careers, jobs, family, business relationships and wealth. Our positions in the society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life. The type of cup one has does not define nor change the quality of life a person lives.

 Sometimes by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee that God has provided for us.

God makes the coffee, man chooses the cups. The happiest people may probably not have the best of everything. They have simply learnt to make the very best of their opportunities. Live simply on the cutting edge but love generously. Care deeply for others because some having compassion makes the difference. Speak kindly with courtesy when relate with others especially those who seemly are less disadvantaged in life and above all be grateful for the gift of life. Learn to develop your hope, faith and confidence in God. Look forward to every opportunity to drink your coffee portion with contentment

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Today I would really love to blog with pictures to express myself, I have to share this with you all. Using pictures to soothe situations. credit

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Good morning Guys, it’s a new day and the beginning of a new working month, last month is gone with all that we expected to achieve done and some not achieved. We have our tagets for the year and some people do not look at it now, but the best is coming, I wrote this post sometime ago and I feel this is a good time to re-emphasize on the issue that you are the only person that can stop you, its only you that has the power to terminate your progress, you can only stop when you decide. I love to read about Richard Branson as I am currently  reading “How I lost my Virginity” he has a good way of making things look easy, he never says never, he has successfully tackled the big names in some industries and most time won, he has seen his fair share of failures and a large chunk of success. One thing I admire most is his “do it all” attitude. Trying out new things, tapping from the market no one saw.

 The Virgin brand is an example of a most successful brand, stretching the brand never kills it but rather increases its equity. He has thrived on different terrains and every failure to him is a big lesson to greatness.

 My story;

 One day, the employees of a company got to the office and saw a big advice on the door on which it was written: “Yesterday the person who has been hindering the growth of this corporation passed away. We invite you to join the funeral in the room that has been prepared in the gym”.

In the beginning, they all got sad for the death of one of their colleagues, but after a while they all started getting curious to know who was that fellow who hindered the growth of the company. The excitement in the gym was such that security agents were called in for crowd control. The more people filed towards the coffin, the more the excitement heated up. Everyone thought: Who is this guy who was hindering the progress? Well, at least he died! One by one the thrilled employees got closer to the coffin, and when they looked inside it, they suddenly became speechless. They stood in turn by the coffin, shocked in silence, as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin and everyone who looked inside, could only see themselves. There was also a sign next to the mirror: “The only one person who is capable to set ‘limits’ to your growth anyway: is YOU INC.

Life is usually what we make of it. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. The heart of the matters of life is a matter of the heart. If we dwell on the negatives in our hearts, it will surely inform our outputs without fail. Your life won’t change when your boss, colleagues, friends, parents, partner, spouse or when your company changes as regards their policies. Your life only changes when YOU change. So rise above your limiting belief system and watch yourself soar like an eagle. Don’t be afraid of difficulties, impossibilities and losses wherever you find them: Be the winner, build yourself up to resolve challenges. The reality check here is simply, the way you approach the issues of your life makes the difference! Make most of your opportunities to work on YOU INC.

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