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A grieving mother has been fined $120 by crematorium officials after she spent too long saying goodbye to her five week old child. The lady names withheld was ordered to pay the penalty after she sat by her son’s casket for an extra 10 minutes before watching it disappear through the cremation. But she left shocked when officials at the crematorium in Crown hill, told her that she would have to pay the extra time at the rate of $12 a minute. The dead Childs father was cradling the little boy when he died at their home in Great Loniford, condemned the penalty as “sick and disgusting”. He told reporters that the mother was weeping hysterically. She just wanted a few extra minutes to say goodbye to our much loved little boy. How could anyone be so cruel?


Police in Spain has arrested a man whom they suspect hired a contract killer to murder his boss in a desperate bid to avoid being laid off, newspaper reports. The head of audiovisual services at the Barcelona international convention centre contracted a Columbian man who shot and killed the director of the convention centre, according to Police the director had planned to lay off the man as part of the restructuring project. In fear of losing his job, the head of services, through his sister, contracted a team of six Colombians who planned and carried out the killing. The sister and the gang has since been detained.


 A New Zealand teenager tried to sell some sexy pictures of his mother on an internet auction site after the pair had an argument. The 18 year old student opened an auction for five naked pictures of my mum on the trade me site, after being told to clear the family garage and sell any unwanted item on the site. The site pulled the trade the next day but the boy called in to add more with some revealing the mum in panties. Later the pictures were withdrawn because the photos were inappropriate. We don’t really want to be the place where people list photos of their mums in their underwear.


To realize the value of one year– ask a student who has failed a final exam

To realize the value of 9 months– ask a mother gave birth to a still baby

 To realize the value of one month– ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week- ask the editor of a weekly newspaper

To realize the value of one hour– ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of one minute– ask the person who has missed the train, bus or aeroplane.

To realize the value of one second– ask the person who survived an injury.

To realize the value of one millisecond– ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics


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NIGERIA; has the giant fallen?

Happy new year guys, sorry it took me so long to wish you guys a happy new year, but just as it took Obama, 3 days before he reacted to the terror threat, so it took me about 2 weeks to write about the gradual decay of Nigeria, before now my dear country was known for so many things and greater percentage of these things was negative, Prostitution, Drugs,  Advanced fee fraud (419, yahoo yahoo, etc), corruption, just name it, then on Christmas day the icing was put on the cake as a Nigerian by name Farouk Mutallab tried to bomb a plane above Detroit. He allegedly left Nigeria to the United States via Amsterdam and on decent near Detroit he tried to detonate the bomb he was wearing on his pants.

Who would ever believe this would happen that a Nigerian was capable of doing this? Well is he really a Nigerian? Hmm I so can’t answer that question, this boy is from a wealthy and influential family and he had spent a greater part of his life outside the shores of Nigeria and there he mixed with radical Islamic groups who would do anything to destroy the peace of the world.  What more would he want that he can’t get from his parents? Nigeria is a place where in the midst of sufferings people still find it easy to laugh, this Christmas was bad for us as there was no fuel, but trust me people celebrated like before, banks laid off staffs and still there was good Christmas, for a 23 year old to now try to blow up an airline and kill over 300 people then he so isn’t a Nigerian.

This is what happens when the rich send their kids outside Nigeria to study, they have all the money to develop the different sectors of the economy but totally refuse to, they rather gather the wealth for themselves and send their children out to get the best education and come back to continue in the helms of authority. But alas this is what they gat, they place Nigeria on the watch list of terrorist nations in the world, when we are working so hard to rebrand this country the evil ones are working so hard to frustrate all plans. Continue reading


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