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Frances Green was an elderly lady living on a pension. Every year she sent a dollar to the Republican National Convention. One day she received an invitation to meet President Reagan. Not realizing the RSVP should include a generous donation, she scraped up every cent she had and took a four-day train ride across America. She slept sitting up because she couldn’t afford a sleeper. When she arrived at the White House and found her name wasn’t on the guest list, she was heartbroken. Overhearing her story, a Ford Motor executive contacted a presidential aide and got clearance to give Frances a tour and introduce her to the president the next day. But the following morning there was a military uprising overseas and the president was in high-level meetings. When Frances showed up at the White House the executive showed her around and walked her past the Oval Office hoping she’d at least get a glimpse of the president. As they passed he looked up, stood up from his desk and announced, ‘Frances! Those darn computers fouled up again! If I’d known you were coming I’d have come out to get you myself!’ The little woman from California had nothing to give the president that day, but there was something he could give her, so he made time in his busy schedule. Paul says, ‘Don’t push your way to the front…Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead.’ In other words, be willing to play second fiddle. Remind yourself that God sees, God evaluates, and God rewards. So, today go out of your way to help somebody.

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ON A LIGHTER NOTE….Vol 14 BBM…Rules and Codes

It’s safe to say that almost everyone reading this is familiar with what that word above means… and if you aren’t… welcome to Earth! The Blackberry is one of the most common and most used communication devices today among young people. I love Apple as much as anyone, but let’s not even get into the #teamiPhone versus #teamBlackberry debate. Until you can BBM with an iPhone, we’re not hearing it.
This post is mainly directed at current BB users across the globe. I think the time has come for us to establish a simple set of rules for people who choose to use this device (I’m sure some of these rules will not work only for BB’s. Feel free to use where applicable for any other smartphones).

1) Broadcast Messages – I figure we should start here because this might be the singular MOST ABUSED feature on the Blackberry device. Ladies and gentlemen, there’s an occasional need to Broadcast a message to some or all of your contacts… however I must stress the word OCCASIONAL. It is supposed to be used sparingly, and only when it is important; infact, let’s break broadcast messages into three permission-categories. Yes, No and Maybe.

YES: Broadcast Messages that are permissible SPARINGLY, include (but are not limited to) the following contexts: “Please check out my business/website/Product”, “Vote for someone for this competition”, and the occasional Breaking News Fact that you need to share (but which you have verified) e.g. the Deaths of Michael Jackson and Da Grin. RIP. Continue reading

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“What happens when we fall in love is probably one of the most difficult things in the whole universe to explain. It’s something we do without thinking. In fact, if we think about it too much, we usually end up doing it all wrong and get in a terrible muddle. That’s because when you fall in love, the right side of your brain gets very busy. The right side is the bit that seems to be especially important for our emotions. Language, on the other hand, gets done almost completely in the left side of the brain. And this is one reason why we find it so difficult to talk about our feelings and emotions: the language areas on the left side can’t send messages to the emotional areas on the right side very well. So we get stuck for words, unable to describe our feelings.”



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