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Yesterday I attended the first ever Blogger’s conference, in Elomaz Hotel, Lagos, where some of Nigerians finest and most consistent blogger’s had a round table discussion on how to kick start a ministry……blogger’s ministry. In attendance were the likes of Deolu Akinyemi, the most consistent blogger, who has a monthly viewership of over 1 million readers monthly. Specializes in motivation and inspiring youths and helping people find their career in life.

Gbenga Sesan, first Nigeria ICT youth ambassador to the UN, gave a brief introduction on the need to blog. The hall was full and guest introduced themselves one at a time, it was an awesome experience as most people actually confessed that they have never blogged in their life, but saw the relevance of writing and are really interested in writing. The conference was a meeting of people with a clear and same vision, one scene that starlet me was when a Naval officer, introduced himself as an arms engineer, and also said he has been blogging for a long time now, I wondered deep inside of me, when he had the time to write since he is in a delicate department, he was in the conference in his uniform…..waoh.

I learnt a lot of things from attending the conference; I saw the relevance of Adsense in your blog and how to earn form placing ads on your blog. Also it is a shocking to know that when blogging started, CNN and the likes looked down on it and said the guys behind it would not make any mark from it….but it’s so shocking to know that CNN has made much money form it’s blog over the years and the blogs are the most widely read. Continue reading

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NIGER DELTA–a cursed blessing.

My land is on fire; my people are on the run, where do I call home? my future is blank,  bullets fall on our roofs like rain drops; life has become a living nightmare……..”

…… the cry of a young boy from the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. One of the dailies reads “100 feared dead as oil war enters second day.” Fighting continues in the poor area of the oil rich Niger Delta as militants attack Dutch giants shell facility with dynamite. Operation Hurricane Barbarossa an oil war declared by the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta. This is a result if the negligence of the area by the Federal Government over the years.

The war started on Sunday and since then, there has been no rest as the federal Government has deployed armored personnel carriers and more troops. Reports have described the oil war between MEND and the troops of the task force as the heaviest ever. The streets of Port-Harcourt are heavily guarded by police men with machine guns, and armored tanks, check points are seen within every 3 minutes drive.

MEND warned that no vessel should sail into the Niger Delta, as any one that violates the order would be blown off. This apparently led to the gun duel between the militants and the soldiers which lasted for over 1 hour, the battle was fierce as the soldiers claimed most of the militants lost their lives and the crossfire would have led to the fire in the shell facility. The militants used dynamites and bombs to fight the army. Continue reading

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I woke up yesterday, turn on my television set and I was shocked with the breaking news, “Lehman brothers files bankruptcy” as moves to revive the bank meets a brick wall. I wonder what is happening, since March 2008, the Nigeria stock market has been bearish, as investors continually mourn their losses and it got clear to me that this season is global and the world hit by the sudden down slide of the stock market.

In one of the most dramatic days in Wall Street’s history Merril lyunch agreed to sell itself on Sunday to Bank of America for roughly $50 billion to avert a deepening financial crisis, while another prominent securities firm, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection and hurtled toward liquidation after it failed to find a buyer.

Also AIG, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, the sponsor of one of the richest club in the United Kingdom Manchester United, is pleading for a loan of $40 billion. America international group is a major America insurance based in New York city, according to 2008 Forbes global 2000 list, AIG was the 18 largest company in the world, but it is so surprising that they would be seeking a loan of $40 billion, On June 15, 2008, under intense pressure due to financial losses and a falling stock price, Martin Sullivan resigned from the CEO position. He was replaced by Robert Willunstad who has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company since 2006. Continue reading


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Where you are presently in your academics, career and relationship does not have to be your future. You can change your outcome. What is in a name? what is your name? a name is a reputation that somebody or something has; the opinion that somebody or something.

Give a dog a bad name and you could as well throw it away. The name you respond to would determine a great deal of your potential. We were given names when we did not have any ability to refuse. There would come a point in life’s journey that you would need to deliberately call yourself the name you want to bear- this should become your real name. let me review the different ways by which we get names and eventually spotlight yoyr real name and how it impacts your success story.

Names from the past- Your past may have something you may want to hide. When the name of your past resurfaces in your present, you should be careful to check if the name is one you still want to answer. Forget your past, the names you were called in the past should not be so empowered to determine your experience today.

Nicknames- A nickname is an informal, often humourous name for a person that is connected to their real name, their personalities or appearance or something they have done. Nicknames usually do not take you the personal, academic and professional height you desire for yourself. The origin of your nickname should instruct you you on whether you should continue with it or not Continue reading

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Today, I got to the office and picked up a newspaper, flipped through the pages to the stock market page, I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw my stock gaining; it’s so good to know that the market has picked up again and investors have a reason to smile.

But even at this, there are a few people that did not take my advice to buy when the bear was around, they were reluctant to believe in the future coming of the bull, they never saw it necessary to invest, knowing full well that the time to invest is always when prices are down, it is normal that the market would not stay like that forever, and as the Federal government made some policies to favour the stock market, the bull approaches and they wish they bought then. The market is growing again and experts predict that it would be sustainable.

Most banking stocks are growing again and also Food and beverage. On the gainers chart as at 01/09/2008, Total topped gaining as high as N11.07, Nestle follows with N9.42. Oando gained N6.36. In the banking sector, First bank gained N1.45, followed by UBA gaining N1.43. The insurance sector is still a penny sector as even when volumes are traded daily, the prices still crawl.

The loosers list saw Guiness topping closely followed by AGLeventis, Fidelity bank recorded a loss too.

Hope has come again, and investors perceive a season of abundance, although it is coming slow and most investments now should be planned for near long term, between 7 to 12 months and ignore the quick rich syndrome. You would make it ……

See you on top.

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