Where you are presently in your academics, career and relationship does not have to be your future. You can change your outcome. What is in a name? what is your name? a name is a reputation that somebody or something has; the opinion that somebody or something.

Give a dog a bad name and you could as well throw it away. The name you respond to would determine a great deal of your potential. We were given names when we did not have any ability to refuse. There would come a point in life’s journey that you would need to deliberately call yourself the name you want to bear- this should become your real name. let me review the different ways by which we get names and eventually spotlight yoyr real name and how it impacts your success story.

Names from the past- Your past may have something you may want to hide. When the name of your past resurfaces in your present, you should be careful to check if the name is one you still want to answer. Forget your past, the names you were called in the past should not be so empowered to determine your experience today.

Nicknames- A nickname is an informal, often humourous name for a person that is connected to their real name, their personalities or appearance or something they have done. Nicknames usually do not take you the personal, academic and professional height you desire for yourself. The origin of your nickname should instruct you you on whether you should continue with it or not

Names are too important to be toyed with. Most nicknames are tied to something spiteful and untoward. Denounce this nickname, because we all live up to the names we bear.

Birthnames- Ben Carson, the world- renowned neurosurgeon, in his book gifted hands, he said birth place should not have to remain a permanent address. This quote touches me so deeply and I advise you to ruminate on it. The situation and circumstance that surround your birth should not determine your name. you can change your situation by changing your name from today.

Secret names- The character of a man is your outcome. The historical rahab was a harlot. That was her circumstance. Her real name was the ancestress of Christ. Your situation, Colleagues or society may put you in a class you don’t like, yet you can emancipate yourself by the name you call yourself. That there is no money in your pocket does not make you a poor man.

Given names- You may be called a dreamer, inexperienced, uneducated or retarded. You may be given different names, you don’t have to accept them. People who call you such names do not have the ability to name you. If they did, they could have stopped Albert Einsten, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela from achieving their purpose. Life only respects results. Take time to focus on what you have received as a calling and when you succeed, those given names would become irrelevant.

YOUR REAL NAME- Understand that the world were framed, fashioned put in order and equipped for their intended purpose by the word of God so that what we see was not made of things which are visible. Calling yourself by your real name fashions your experience into what you desire, it equips you for challenges ahead.

Frame your world with your words of affirmation and self suggestion. Someone once said.” I believe therefore I speak” you should call yourself your real name because you believe you would get there. That’s where it starts.

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