Yesterday I attended the first ever Blogger’s conference, in Elomaz Hotel, Lagos, where some of Nigerians finest and most consistent blogger’s had a round table discussion on how to kick start a ministry……blogger’s ministry. In attendance were the likes of Deolu Akinyemi, the most consistent blogger, who has a monthly viewership of over 1 million readers monthly. Specializes in motivation and inspiring youths and helping people find their career in life.

Gbenga Sesan, first Nigeria ICT youth ambassador to the UN, gave a brief introduction on the need to blog. The hall was full and guest introduced themselves one at a time, it was an awesome experience as most people actually confessed that they have never blogged in their life, but saw the relevance of writing and are really interested in writing. The conference was a meeting of people with a clear and same vision, one scene that starlet me was when a Naval officer, introduced himself as an arms engineer, and also said he has been blogging for a long time now, I wondered deep inside of me, when he had the time to write since he is in a delicate department, he was in the conference in his uniform…..waoh.

I learnt a lot of things from attending the conference; I saw the relevance of Adsense in your blog and how to earn form placing ads on your blog. Also it is a shocking to know that when blogging started, CNN and the likes looked down on it and said the guys behind it would not make any mark from it….but it’s so shocking to know that CNN has made much money form it’s blog over the years and the blogs are the most widely read.

Deolu declares that blogging would soon be a lucrative venture and people who blog would be in the same class with the likes of oil workers”….I’m glad I started earlier so I would soon make all the cash….lol. I have a friend who writes very well, but I think out of tight schedule, she stopped writing, I encouraged her to start again, not that I wanted her to ignore work, but I enjoyed reading her stories and also I want her to improve on her already developed skill. Well she did and now she is back on the keyboard.

Blogging is now a part of me, since I started in January, and one of my posts on Communication in Nigeria has brought to my site and I was invited to the telecommunication conference in Abuja Nigeria in October where exposed minds would interact. I see this as one of the benefits of Blogging.

This is another pioneer volunteer activity I am involved in and I would state categorically that I am enjoying it….

Do you have a blog?….if not get one……if you have then keep up the good work.

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  1. nazi

    ur write up on d niger delta i applaude but i feel u can do better .What ur lines u can afford cheap errors u will be suprise d hight of men dat read ur blogs.

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