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A year ago little was known of the now famous Barrack Obama, he was just another African American with dreams of making an impact on the lives of blacks in America, But few senators have ever generated the kind of buzz associated with Democrat Barrack Obama of Illinois.

The son of a Kenyan man and a white woman from Kansas, Mr Obama emphasised his personal history in a speech reflecting traditional American ideals of self-reliance and aspirations.

“Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place – America, which stood as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before,” he said. Since his land slide election victory a few months later, he has become a media darling and one of the most visible figures in Washington, with two best-selling books to his name. He has the backing of talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, who not only urged him to declare his candidacy on her programme but has since appeared on the campaign trail with him.

Almost 30,000 people attended a rally in South Carolina – thought to be the biggest single event in this election campaign – at which she described Mr Obama as having an “ear for eloquence and a tongue dipped in the unvarnished truth”.

He has also raised eye-popping amounts of cash for campaigning, matched only by Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. As a senator, he has established a firmly liberal voting record, but has also worked with Republican colleagues on issues such as Aids education and prevention.

Mr Obama is named after his father, who grew up in Kenya herding goats but gained a scholarship to study in Hawaii. There the Kenyan met and married Mr Obama’s mother, who was living in Honolulu with her parents

When Mr Obama was a toddler, his father got a chance to study at Harvard but there was no money for the family to go with him. He later returned to Kenya alone, where he worked as a government economist, and the couple divorced.

When Mr Obama was six, his mother, Ann, married an Indonesian man and the family moved to Jakarta.Although his father and step-father were Muslim, Mr Obama is a Christian and attended secular and Catholic schools rather than a madrassa for the four years he lived in Indonesia, a largely Muslim country.

He then moved back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and attend school.Mr Obama went on to study political science at Columbia University in New York, and then moved to Chicago where he spent three years as a community organizer.

In 1988 he left to attend Harvard Law School, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. After Harvard, Mr Obama returned to Chicago to practice civil rights law, representing victims of housing and employment discrimination.

He is married to a lawyer, Michelle, and they have two young daughters. The senator says he has attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for almost two decades.

Obama has been the news since the primaries of the vote of Americans, he has swept all the states contrary to speculations that no black can ever think of the position, He has consistently made both blacks and whites regain the confidence they had in America.

Breaking news tells that a US man stabbed his relative after an argument over the presidential credentials of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Brothers-in-law Jose Ortiz and Sean Shurelds were arguing about the fiery contest for the Democratic nomination for president at their Pennsylvania home when the dispute escalated into violence, US broadcaster CBS said. US authorities said Ortiz, a registered Republican and Clinton supporter, allegedly stabbed Mr Shurelds, an Obama supporter, in the stomach, CBS said.

Mr Shurelds was flown to hospital and was in a critical condition. Ortiz was jailed and, if convicted of a crime, will be unable to vote in the election next year, the broadcaster said.

The controversy has begun, this is just the primaries how far do we go to tell them that a black has what it takes to rule the world. This is a feat for all of us, he would fulfill the dreams of Martin Luther king, those who wanted liberation for the black,

Obama for president 2008.


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My star– Drogba

I bring you an excerpt from ESPN on Didier Drogba, two time african footballer of the year in a row, highest goal scorer in 2006, the big man who has scored the highest goal in Chelsea

“After an average first season at Chelsea, he became a monster of a striker in 2006/07, finishing as the Premier League’s top scorer with 20 goals and second to Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo in the voting for the PFA Player of the Year Award.

In 2005/06 he had sometimes been guilty of missing glorious chances and also shooting before considering the options. Drogba was much-maligned by many who felt Hernan Crespo deserved to be the first choice striker.However, Crespo was deemed surplus to requirements, largely due to Drogba’s upturn of form and Drogba has now blossomed into one of the best strikers in the league.

Ivory Coast international Drogba arrived in French football in 1983, living with his uncle Michel Goba – who had also been a professional footballer in the French Second Division.

But it was a hard path to the full-time game for Drogba.

He began his career as a right-back with Dunkirk, before being converted to a striker during his time with Abbeville.

Then at the age of 15, after joining Vannes, he was out of the game for a year to concentrate on academic studies after he had failed to progress at school.

After his enforced sabbatical he joined Levallois in 1994, before being handed a trial by Guingamp in 1997 – but a broken toe ended his hopes of a move.

He was also attracting interest from the bigger French clubs, including Paris St Germain and Monaco.

Drogba opted to join less glamourous club Le Mans where he was coached by his ‘spiritual father’, Marc Westerloppe.

The striker was never prolific for Le Mans, and he fell out of favour after Westerloppe had been sacked and replaced by Thierry Goudet.

Guingamp came back in for the player in 2001, and in 2002/03 their faith in the player’s ability was repaid with 17 goals. Drogba also won his first ever call-up into the full Ivory Coast squad.

FC Porto, managed by Jose Mourinho, had tried to sign him in the summer of 2002.

In the summer of 2003 he was signed by Marseille for £3.3million. The player enjoyed an outstanding season in the south of France, scoring five Champions League goals despite Marseille’s exit in the group stage.

His form continued in the UEFA Cup, bagging a further six goals as Marseille lost out in the final to Valencia.

And in Ligue 1, Drogba plundered 18 goals in 35 games – leading to him being named as Footballer of the Year in France.

After just one season with Marseille, Europe’s bigger clubs were showing interest. Juventus had a bid rejected for the striker, but Chelsea were always at the head of the queue.New Blues boss Mourinho initially had an £18million bid rejected, but finally got his man for an undisclosed fee – believed to be £24million, smashing the British record fee for a striker. It capped an amazing two years for the player, who signed a three-year contract.

Drogba, an immensely powerful striker who will cause trouble for any defence, made his debut for the club in a 1-0 victory over Manchester United on the opening day of the 2004/05 campaign.The striker bagged his first goal in a 2-0 win at Crystal Palace in his third appearance, but he was ruled out by injury for almost two months at the start of October.

Drogba scored 16 goals in his debut season, but many were not convinced by his contribution considering the £24million fee. Even so, he picked up winners’ medals in the Premiership and League Cup.

He started the 2005/06 well, keeping Hernan Crespo out of the side and producing much-improved performances. The striker finished with 12 goals and 11 assists and began to win over the Chelsea faithful as well as his second Premiership title.With the departure of Hernan Crespo and Damien Duff at the end of the 2005/06 season, Drogba’s place in the team looked more assured. Until the arrival of £30.1million striker Andriy Shevchenko.

However, the Ivorian took advantage of Shevchenko’s acclimatisation, and began to bang in the goals, while Shevchenko was relegated to the bench.

Committing his future to the club in November 2006, by signing a four year deal, Drogba’s goalscoring made him one of the most feared strikers in the Premiership and his winning header against Arsenal in the Carling Cup final in February 2007 took his goal tally to 28.

Drogba was also crowned the Ivorian Player of the Year, beating off opposition from such players as Lille’s Kader Keita, Lens’ Aruna Dindane, and Arsenal’s Kolo Toure.

Drogba became the first Chelsea player to score 30 goals in a season in all competitions since Kerry Dixon in 1985“.

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Life is a culmination of a series of events, and we are all actors in the movie of life, some people are actually the stars in the movies, some people are spectators, others are just puppets, watching events unfold; those who sit back and criticize what others do and make comments thereby helping the actors improve on their flaws.

It is a thing of concern that most people really think luck would fall on them one day and they would get richer than Dangote, others believe they need that high connection before they can become something in life, well I also thought this way too for a long time, until I realized that the only limitations we have in life are the ones we place on ourselves, I failed to realize that I am more powerful than I think, I believed that my tomorrow depended on someone and that one day I would meet that person, this was quite true because, your network puts you on track, but also you need to do the things that would drag success to you, a favorable wind only blows a ship that has direction, so only when you define what you want in life that things actually start working for you, once you make the utterance about what you want, you find out that over a thousand doors would open to meet that need, the only thing is can you identify these open doors?

When you wake up every morning, always have something positive on your mind, say a whole lot of positive things to yourself, even if situations are going bad, you would only make things better if you say that good encouraging thing to uplift your spirit, I believe that the best in everybody is yet to be seen, no matter how successful you are in life, you can even get better, our lives are limitless, where we are now is a stepping stone to where we are going, and our destination is still unknown, the fact of not knowing or not been able to define the future is so thrilling, I have set my sails, my ship is sailing to wealth, fame, and good things, I am living positive and my life has found a meaning.

Think positive,

Live positive.

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Friends are those group of people who believes so much in you, those who you share a lot with, a friend is one that stands by you in times of trouble, when things are looking good and when the worse happens, I have had a whole lot of friends in my life time because I am a very social person, I have seen a good variety of people, those who dust your shoes when they are in front of you, those that say only the best tings about you when they need a favour from you, friends sometimes could be your worse enemies as they can stab you where it really hurts.

I remember my growing up days, when i met my best friends, they came into my school in J.S 2, two brothers who would pass for friends anytime, they did everything together, they were inseparable, we met, introduced ourselves and as usual set out to play football, we had fun on our first day of acquaintance, they followed me home that day to know where I live. The next day we met in class and chose a seat in class that was almost joined so that we would always be able to pass small comments in class and disturb.(lol).

We got so close that after close of session, I would go over to visit for a few days as our families became familiar,then coincidentally they always sent Christmas near my house so we would always be together, for the celebration and those period was fun filled as we would tour round the town with our parents car which was apparently snuck out of the house, we knew we would get into trouble doing this but it didn’t matter much as we live just for the now to satisfy our immediate wants.

University days took us apart as I went to a different school, but that not withstanding I were always in contact, I remember one day in school,  just got in from lectures and I was really tired, I laid down to rest and all of a sudden my door burst open and i saw this two guys with traveling bags grinning sheepishly, I stood up in surprise and mustered “what are you doing here”. I knew they were supposed to be in school, they gave me an answer that if i were their parents I would smack the heaven out of them, we had no choice than to overcome the tiredness in me and gist at length with them. We talked and talked, went into town to relax as it was customary to do this, they would not only come alone they would come with an array of followers (lol),and it is my responsibility to take care of them , which means I have to sacrifice my weekly pay to feed them,(this is the part i hated the most), but I didn’t have a say because they would drive you nuts if you don’t give them what the want, they were impossible.

After school we still kept in touch and we always doing things as usual, it took us a while to take the bold step to getting something to do,we were satisfied with our regular life of grooving, until one of the three guys left for service and after that got a job, it dawned on us that it was time to step up, then my other friend left for Lagos, I went for service and when I came back they had stepped up, I was so happy because back in the days we fantasized about the future and now it’s coming real. This is real FRIENDSHIP and we just started, it would even get better.

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Stars are heavenly bodies that are unique in their own way, they have different characteristics and posses different powers, the stars all shine, but they have their different ways of shining, our lives must radiate different brilliance, there is a reason why people should be excited when they see you, because you an outstanding star, you have being designed to be an object of admiration. The moon, the star, the sun are so beautiful we want to understand how they work. If you would radiate and glow the full glory that God has destined for your life you would be an object of research, people should want to know what makes you shine, what is working for you, you are a model you were not designed for mediocrity, you were not designed for shame, rather you were designed for success, you are not destined for poverty, no matter what goes on today, you are meant to stand out, you are a marvel, because you are Gods product you are a masterpiece, you are Gods handiwork.

Most of us today live a mediocre life, we believe in excuses, we find an excuse for every situation, they refuse to take responsibility for their lives, I listened to a speaker who said that

a ship that has not set its sail will be thrown away by the prevailing wind

Most people don’t have direction for their lives, they don’t know where they are headed, most people draw their foundation on rough sheets, meanwhile magnificent structures are built on well laid out plans. Excuses are monuments for fools. We choose our future, people do not define what they want in life, they settle for the next thing that comes their way. The only limitations we have in life are those we place on ourselves, we accept defeat even before we venture, we fear to take risk; fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. We embrace poverty without trying to change our situation, we believe that our fore fathers have survived even under this condition, so we too can do it,.

Unless we paint a wild picture in our imaginations, we can never live it, dream dreams, get vision, loose your imagination, do the extra ordinary, say something’s that would make people feel you are proud. Dreams are made of unrealistic stuff, if it was reality it would not have been a dream, what makes it a dream is the fact that it is not yet a realitygo ahead and dream, be unrealistic, let your imagination fly, let loose. Make history in your brain, build skyscrapers in your imagination, be dissatisfied with where you are now, refuse to live in little, and do not give excuses for poverty, be outstanding in what you do, all stars differ from another, shine your shine. Accept the standard God has set for you, shoot for excellence, be outstanding. ITS IN YOU.

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My Naija, your Naija, Our Naija I have seen many instances when Nigerians openly refuse to be associated with the name, they openly deny their citizenship, they look forward to the slightest opportunity to leave the shores of their dear mother land, most of them sell their birthright to leave the country as most of them have lost confidence in the country, they confidently tell you that Nigeria would never find HER STAND , its painful to hear this and its brain smashing to learn that we are not proud of our colour, only recently Oprah winpfrey openly dissed Nigerians because of the less than 1% that dent the image of the country by their indecent acts and behaviors and also by the consistent fraud by the people we elect to pilot the affairs of our state, we are greeted every morning by the story of either one governor or a senator that stole money or they operates a foreign account and he somehow lost love with his host country, or stories of girlfriends or wives to these big shots stole money and was caught in the act, right before the election of 2007, the wife of the running of the president was caught in a financial scandal and all of a sudden we did not see or hear the end of the story, why because he is favoured by those who presume to hold the powers that be when it comes to our NAIJA, we have to wake up to our responsibility, this is our country, its time to take a stand, and its now, we dont want to let other know that we cannot control ourselves and that a few of the populous would take laws into their hands and do as it pleases them.

Taking a good look at those in power now, you would find out that over 99% of them have in one way or the other tasted power and in essence they are being re-cycled..stop take 5 seconds to think and look at those at the helm of affairs and you would see that somehow they were involved in decision making and then when they were there they did not do anything to deserve a second term so what they are doing is just imposing themselves on us.. for how long would we continue to bear this?……………….. for how long would we continue to bear this tyranny?……I was listening to a motivational speaker yesterday Niyi Adesanya and he said that by the year 2015 anybody seeking to be president would first have to sit in a debate with him(Niyi adesanya) and his friends and that would be the criteria to which they would be chosen to run for the race of PRESIDENCY of our great nation NIGERIA, well coincidentally that is exactly the view I have, as the person who wants to become the next president by 2015 would actually be a FULL MEMBER of the NEW NIGERIA CLUB and must stand by its values. He/She must have met the requirements of a NEW NIGERIAN, our values are:

P—Problem solvers



R—Role model

I— Integrity





These are all it takes to become the next president of this great country NIGERIA,

It is pertinent to note that we have taken our stand now and we intend to build a better Nigeria, if you have the privilege of reading this post.. Choose your stand now, and act wisely all the bad things we see today would never be in existence in the nearest future JOIN THE NEW NIGERIA TEAM,

MOVE NOWlight up another candle, and let us create a beautiful tomorrow. According to a story I heard a man saw a sign post which reads EAT BECAUSE YOUR GRAND FATHER HAS PAID He walked in and ate as much as he could and found it very difficult to stand up..then he summoned the guts to stand up and leave then the waiter stopped him and asked him to pay for the food.. he spoke out angrily and said..Why should I pay when my Grandfather has paid.The waiter told him that he does not have to pay for the food that he ate but he has to pay for the food his grand children would eat,..So let us pay for our grand children..It’s time we payits NOW.

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14th February is always a memorable date for youths and all those who believe in love, this day people buy presents in large quantities, most people patronize fast food outlets and there is always a long queue when you get into these outlets,

People use this opportunity to send goodwill messages to their loved ones and those who they care about, I am at the office today as usual and lots of mails to attend to not forgetting phone calls I have to receive and make. I was so busy I forgot what was going down today, 2 doors away from mine, I heard screams and when I looked I saw my colleague unwrapping a present sent to her from a friend, as if they let everything loose all at once, gifts came pouring in from different angles and it was a carnival of wrapping sheets, I had to take a break and look around, I then remembered that I had not gotten a present for my val, I immediately dashed into the elevator and hit the street, to my greatest surprise the whole road was painted love which I understand is the official colour for the day, notable figures were reporters going around asking people what they think about the day, cars driving fast and peeping into the rear seat you find a gift set or something obviously concealed under wrap sheet. I walked into the shopping mall and a bee hive of people in their youth shopping and the boost of sale was noticed in the confectionery stores and gift shops.

There was obviously a hike in prices of gifts and confectioneries I stop to think why this is very common during period of festivity.

I closed early today as we were given the opportunity to take today off and relax with those we love, driving back home I noticed that people were either rushing home or were seen at different joints drinking or eating, one thing remains certain that we all need love and if we can actually live together like this and exchange gifts, send goodwill messages to people who we care for, world would be a better place free of all social vices, free of pain free of sin, we all need love to survive and this is GODs greatest commandment love your neighbour as yourself I bet this world would blossom if we all share love.

I wish valentine day would be every day..OH I WISH!

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Osodi Joseph Chukwuekwu is a thorough professional with diverse
roles skill sets. He constantly combines the role of a Trainer, Writer, Project Coordinator,
Human Resources Expert, Business Development Consultant,
Networker and Patriot, he is a philanthropist and leader.

Today Osodi Joseph has grown the positive attitude of inspiring the youths
with particular interest in the Niger-delta, packaging seminars for students,public speaking,
mentorship and growth for corporate and business inclined,he spreads the message of a better
Nigerian via his blog Osodi Joseph is a pioneer member of the New
Nigeria Club and currently heads land and starcomms Deals Administration for the Club.

Osodi Joseph studied Geography and regional planning at Delta state university,Abraka
Delta State. He combines his human relationship and planning background
with people and organizational development. He began his career in
Generis Solutions as a deal administrator of the New Nigeria
Club and handles the most sought after deals due to his personal drive and committment.

Osodi Joseph is extremely Nigerian. Born in Delta state, at age 12 he represented Delta state in the annual close-up dental care competition held in Lagos
where he was second runner-up,he attended Delta State University Secondary School Abraka,
and was outstanding in the graduating class,
He proceeded to Delta state university where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Geography and regional planning,
until graduation, he was the Social director of the departmental executive,and course coordinator,
He was the chairman local organizing committee for the Final year graduation dinner.
He is a member of the Nigerian institute of management (MNIM),
and has taken courses in functional training in Team Effectiveness,Memo Writing, E-Marketing,Time/Life Management, Peachtree,
Negotiation, People and Communication Skills, Business Development,
and project management,and has organized art exhibitions.


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Growing up in Delta state was an exciting experience, I enjoyed every bit of those days, those early school days,when we would rush to seat in front of the car, when we first had our television set, and when my parents bought our first VCR, I also remember when my parent always bought our Christmas costumes which is usually first week of November, then it was a period of real excitement, we would not let our friends come into our apartment when our parents arrive from the market.

Then I remember the Christmas celebration when we come from church, eat sumptuous meals, exchange presents, then we visit our friends and look out for the little cash which to us then was a whole lot of cash, we did many things this period also like playing with fire crackers,(bangers), the fire sprinkler(Bisco), the camp fire we set up to warm the breezy evening, then we sit beside it to tell stories and pray morning never comes.

Finally it’s the Christmas and we wake up early excited about our outfits, rush into the bath tubs and shower hurriedly in order to wear our costumes on time as everything we did was always a race, we get to church and we can hardly concentrate on the preaching as all we want is to show off our brand new stuffs, we rush out of the church without even bothering about the congregations impression about our behavior, all we care about is the fun of the day.

Then it dawns on us that school resumes in 1 week and we can hardly locate our books as our bags are scattered about in the room, we then recover from our euphoria as the day closes in on resumption, its time to get back to seriousness, to proper reading, it’s the period to sustain focus and to bring our mind to productivity, I was love the season of holiday, when all I do is play and play and our parents have to chase us all in =side to read and attend our holiday classes.

I don’t know how you enjoyed your childhood? But mine was very fantastic, I wish I could have it back for 1 week, I would re-write the script and make amends to enjoy better as now I know more ways to do that.

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Looking through time, I realize it keeps ticking, many people don’t see things coming they take things as they see I, they do not take risks, no matter how big, they are scared of loosing, they cannot dare, they don t take initiative, they are not realistic, perception is real, it is not what is real that matters, it is how it’s perceived, you can create a big picture of what things would look like in the future, the fact that it has a good perception,

Create ideas on solid grounds, big structures are not drawn on rough sketches, you need to have a well laid plans to define your life, regardless of the fact that u don’t meet your target, just paint a plan and draw out the idea, magnificent buildings are not drawn on rough papers rather professionals design them, get laid out plans for the future. Brainstorm how and what you need for your life. I tell a story of 2 frogs that lost their accommodation, they wandered from one town to another in dire search of a conducive habitat, until suddenly they saw  a pool of water and then the small frog exhaled loudly, happy that they have found a habitat, just as it was ready to jump into the water, the big frog held it back, seeing what was happening, the small frog, looking furious asked why he said they have been looking for water and now they have found a home, the big frog looked at it and said yes this is a big water if we jump inside now how do we come out? Think about the repercussions of the actions you want to take, think of a backup plan, reality is as you get closer, everything becomes real. It is known that mud houses are synonymous with rough sketches, while magnificent building are gotten from thoroughly thought out plans, quality of your building defines quality of your planning

Preparation : the best preparation for tomorrow is a today well spent, the best thing you can do to get a good tomorrow, is to plan your today effectively make sure that today is well done, if you want to be a writer, prepare yourself, whatever you  think you want to do, spend time on it, preparation,  Be prepared always study, readers are leaders someone who cannot read and someone who would not read are the same, research about the wealthy, they spend greater part of their life reading, so develop your mind.

Relationships is one of the things that would take you farther in life, your network is your networth, you are as powerful as your network, today it is who you know, who knows you and what they know you for, cause on the day you might need recommendation you might need someone, I have meet so many people in my life and I am enjoying i

Nothing is this life is free everything has a price, there is always a period of time just stick with your dream, don’t settle for anything just because in your dreams. Don’t sell your dream for less, people settle for less because they don’t have a purpose for themselves, plan, and prepare, do not let go of your dream.

If I may ask, what is your greatest fear?  It is not that you are inadequate, but it is just that you are powerful beyond all measure, your darkness does not threaten you, rather your light intimidates you, the only limitations you have is you, until you remove the studs on your leg, you can never move, until you get tired of your situation, you would not progress.

Believe in you.


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