Today, I got to the office and picked up a newspaper, flipped through the pages to the stock market page, I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw my stock gaining; it’s so good to know that the market has picked up again and investors have a reason to smile.

But even at this, there are a few people that did not take my advice to buy when the bear was around, they were reluctant to believe in the future coming of the bull, they never saw it necessary to invest, knowing full well that the time to invest is always when prices are down, it is normal that the market would not stay like that forever, and as the Federal government made some policies to favour the stock market, the bull approaches and they wish they bought then. The market is growing again and experts predict that it would be sustainable.

Most banking stocks are growing again and also Food and beverage. On the gainers chart as at 01/09/2008, Total topped gaining as high as N11.07, Nestle follows with N9.42. Oando gained N6.36. In the banking sector, First bank gained N1.45, followed by UBA gaining N1.43. The insurance sector is still a penny sector as even when volumes are traded daily, the prices still crawl.

The loosers list saw Guiness topping closely followed by AGLeventis, Fidelity bank recorded a loss too.

Hope has come again, and investors perceive a season of abundance, although it is coming slow and most investments now should be planned for near long term, between 7 to 12 months and ignore the quick rich syndrome. You would make it ……

See you on top.

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