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It was Wednesday evening and I got a call from a friend whom I had always wanted to meet all these months, we first made contact last year June to be precise then I was still in my National service year and I was preparing myself for the future as I had vowed that I would not go back home after service, I got a reply to one of my application and since then I had taken interest as the person took interest in return, she replied all my mails on time and gave me first class information on how I would go about the application, she even demanded my CV, so as to help me.

I called her several times to confirm the status of the application but all the time she told me that I would soon get the invitation, many times I felt I was never going to be invited because I had no experience in the aviation sector and they require a minimum of 2 years experience, but since she has a vital position in the company, I knew my chances were good, I kept in touch for a long time and the promise was good. Finally I finished my service and went back home, thinking about the vow I made and wondering how I would meet up with my words; I stayed home for a month and was still keeping in touch.

I took up the courage to leave the city and move to where I would get opportunities in excess and then we didn’t communicate for a while but I still believed in me that some day we would meet and sort the job issue. Then I got a job in a consulting firm, where I was doing really well and I made a call to my friend and she told me that she has switched jobs and she is now in the oil and gas sector, I was so overwhelmed, I arranged a meeting…I mean we ought to see, switching from a good job to a better job…….

Finally we met…..and she was exactly what I thought she would be very serious, good looking and career oriented, we talked over a good meal and she was impressed how far and I had gone in a short time, she was astonished and I made a good impression of what I have learnt in a short time. Actually, I met someone who over the months has been a source of encouragement, she told me that nothing can be done without hardwork; she made me realize that God first and any other thing comes next, I met with someone who got close from a distance and took interest in helping a stranger………….

I wish all Nigerians would be like her….Then we would have a better Nigeria.

Dedicated to you…..R.


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Today, I went all out to spread information on one of the private placements going on, telling a few of people that would be interested in investing, I had a small meeting with my boss yesterday and he was telling me about the necessity for doing serious work especially out of the office, I can still do it inside but for a wider reach it is necessary.

Today I got to the office wondering how I was going to do it, knowing I’m not really good going out, but I had to try as the incentives is far from a joke. I tried to discourage myself as it started raining, I told myself just chill let the guys on field do the job…….but on a second thought how much is at stake.

I hit the market, went to a friend and as I told him, he took his cheque book and invested, I remembered that limiting yourself would only hurt you, I went somewhere else and the same thing happened and I was so fascinated about what I did, then I called a firm who trades the same commodity and to my surprise they had not heard about it, so he showed interest and promised to make a few calls that he would back to me, I thought in my heart that what I just did was because I had challenged myself to make a point..

There are numerous opportunities out there of us to capitalize on but due to some reason which obviously has to do with our limiting ourselves, Continue reading


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Again, we see defeat……who, you may ask? Chelsea..after a long wait to smell the air of the finals of the most prestigious tournament in football history, the UEFA Champions league. I sat home alone watching the tension soaked match between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The match started on a low note as the players fought to touch the ball, Manchester united held on for a long time and then in the 25th minute of play Christiano Ronaldo converted a Wes Brown cross into his 24th goal of the season, sparking off fire in the game, Chelsea came out of their shell and regained possession, playing with passion, Micheal Ballack held on the chains of the mid field and spread passes through the field. We saw a tough match until the stroke of half time when Frank Lampard trashed in a deflected ball to put Chelsea on level terms before the break, He celebrated his goal looking up to the skies in honour of his late mother. Continue reading

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People define cheating differently. Some people define it as an emotional act as well as a physical act and others just define it as a physical act.
That topic alone can cause some issues in a relationship if both parties define cheating differently.
So, in order to eliminate obstacles that may later come into play it’s always best to make certain you know how the other person in the relationship defines something like that.
Although it’s not pertinent that couples are exactly alike, there are obviously some important areas in a relationship which help uplift it rather than hinder it. And this type of topic can be one of those things.
Truthfully, I believe that it’s difficult to keep the romance alive and a relationship on a positive note if you’re unable to work in unity with your spouse. Especially if one of you defines cheating in one way and the other defines cheating in another way.
Usually, physical cheating is what we all refer to as cheating. It’s a general consensus, so it’s emotional cheating that can be the real culprit behind ruining a great relationship.

What exactly is Emotional Cheating?
Well there are different levels of emotional cheating, but let’s discuss the most significant forms of emotional cheating…

1) Lying by Omission
Some women consider cheating to be a secret that is kept from them. For instance, their spouse has a dinner date with another woman, but doesn’t bother to mention it.
Whether this situation is considered cheating depends on the relationship you have with your partner and the type of friendships you have outside of your partnership.
Since the pendulum can swing either way it’s best to make certain you both see eye-to-eye before it ever happens (if it ever does). Maybe you don’t think it’s important to mention it because it doesn’t mean anything and mentioning it would give it more weight than it’s worth, but it’s best not to assume something like that but to talk it over instead. Continue reading


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It’s another week again and the stock market is doing well, it is surprising to note that IAA shares has done exactly 100% since it’s private placement. well serious activity still goes on in the stock market as capitalization closed yesterday at N12.16 trillion, all share capital index as 62,711in 15,978 deals valued at 12.627 billion. Top of the gainers chart is Okomu oil which sells for N30.45, closely followed by RT Brisceo at N24.38, UBA gained too and is selling for N63.94.

Topping the losers chart is Dangote flour loosing 5% to close at N28.12, followed by UACN selling at 28.55, ASL closed at N17.76, CCNN closed at N17.70. Surprising NAHCo lost to close at N26.00. Airservice currently sells for N18.91, No significant trading took place in Academy press as the closing price is N18.19 and this means the publishing sector has not been active for a while, UPplc has gained N1 and this has been as a result of huge volume they traded last week.

The market promises to do well this month so just keep your heads and ears in the market and buy.

See you on top.

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“Small hinges swing big doors”

I don’t know where I heard this phrase for the first time, but I am so sure that after a few months driving the new Nigeria course and the subtle change the introduction of a new section had in the running of the club, I have found it very difficult to get these words out of my head. I write this post just coming out from a breath taking meeting, My boss just returned from Dubai where he has been for almost a week now,……..Good news I know you must be expecting…….well not to keep you waiting so long.

Today marks the beginning of a set of new things in our lives as a whole of opportunities would be coming out for people to invest in…..In my last post I told you about the Investment and allied assurance private placement that we sold in March and the progress since its listing on Friday 9th of May, well more good news to those that took part in the deal, the share has already done 100% and there are potentials for more as the price would do more on the high side.

The pioneers of New Nigeria club took just a bold step to including investment opportunities to the benefits members would enjoy and it has been doing well, I get calls from people outside the country who did not partake in the previous deals, they all want to invest as opportunities open….the introduction of investment section has tipped financial intelligence among members.

People have so much money but nothing to invest in, the knowledge of what they would be interested in would only he defined to them by a reliable source, that is what we have decided to do now that would swing the doors we need in the right directions. Knowledge is power….how much do you know and how much of the relevant things would take you to your destination? You need to be rightly informed.

If you are reading this post now please do not hesitate to contact me as regards investing in the Nigeria stock market…Geo-fluid marine is selling its private placement now and for as low as N5.60 and a minimum of 50,000 units… so you too can take advantage of this big opportunity as it do extremely well when listed.

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The stock market has been witnessing a slow running for a while as most stocks has been inactive but we are drawing into the bull era again, we can see how stocks are doing only few days into this month, Investment and allied assurance which private placement was sold last March was listed in the stock market on Friday for N1.30K and most people were not happy with the price but within 4 days the price gained with about 20kobo and there are still prospects for this company, I went to my stockbroker yesterday to seek for more units but I would told that there are no more for sale as everyone is holding back to what they have. Also I was looking on the current price of share on the online site and I found out that Bagco bag that was sold in IPO last year, now sells for N8……what a gain…I wish I bought!

Lets look into the printing and publishing sector, and airline sector.

AIRSERVICE has for long no experienced activity in the sector as the price has remained stagnant at N19.20 but its all time high is N20 and there is still room for improvement, only 43 deals took place here, NAHCo is doing well at N26 and with about 120 deals and over 823,000 units traded, its highest price is put at N27.80 which makes it an investors hope if large volumes are traded.

The publishing sector has been dormant for a long time as only small units have been traded in this sector, let us look at University press which is currently selling for N12 and its all time high is N12.50, it would take a long term investor to buy into this, Longman press also has a slow movement as it currently sells for N24.94k and has its highest margin at N26 and just 57,354 units sold. Academy press sells for N11.76 and its highest price is N12 but there are still prospects if you intend long term investment.

Disregard what these sectors are doing now as this month of may would witness a bullish effect and people who want to sell would soon make it, private placements would take place this month. Also watch out for Unilever, Eterna oil and Nahco this month as they would do well. There is money in the air due to the budget approval and its passing into law and the accompanying disbursement of funds to government agencies for implementation of projects; expect contractors, exporters and importers to have access to more funds which would find their way into the stock market.

Stay in touch.

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………….those steps are worth considering as they would create an inner you that knows only thorough investment and if you start investing now especially in stocks and shares. Again I must let tell you that living beneath your means does not in any way makes you tight handed as people would think”.

What you invest today may guarantee you a good future tomorrow and what predicts your future is your today well planned, here are the concluding steps for creating wealth.

6. Wear it out: In the consumer nation that we live in taking Nigeria as an example, we often throw things away long before their useful life is over. Many Nigerians buy the latest cars without using their former cars for up to a decade. Well-built cars have a running life of more than a decade, and by using them until they are worn out, you save thousands of Naira compared to buying a new one every few years.

7. Use it up: A portion of household wastes 14% of its food purchases. Of this, 15% is food that hasn’t expired and has never been opened. People should buy what they need and can finish before it goes bad.

8. Repair: When something breaks, many times the initial reaction is to replace the item. By learning how to make simple repairs yourself, you can save hundreds of Naira each year. Many products can be repaired easily, and an investment in a repair book (or one borrowed from the library) can pay for itself many times over.

9. Try homemade: In a nation of convenience, we have often have lost the ability to make things ourselves. Eating at home vs. dining out is a good example, but you can take it even a step further. Look at the difference of eating pre-made processed foods and making your own meals from scratch. Not only is it healthier, it will make your food budget last a lot longer.

10. Do without: We all believe that we need many more things than we really do. Take a few seconds to look in your closet, and storage spaces. Most of that stuff sitting in there is stuff that you bought that you never needed. Use the simple  wait-a-week — if you want to buy something, wait a week, and if you still want it after that time period, then you can buy it — which can help you avoid purchasing those things that you really don’t need or want.

Try these steps and see how you can save a whole of money for yourself and if you invest this cash into stocks and other sectors to generate income for you, then you are on your way to the top.


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Wealth creation has a standard formula which has been proven for many years, the Laws of attraction brings to you what you want in life, whatever you set your mind on the universe which is the unseen force would bring it to you, also over time there is an extremely simple formula that has worked for generations: live beneath your means and invest the difference. This is a simple formula that everyone should adhere to , while it takes much effort and discipline to live beneath your means, doing this would enable you achieve your financial goals within the shortest possible time, also it would help you avoid debts and inconveniences that comes with it.

Most people will think that living beneath your means is the same things as being tight with money and being able to purchase the things you need, you just need to be frugal i.e taking great care in all the things you do and control your spending. Spend on what you really need and not what you want.

Take Warren Buffet, world’s richest man for example, he can afford to buy any house he wants in the world but since 1958 he has lived in the same house he purchased for $31,500 in Omaha Neb. He can afford any house he desires but that is not important to him. Buffets frugal ways are not the sole reason for his riches. Although many people would not agree with this but It would work if only we try these formula.

1. Borrow: This is not money, but products that you are unlikely to use more than a few times. Before you buy, ask yourself if it’s possible to borrow the item you need. Many items such as books and language tapes all can be borrowed from your local library at no cost. A neighbor may have the tool you need that you know you’ll need to use only on rare occasion. Borrowing, when appropriate, can save a large amount of money.

2. Buy used: While there are some rare exceptions, you are almost always better off financially buying used rather than new. Whether it’s the books that you read or the cars that you drive, the price falls quite a bit the second that the item leaves the retail store. Today, with the Internet making the world smaller, it is easier than ever to find virtually anything that you need used. Getting into the habit of purchasing pre-owned products will save you thousands of dollars a year.

3. Never pay retail price: Before you purchase something, take the time to compare prices. If you do this when you do need to buy something new, you’ll never pay full retail price. With rare exceptions, a bit of price comparing can save you at least 20% and often much more on virtually any product or service. This is especially important on big-ticket items such as cars, home electronics and appliances. Doing so can mean hundreds of dollars or more in savings.

4. Forget brand-name products: Brand-name products — whether it’s food, clothing or anything else — have a premium price for the image they have created through advertising. You are paying the premium price for that image, not necessarily for a better product. Whether you have a $2,000 watch on your wrist or a $20 watch, chances are they both perform the function of telling you time pretty much the same.

5. Use credit only when you have money: If you believe that credit cards are for when you don’t have money, you are more likely to be a slave to debt. It’s important to use credit cards to your advantage, instead of having them be a financial liability. You should use credit cards only when you have enough money in your savings account to pay them off in full each month. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t be using them.

to be continued…………….


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Today was a busy day, remembering what happened yesterday evening when someone bashed my friends car, we were having a good time after church and a drunk man smashed the bumper and broke the rear lights, we stayed up negotiating repairs with the man. Finally he agreed to fix the car.

I woke up tired as I didn’t get enough sleep, I rushed out to attend our regular Monday meetings  and on getting to the office , the man that hit the car called and  asked us to come  to his apartment and on getting there the man was on taking drinks and still slurring, he talked and apologized, signed a cheque and we left, on getting to the office, I rushed into the meeting to join them, my colleague who was in charge of operations, took us with strict hands and I was so surprised although it was in him to behave this way, I was not exempted from his stricking hammer, he made sure there was thoroughness  and fairness in todays analysis,

I looked at the situation and found out that responsibility brings out the leadership quality in everyone and there is always something to that tells you when to exercise it. I saw another person that was so disciplined. Although people took it hard as there was a financial incentive attached to it, so it was raising dust all around.

I left the office to finalize issues on the deals, as I left the office I met with people who had a whole load of issues for my attention, I did this for over an hour and left the office headed  for the property company. I was going to make payment for land and it was so surprising to see that with all the preaching going around for investing in real estate, people still pull out their funds from what in the nearest future would yield them millions, I wonder why people look at the now, and forget the future, they forget the millions they would make tomorrow, I am always feel very upset when someone calls and wants to opt out of the real estate deal, but the people who take the risk now would end up so wealthy in future, so if you are reading this blog and you want to pull out…………please hang on cos its worth the wait….

Hold on………..

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