NIGER DELTA–a cursed blessing.

My land is on fire; my people are on the run, where do I call home? my future is blank,  bullets fall on our roofs like rain drops; life has become a living nightmare……..”

…… the cry of a young boy from the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. One of the dailies reads “100 feared dead as oil war enters second day.” Fighting continues in the poor area of the oil rich Niger Delta as militants attack Dutch giants shell facility with dynamite. Operation Hurricane Barbarossa an oil war declared by the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta. This is a result if the negligence of the area by the Federal Government over the years.

The war started on Sunday and since then, there has been no rest as the federal Government has deployed armored personnel carriers and more troops. Reports have described the oil war between MEND and the troops of the task force as the heaviest ever. The streets of Port-Harcourt are heavily guarded by police men with machine guns, and armored tanks, check points are seen within every 3 minutes drive.

MEND warned that no vessel should sail into the Niger Delta, as any one that violates the order would be blown off. This apparently led to the gun duel between the militants and the soldiers which lasted for over 1 hour, the battle was fierce as the soldiers claimed most of the militants lost their lives and the crossfire would have led to the fire in the shell facility. The militants used dynamites and bombs to fight the army.

I ask questions, where do we go from here? What are we fighting for? Who is responsible for all these behaviors? We can live in peace, take for instance the rich oil filled Middle East where the war is between the foreign forces, the case here in Nigeria is different, and we are fighting ourselves, killing ourselves while the inhumane ones that mastermind these operation lavish in excess luxury, we sit back and count our loss.

Innocent soldiers have lost their lives in the senseless fight, are we really fighting for our dear Niger Delta, or for the pockets of the selfish millionaire who sit on excess wealth. Most of these politicians engage in illegal bunkering across the creeks of the Niger Delta. So who is fighting who? Those who make money from illegal bunkering, also sign the death warrant of innocent soldiers forcing them to war with militants, Lives are lost daily, people mourn…

Lets pray for our dear Niger Delta…..the neglect is sadden but the approach to restoring the decay is bad,….

Wake up…..before we destroy ourselves……and destroy the geese that lays the golden egg.

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