How would you say that education is considered as one of the ingredients towards one’s success as what many people say? Perhaps, an average man who have been imparted with enough knowledge during his schooling days, elders who have been experience rise and fall in life, graduates who have been finished their degrees in tertiary, and most of all, successful persons who have been adored and well-respected because of their triumph in life– these people can definitely speak more about how important education really is.

Like what the phrase stated, “Education is the key to success”. It means that every individual, rich or poor, capable or incapable, skillful or unskillful, ugly or beautiful, whoever and whatever in life, as long as he existed, he needs to prioritize first education.

Education can be gradually obtained by entering and accomplishing one at a time the levels of education: primary, secondary and tertiary education. In our society, wherein poverty had never totally disappeared from its existence, parents almost believe that education is all that really matters at the end. In fact, the best thing that parents could actually give to their sons and daughters is education, right? Most parents are wishing to send their children to school. On the other hand, why is our government sincerely gives importance to the aspect of education?

Indeed, most countries have allotted a large amount of budget of their national budget to education. But why? Aren’t you wondering? Well, let’s consider the two main importance of education.

First, it is true that education is the key to success. As man grew, there are a lot of careers wait for him. These careers only classified into two, a career for betterment and a career for worst. Nevertheless, the only way to gain a better life in the rear future is to acquire a better career. Moreover, this could only be possible once the right decision is applied. To sum it up, education, as a key to success is the better thing one should acquire for in life.

Second, a society’s existence, survival, sovereignty, and independence, always depends on its people because they are the one who dictates their economy. What if people in one society are mostly illiterate and uneducated? How would this society appear to be? This ignorance, undeniably, may lead to a poor and a phrase of society’s growth and development.

So, as a conclusion, we, as a productive citizen and man power of our country, should be responsible enough to value education.


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  2. damilola balogun

    Well spoken

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