NOKIA C3, Social media is born

Guys, looking at the above pictures you would no doubt admire the luxury that is about to hit the market, the NOKIA C3 is a must have, not only because it is from a trusted brand but because the target market which is you and I would want an active social media/messaging life, I sit down to work and my colleague Yvonne pings by the second and as vibrant socialist who seriously wants to be in constant connect with friends far and wide, this has become an epidemic and the rate service operators charge is gradually tearing holes into her pocket, well it would be good to know that the NOKIA C3 has all the functions and even more at a much cheaper cost and subscription, I wonder what would happen to the majority of those waiting and saving to own a BB, the time is now, brace up cos its only getting better.

Also the news has been around the BB and countries are soon gonna clamp down on the device. When she saw the phone with me, she actually is planning to drop hers and buy the new NOKIA C3. The price is a factor and the services awesome, chatting from the homepage without necessarily going through all the process, helps a lot for those who value fun and wants so much. Instant messaging at its best, getting so much for so less, and getting value for it,

Our messaging device range is very successful Nokia’s Head of Markets speaks “Services that provide easy access to the world’s consumer and corporate email and instant messaging are really popular on our QWERTY smart phones such as the Nokia E71 and Nokia E63. People want the best messaging and social networking experience on an affordable device, whether it’s sending a simple text or instant message, an email, or a direct message from their Twitter account. The Nokia C3, is made for just that.” 

The Nokia C3 is the first device to bring a full QWERTY keyboard to the world’s most popular mobile phone platform – Series 40 – and is the first in the range to enable access to social networks directly on the homescreen. People can view, comment, update their status and share pictures to their favorite social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

At an estimated price of about N20,000, the Nokia C3 also comes with Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat, meaning first time users can set up email and chat accounts straight from the device, without the need for a PC. Other notable features are the Wi-Fi connectivity, a two megapixel camera, rich color 2.4 inch screen and support for up to an 8GB memory card. The Nokia C3 is expected to be available soon in shops near you in a variety of appealing colors, including golden white, slate grey and hot pink.


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16 responses to “NOKIA C3, Social media is born

  1. Aminat

    Lovely insight on Nokia, i’m impressed Joseph

  2. Stephen

    I love this piece mate, so you mean I can buy for my family cos the price is good and subscription rocks, thats why I love Nokia

  3. Grace

    1k a month, hmmmm I guess your freind Yvonne would love this…lol

  4. Pamfad

    Pls halla at net when this hit nigeria market… really can’t wait to have mine

  5. Lovely Phone, I have one and even when I wished for more, I till appreciate it. teh features are cool, but BB still is ahead…well I own one and I love it.

  6. jayz

    Please Joseph, how much is MTN selling Nokia C3?

  7. monica

    Please lemme know when this hits the market…can I get it from ikeja computer village or only mtn is selling it? Is it 20k in mtn office or in d market…I want to buy 2,a pink one and a black one…

    • Hello Monica, The Nokia C3 is available in shops close to you, visit any trusted dealer and get your copy, the Phone would sell for N25,000 retail price. MTN does not sell the phone. Good luck on your purchase and hope you enjoy the phone

  8. afolabi

    u can get the c3 nokia at any nokia store or even slot,the current price at slot is 24,000 naira.

  9. Thompson

    how i wish we could chart with those on BB- ”PINGING I mean” to keep the flow on cos i have lots of BB friends


    your concept is very nice i appreciate it so much.
    please could you please tell me the prize of nokia c3-01 and c3 currently

    • Hello Godswill, thanks for dropping by, and your comment, the recommended selling price for the C3 is N20,000, contact your authorised dealer for the price list

  11. Waltedon

    Has the price reduced

  12. I will buy c3 for my wife

  13. st

    Dear Sir,

    please what is the selling price opf nokia C3 and E5.

    Thank you.

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