09-09-09 Today

Thanks to everyone for the comments and good will, it really helped put me back on track. I must thank those from Blogged who stopped by, it really meant a lot to me. Today is a great day filled with so much a day to celebrate the new things in life, today 09-09-09 very beautiful to behold, only a few day ago I would have missed this day as I wrote about 08-08-08, I praise God that I am so alive to see this beautiful day.

Superstition has it that today holds some spiritual undertone, well for those who believe in the mark of …. I don’t but rather I strive to enjoy any day on earth knowing that it would never come again, where ever you are and what ever you do, stop for a while and say a big thank you to God for keeping you alive to see this day and set your mind to better things in future as whatever you conceive you would definitely achieve, your today is a reflection of your tomorrow as the decisions you make today would define your path for tomorrow.

Still on a bitter note, an icon of struggle in Nigeria, a man regarded by many as a constructive critic for better governance, Gani Fawehinmi has died. The Iroko tree fell after months of strong battle with Lung Cancer at the age of 71 on the 5TH of September. This iconic Nigerian was a civil right lawyer, politician, publisher, author and an outspoken critic of corrupt and unfair government. He stood up when others were too shy to talk, he barked when others feared for their lives. He did well on the poll of living legends and at death I am hoping his ranking would go up. I am so sure all those who ruled during Gani’s ripe years would miss the voice stronger than any voice. This is an example of an Icon…Those who lived for others. We would surely miss you.

It is time for me to comment on the woeful performance of the drowning eagles of Nigeria, who after the entire boast they flopped on own soil to the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia. I would say flop because the stadium was filled with supporters whose hopes were dashed after the game ended 2-2. the Eagles I learnt were still paid $10,000 match winning bonus, this they claimed was to encourage them to win their remaining matches, well this was done in Tunis when they drew and again they have been paid the same sum, who are they fooling? Can they be punished at least a little for them to see the need to win? They don’t look like they want to play in the world cup, well good for me as it saves me the excess adrenalin rush whenever these Eagles play.

Guys please free yourselves from torment anytime these Eagles play. Just enjoy the lose or win which ever one comes. To end, please treasure today make a commitment to stay honest, always be grateful and know success is not an accident.

See you on top.

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One response to “09-09-09 Today

  1. C

    Oh, Farewell to Gani Fawehinmi… I do not know him…but how you described him is enough for me to feel that he is one great man.

    I like how you begin each post…beautiful words, inspiring..got me reminded that waking up each morning is enough to be thankful..

    BTW, I would like to thank you for the comment you left on my post… It’s overwhelming..
    Keeps me going.


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