Hello everyone, welcome to another great month and hope your expectations for this month and the rest of the year are really high because what you desire is actually what you get. I was at Nigerian Breweries yesterday as part of my programme with Insight communications. Nigerian Breweries is one of the biggest accounts the agency has and we have built the product to a brand that has been around for years.

I had a fun time yesterday with my friends although the experience in Nigerian Breweries was not what I expected; I pardon them owing to the fact that they make alcohol so just maybe a few of them were “hi” on their own produce. I got into the office today and went straight to one of the social sites to grab a bit of gossip as that what most youth do there…lol. What struck me most was that the buzz created by Koko mansion is still floating around, I heard a few guys call D’banj names, most of them say he was just short of what to do and thought he could just play chics, other claim he is looking for a wife since he has had too many hot chics.

Others threw big blows at the organizers of the first show of that kind in Nigeria, and the comment that fascinated me most was when one said “the organizers are just a bunch of confused people that are short of ideas, they should learn from those who packaged Gulder ultimate search, AMBO, the Apprentice Africa. An irony, the same set of people who packaged all these so much talked about TV shows, did Koko mansion. Well people would always talk. A friend asked me why those girls were selected. That they expected highly intellectual girls and we brought a whole lot of dull cheerleaders for the event, well the idea was for viewers to have a picture of the ideal Nigerian Lady who can combine all the roles and still make a good wife. I guess I’m wrong but people were expecting to see a maths contest, or maybe they needed them to pick books and read then have a presentation. Lol.

Guys this is the first show of its kind in Nigeria and although people feel comfortable comparing it with the “bachelorette” that is so not the idea. Sheath all your swords and hail the organizers for a good job and also pardon any fault, the next season promises to be better.

I know a few of my readers would wonder why I’m writing this way, well a colleague of mine, just dissed me that from his perspective, my pattern of writing would not encourage people to read(well coming from a guy that is extremely difficult to please—I would have to ……),  I argued that blogging is meant for you to share your views on happenings, while most people blog about motivation and self development, others blog about fun and news, for all those who frown at my writing style, I want you to know that Josephekwu’s weblog contains musings of a young enthusiastic 9ja dude, sharing his views on anything new, worth sharing and what would certain develop you, well most times too you laugh out loud.a

I would welcome all your comments on how to serve you better.

Chukwudi Ejezie please note.


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8 responses to “ON A LIGHTER NOTE – Vol. 1

  1. Books for self development would be of great help to anyone that’s why people are buying them.
    Good insight though. Keep it going.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    I have not really caught any of the Koko Mansion series, however, I know that anything reality will catch on. The whole point of these programmes is to generate talk. I think it’s doing just that.

    Nice one.
    God bless.

    • Yes the whole essence was to entertain the audience, and if there are over 300 comments about this show, then sure it achieved its purpose.

      Thanks a lot for visiting and dropping a comment, it means a lot to me.

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  4. Wow! Its imposible… I’m realy shocked :/

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  7. Haha, wow. I checked that link out, but after a lot of googling, i found a better one. I think these exploited college girls are much cuter. 🙂

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