Hello friends, its been a bad weekend for me and I know I should have written about this a long time ago, but hey circumstances would not allow me do so, I regret it terribly but thank God I am alive to continue blogging and keep tabs of all my fans and blog mates.

While it lasted I felt that it was the end of my sweet and fun filled life, the whole events in my life flashed through my brain in a second and I knew that life is the best thing anyone can ever enjoy. I meant to write about my trip to Kishi with my colleagues but guess this is most important as it is an experience I would never forget in a hurry.

I left the office after a hard days job at about 7.10pm and strolled out of the car park to grab a cab to Troyka to meet with a friend, on my way there I made a detour because the gate was shut and opted for the other gate, but it was also locked at this time the guy was getting so furious, and as I paid him he zoomed off even when I begged him to wait for me to check the gate, well I couldn’t care less as I would still make it there anyway. I decided to look for another bike that would lead me through another route but by this time it was pretty dark but the thought of anything negative never crossed my mind as I was in GRA(Government Reserved Area) for heavens sake. As I waited I walked down planning a good weekend with my babe and how to get my groove on, I remembered my colleagues talking about a movie that is a must watch and immediately I included it in plan for the weekend, I also longed to eat home made salad and as I had just gotten some cash I felt it was a good time to get my fantasies alive.

Then all of a sudden a noticed two guys walking straight towards my direction, at first I didn’t think much cos it is a residential area and people who went to work would be returning at about this hour. I tried to walk out of their path but they followed and at this time there were very close to me, the next thing I saw was a gun right in front of me, at first as a real Delta boy my instinct was to engage them, but he whispered aloud, “don’t try anything stupid, just raise up your hands and drop all you have on the ground. I thought for second this was a big joke, but then the other guy drew out his gun and I knew that men this day would certainly be remembered for long well only if I make it out alive.

I held on to my bag which had my laptop, ATM cards and Cheque books, documents and other personal stuffs, I knew that I had so much in it so I struggled with them for a while but he put the cold metal right in front of me, I gave up the struggle and gave them the bag, then the greed of man set in, he started empting my pockets looking for maybe phones and money well he succeeded as he made away with over N20,000 that I had on me for my weekend..(man suppose enjoy)

As he took the cash, the other guys on riding the bike moved closer to me and said aloud “search am well well see as him dress sef, e go get money” and the guy intensified the search but lucky me a car entered the road which was at that time were quiet, lonely and deserted, this was a mirage to me as building in GRA did not have security lights and even if they did, PHCN would not make matters easy as they had to light to power them, but they had generating sets so why did they allow this because if there was light this stuff wouldn’t have happened. They saw the light and they hurried out away ordering me to go into the gutter and I shouldn’t look at them I felt very pissed because I had just lost my most precious toy and it hunts me a lot, but I wrote a statement in the police station (I wish they would ever get it back, our same police) they mount road blocks at places where the robbers don’t pass and intentionally avoid their paths.

LESSONS LEARNT I learnt that life is so precious that everyday you live on earth is worth celebrating and we should appreciate God at every point in life. What would I be saying now if they had shot at me? Never walk about at odd hours no matter the area you are, cos there is no safe place in Nigeria. Treasure life and know that you are lucky living. Please all those willing to offer me a laptop as a sympathy gift should call me please…lol


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15 responses to “MY DARKEST FRIDAY

  1. Jo, you need to see how i was staring intently at the computer as i read this piece. I thought i was watching a movie, this is prepostrous to say the least. You mean this our Ikeja GRA is this unsafe?
    In all we thank God for keeping you safe bro.

  2. Man, it is still a shocker to me..
    Please warn anybody around you to leave GRA once its dark.

    Thanks bro…better days ahead.

  3. Alero Akporiaye

    Ekwu sorry to hear about that. I am grateful that you survived and God kept you safe.

    You would get all back.

  4. So sorry to read of your experience with armed robbers. In all, I agree that we ought to thank God more than we ask. Good to read that you have taken a positive attitude which can only enrich you.

    Nice narration. Stay blessed.

  5. Thanks a lot for your comments;
    @Alero I appreciate your stopping by, thanks for your words.

    @Babajide its so nice hearing from you, Thank you for the complement. I can only stay positive as this would help me come over it.
    I appreciate.

  6. Uruemu Majoroh

    “very sorry man.
    it is better to let them have what they want. cos if u resist they fit shoot and life is worth more than properties. those things can be replaced but life can’t
    it is well bro…….”

  7. If I have learned nothing else as I search for a more loving, spiritual self, there will always be people in this world who are angry and hurt and there is not much we can do to teach them how to love and respect life and humanity.

    If only we could reach the parents of these sorry lost souls and teach them that if they raise their children through love there would be less violence in this world.

    Glad you are safe and thanks for finding me on

  8. Waoh, pele o. The first and only armed robbery attack i experienced (in 2002) was in the same GRA – i parted with the first salary i ever earned then, i had withdrawn it and wanted to start a business with it. I think the serenity of the place makes it even not too safe, especially for pedestrians, quite lonely.

    So my advice is, once you close after 6pm, go with a colleague that has a car OR more importantly, follow your heart….we always get a gentle nudge to do otherwise before we have those experiences. God will restore. Stay positive, this is another opportunity to get a better laptop and phones! 🙂

  9. Lissa Jannini

    Hi Joseph,

    I visited your blog and rated it. Very interesting blog I must say. I learned a few things today about your country. I am glad that nothing happened to you last Friday. You need to be more careful of your surroundings

  10. i’m glad you came thru unhurt. Yeah life is really a precious gift and we should always thank God. we should see…

  11. Ric


    I am so glad that you are still alive to tell your story. Your voice is so unique in my world. I come back to your site often because you provide me with a perspective that is fresh. I am glad that you kept your wits about you and did not do anything to get yourself into deeper trouble.

    Hold your head high. You are alive, so that means that you get to exercise your extraordinary ability to overcome! I have an old laptop sitting in my basement that I wish I could drive over to you! Instead, I will give thanks that you are well, and I will send much positive energy your way.

    Hang in there, and keep writing!

  12. Joseph, I was catching up on your blog posts and somehow failed to read this post until our friend Ric G. pointed it out to me.
    Yes … thank God that you are safe and still with us. He obviously agrees with all of us that there is still much to be given in the world by you!

  13. Ric

    I posted something earlier today, but I do not see it. I had a wireless network problem, so I assume it did not make it.

    I just want you to know that I am very happy that you are alive and well, Joseph. You will overcome this negative experience, I am quite sure. I can see that you have many people who support you and care about you. For my part, all I can do is send you positive energy and encouragement.

    I am looking at an old laptop as I write this. If I could drive it to you, I would, but, alas, I do not have the means to make such a trans-Atlantic voyage!

    Keep writing and posting to your blog. We are out here, reading…listening…

  14. A.J

    Very nice blog. Sorry to hear about your mugging at gun point. Start carrying a teaser or pepper spray in your pocket, if you can get them and if they are legal there. Glad you are alright..

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