streWe all have these moments! Don’t feel like you are alone in the world for feeling tired, frustrated or fed up, there are those moments! But those moments just don’t come, they come for a reason. Everything that happens is either cause or effect, and believe me getting tired and fed up is not a cause, it’s an effect. In case you are wondering “what did I do to cause this” or “why me?” don’t worry for long there is a way in and there is a way out. Weak moments will happen, but you can stay strong in the midst of them.

I was listening to Sam Adeyemi speak recently and he was talking about the times we are in, and how to survive in these times, he gave a shocking revelation about a book he is reading, he said in the book they profiled 2 set of America’s richest group of people, the first set were the Rocafellas and co, then the second set were the Bill gates and Warren Buffet. The most astonishing thing here was that the sets of people were born in a space of 4 years apart. So it is no coincidence that they are rich, only that they capitalized on the opportunities when it presented itself.

It is so hard to hear someone tell you to invest now when what you should actually be doing is save, but to shock you this is the time to do the unimaginable, they capitalized on situations like this especially during the gulf war and bought huge amount of shares, even during the great depression, but I can only imagine how difficult it was for them at that time to release a whole lot to invest, but years after, it is paying off, their names are mentioned on top of the world’s richest men.

Here are some few tips on how to get there and how to get out.

How do weak moments come?

Weak moments come essentially because we take our eyes off the big picture and asses our current positions. Weak moments because we momentarily compare ourselves with our surroundings, contemporaries, friends or society. Weak moments are characterized by doubting, a feeling of tiredness, incompetence and mental laziness. These moments come because we shift our eyes from our focus for a brief moment. If weak moments are not well managed, they become sinking moments. One wrong action in this moment, and all we’ve spent years to build come crashing down. One sure fire way of not getting into these weak moments is to stay focused. Keep your eyes on the big picture around you. The journey is not going to be easy, the journey is not given but the destination is. Keep the picture of the future consistently in front of you. Put it in your office, put it on your desktop, lace your conversation with it, talk about it, imagine it! Doubt happens when belief is overwhelmed by present realities.


1-What are you looking at?

The first way to get out of those weak moments is to change what you are looking at. It’s not only looking in the sense of perceiving with the eyes, but also hearing, feeling e.t.c. Who have you been talking with? What is the picture on your mind? What perpetuates the weak moment is a wrong picture or message. Who you spend your time with and the picture they project before you are critical to your success.

2-Fear NOT!

Have you allowed doubt and fear to knock you out of your enthusiasm? The certain way out is the same way you came in. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is caused by your perception of what you saw. To get out of fear, you must be willing to see things with fresh eyes, to look at the things you see and be accurate about the possible consequences of your action. Don’t let fear cheat you out of your possibilities. Talk to yourself, be afraid but take the action that lacks fear. Advance confidently in the directions of your dream.

3-Cry out!

Men get lost on the road because they never ask for directions. The average man feels it’s a sign of weakness to subject his direction to another man’s finger- go left, go right then make a turn there people feel it’s not macho to ask for help. Well, I hope it’s macho to get lost, because if you cannot ask, you are in for a hell of a task. The person that asks for direction never misses his destination. Don’t try to exhaust all the options on your own, cry out for help. More often than not, help is not far away.

Remember starts are not celebrated, endings are…

Rehearsals are not applauded, performances are. If you rehearse for 20 years and the programme gets called off before you perform, no one will hear about rehearsals. Don’t quit while in the game, don’t die sitting down, die fighting, or live fighting!


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  1. Hello Joseph, I am quite sorry for the late visit on your blog. Well, this one is a really important post.

    Thinking out of the box matters, and that is something all visionaries possess. It is important to predict the future logically than to see what is happening the present world. That’s what the Rockefeller and Co. have seem to do.

    And the these lines were the best: “Remember starts are not celebrated, endings are…

    Rehearsals are not applauded, performances are.”


  2. Thanks alot, im grateful, and it helped me in preparing my college assignment.

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