Hello readers its been a while now since I even visited my own site, every time when I try to sign in, I always get something to occupy the space, and when I overcame that and opened it, it takes me a lot to start a post, I start….type about a paragraph or two and blank… goes again…..

This has been consistent for a while now and I have called myself to discipline today seeing someone write about the benefits of keeping a diary record of your activities in an active blog. Well I must confess it not been easy to maintain a blog even when I get viewership from over 40 countries in the world (a real encouragement) and also have a regular reader and commentators base the likes of Ameya Waghmare from India and Jeff Brunson from Australia. Not forgetting all my fans in other countries around the world and in Nigeria. THANKS A LOT.

It’s been work work all the way, you know what its like building a career in advertising and brand management. Not most people know what it is like working in this field, knowing what to sell, how to reach the target and when to get them, placing in mind the right medium. I have come to realize that apart from the brands which we build in our minds, we apply these decisions in our everyday life. How we package ourselves as brands and the medium we show ourselves. What we are today is a true reflection of what we were yesterday, the decisions we make today determines where we would be tomorrow. Now my training is building me for a tasking and fruitful tomorrow, equipping me with the tools to effectively manage life’s challenges as they come my way.

From news and write ups, the economy is biting hard and people are running into the blues to seek for shelter, well I ask myself where on earth can you get peace and security? Where is it calm? Where can you hide from the harsh weather? The best way to survive now is to make sure you get a multiple streams of income. No matter how small the income is, if it’s passive and regular, it would help solve some problems and keep you afloat. Also you have to strengthen yourself in a professional skill that your firm can never do without.

Staff layoff is no news in the world employment sphere, now it seems to have hit Nigeria. Companies are laying off even some of their good hands, but hey if you have that skill that your company can not do without, then you would never look over your shoulders in fear, so please guys improve thyself and save your job.

I would stop here for now as duty calls…but don’t worry I’m not gone for long.


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4 responses to “TODAY BECKONS

  1. Joseph,

    It is good to have you back posting!

    I thought you might enjoy this short article I wrote today – as it relates to Personal Brand:
    I’m going to use this to announce my small book on creating a Personal Brand.

    Your last two posts are so timely for not only my own focus and thinking, but for so many being impacted by the global economic craziness.

    Thanks again,

  2. Thomas Craghfer

    Hi Joseph saw your blog on the internet, and most say these lines are really good, in these pressing times we need to be the best we can in a bid to stay alive.

    Keep up the good work….I would stop by sometime to check this site……

  3. A lot of facts there from your end, you have hit the ground reality hard. The facade of recession is helping companies cut costs, cut salaries, lay off people but as you said, those with an exceptional skill, company can’t do without them! Value addition is the buzzword I must say.

    And ye, small side income helps always, be it for partying or for floating yourselves off such rough times.

    • Joseph Ekwu

      Ameya, thanks a lot for this comment, its been a while you came around or even dropped a post on your blog.

      Value addition is core neccessity, side income is key, we all need it.

      Thanks a lot mate.

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