I am reading a national daily and as a tradition, I flip to the stock market page….woah I heave a sigh of relieve, gradually the stock market is picking up, prices are steadily climbing and this is good news to investors, its not only my miracle but I guess for a  few thousand Nigerians if I am wrong, I have been receiving calls from people complaining that their investment is going down in drains, sometimes in my office, we joke about a share we bought that was really going down, we say soon people would get it for free as, the price would drop so drastic that it would encourage people to give it out as GIFT to their friends, well I guess this won’t be happening as the season is here……ok is coming again, investors would smile, people would once again look in the direction of the stock market  and invest their money .

As prices go up high again, I ask myself what have you achieved from the fall, what have you been able to get? In my previous post, I encouraged people to buy now that the market is suffering, because it is eminent that the prices would go high and when you buy in the bad weather, you would definitely make it when the rains come, now the cloud is dark, it is ready to rain, now the seed we planted would sprout and bear fruit, and as natures law goes, harvest time would come……..but how many of us planted? how many took the courage to do the unthinkable, how many bought during the drought?…….I did and I am looking forward to harvest soon.

There are certain things you can do that are very unusual, most people especially the modern day youth, wants the easiest route to wealth, they have thrown away the value for long term investments, they want all the wealth in one day, they end up in the hands of wonder banks and its likes. But when you prepare your mind for a long term investment,before you realize, you have made more than you expected.

It is still a good time to buy for those who have confidence and guts to invest in the stock market, you would want to monitor the stock page in the dailies and see the growth, I recommend you take your time to plan, and arrange your risk levels, before investing.

Hope you get the best………See you on top.

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