Your best is yet to be seen.

My boss always used to tell me that the best in me would soon show up, as it is yet to be seen, he told me that in a class of 20 boys, they all won’t be together on the same level for a long time, even if they started on the same level, they would not be on the same page for a long time.

Where would you be in 2 years, and where were you 2 years ago? Most people think their background is responsible for their mishap today,……very wrong, what you are today is what you made for yourself, if you sow a seed of failure then prepare for the harvest of failure. According to Deolu Akinyemi in his post “Barack Obama and I” he says “ your background is not responsible for your back being on the ground” Barack Obama did not have a fantastic background, so did many of us, but now he is a potential record breaker and history maker, if he mounts the seat of the most exalted position today..the president of the world power. Do you continually blame your parents for what you are today? Then you need a rethink as Obama’s parents divorced when he was 2 years, but where is he now? How is he doing? He has put his strength into winning and now a black man, partly from Africa, Indonesia and lived in Honolulu is making waves world-wide.

We are now in the computer era, where everyone has direct access to the internet and most of them use it for well what I say not too relevant things, it is so strange to note that only about 10% of Nigerians have a well felt presence on the internet. I ask a question, “would I get a reply if I Google your name now on the internet” so would I just get a”the name doesn’t exist “ where do you belong? OK quick try……..Google your name……………………………

You would want to know that Obama made a whopping $36.8m in a month from his site as campaign funds, yes..this was possible because as he had a blog which he started long time ago, and now it has brought him millions, you too can partake in this kind of blessing as you don’t know when the millions would be flowing from.

What are you waiting for to make that move? Most people need the push in order to make it in life. The best way is to get the right people as your mentor, read the right books and make your mind tuned into the positive ways of life; you would surely see the best in you manifest soon.

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  1. damilola

    yeah bro! time would always reveal a man’s worth.

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