Last weekend I was in Ilorin, for my colleagues wedding, it was a time to free our brains from the heat of everyday work, we all had fun although not free from work as we had New Nigeria Club launch in Ilorin that weekend, but I had a terrible journey to and fro Ilorin, I have never in my life seen a road that bad, even when I complain about the Lagos/Benin express, I had no idea it was terrible down west.

The route from Ibadan all the way to Ilorin through Osun was as thin as a bicycle lane, rich with pot holes, and muddy, then on another lane I saw men building a gutter with blocks, so strange, where on earth do you build gutters with blocks knowing that even the speed of water can destroy the block, or not to say the tyres of cars that are trying to avoid pot holes, don’t be surprised that the government approved this contract and a large sum of money would have been directed towards executing the project, but do they think of the gains of the society? or they are concerned about their pockets. it was so terrible that we lost a tyre due to the poor state, I wondered what the road would look like during the end phase of the raining season when the rains are heavy , would cars be covered up with water, or would the death rate on road increase? Only God knows.

Nigerians has over the months suffered from neglect, people live in pains, sorrow and they hardly know where their next meal would come from, only recently I read in a paper an advert that says “Africans for Obama” a campaign for the Democratic candidate of the United states, and to my surprise a platinum ticket cost as high as N375,000 and for a corporate table you would pay as much as N2.5 million, for the gold table individuals would pay N275,000 and for the corporate table N2 million, while people are spending irrelevantly, others are dying of poverty and starvation. The power sector for the 8th time is in state of emergency, Bakassi is still an issue for Nigerians. What the hell are they campaigning for? And what would they use the funds for as Barack Obama has disassociated himself from the fund raising.

The stock market is nose diving but they have all time to jolly away in unnecessary luxury, China and Nigeria has so much in common, yet they are so far apart, while they have the same national day October 1st, they are both multi-racial,and have high ethnic group. They both have high population rate. Although they are both ranked as third world countries, they are worlds apart. The Asian tigers are politically and economically developed, and everything is working out well there and you would find Nigerians snapping up business opportunities there.

But the reverse is the case here in Nigeria, we are not developing at all, all the sectors are suffering, the leaders are corrupt and insincere, they think of themselves alone. Where are we headed? what are we sowing? Now all the banks are giving loans for people to study abroad meaning the educational sector WOULD never grow. Its a SHAME. I pray we would grow some day, and not be tagged giants for name sake.


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  1. We have to start with ourselves you know from inside.

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