Yes, I know most of you would be so used to this kind of picture, yes as a typical Lagosian, when you come out as early as 5am and by 9am you are still in traffic just because the President is coming to town and he would not even go through this route but officials have started blocking even streets and crescents everywhere. Yes you know its election season here again.

My only thoughts now would be Where are we all actually headed? The destination is so unknown, well not if you have your Permanent Voters Card. We need to vote change (Like we are even sure of that change) we just are all consoled by the saying “The demon you know is better than the angel you don’t know”

I was joking with my friends to say I would hurriedly go process a US visa for myself and my family so we have an easy exit out of Nigeria in the event of any unforeseen, he laughed and said a million and one Nigerians have same plan, and for all you care this is so true. Well this is home and you never run away from home. I would only stay positive and get the best of all.

I only pray the president rounds up on time and leaves LAGOS for us as we continue our hussle.

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