A respected counsellor says: ‘First you crawled; then you learned to walk and the world grew bigger. Then you rode a bike… drove a car… bought a plane ticket. Suddenly the horizons were limitless. Then doubts crept in: I can’t (you fill in the blank)… and your world shrinks a little. I shouldn’t take that trip… I’ll never find my way around… I’ve too many responsibilities. And it shrinks a little more… [until] you’re sitting in a little box with the lid tightly affixed. No experiences, no lessons, no life. Boxes can be comfortable… but no matter how cosy you make it, it’s still a box. They come in all shapes and sizes.

When we let unrealistic fears hold us back we can be fairly certain we’re climbing inside another box… and sooner or later we’ll run into the walls. Find one small “I can’t” in your life and take the lid off the box… try for a minor impossibility… apply for that dream job… start pursuing your vision… Poke the top off your box. Stick your head out and look around. Find a fear and turn it into a ladder. Get out of the box of doubt and insecurity and into the freedom of courage and belief.’ If you let it, fear will cause your imagination to run riot. But ‘God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind’ (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV). A sound mind restores your perspective and helps you see things from God’s viewpoint, where all things are possible.

Today He wants to give you the courage to climb out of the box and bring you ‘into a large place’, because He ‘delights’ in you. We most times stay in our comfort zone and the failure to launch drives us to mediocre contentment, we usually get too relaxed where we are without a sense of moving on. I was once a victim of this attitude until I woke up someday realizing I was almost left in the past and friends and family members have all moved. The major cause of this is usually over analysis, over processing ideas and not taking decisions on time. I am however not suggesting you should run eyes closed into decisions. I belong to the school of thought that believes that the best way to succeed. Once I get an idea I run it by my wife and my 3rd person, my mind, critically get the pros and cons and what my exit plan plus plan B would be then I hit the ground running.

I am motivated by a quote from Sir Richard Branson….”If your dreams don’t scare you, then they are too small” yes I set them so high that most times I forget that my resources would not come close to starting the project talk more of finishing it, well that drives me as I always want to see the end. The worse thing to do in life is not to take a risk, nature would forgive you for taking a wrong decision but would certainly not forgive you for not taking a decision at all. (this however does not suggest that we indulge in immoral acts) they might not take you to the point where you have an option to recover from natures punishment.

I would like you to consider it, take a leap today, step out of the box, and expand your thinking.

If your mind could stretch to the limits of your thinking, how wide can you think?

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