We can never underestimate the power of influence; association imparts on our lives – business, career, family and life endeavours. It is possible to be blown off course as you share your life with others but at whatever point you find yourself this Monday morning, we can retrace our steps with these basic questions:


How did I get here?

Who am I constantly around?

What impact has this association had on me?

What do I need to change for the better?

What is my detailed pilot plan for change?


We live in a world that is constantly evolving. We need to take a closer look at how others can influence us both negatively and positively. Maybe everyone you associate with has been a positive energizing influence or maybe there are some bad apples in the bunch. We need to take an objective look today because everything is worth a second look, especially the power of association. Good association will surely take one in the right direction we need to go in life. This is called association on purpose which means we are around people who consistently influences us positively to expand our horizon in life. ‘We can become wise by walking with wise but when we hang out with wrong crowd, we can watch our lives fall to pieces’.


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One response to “YOUR ASSOCIATIONS

  1. Ono Wozo

    Everyone has somtin gud or bad to offer. Its our choice to make do with wat we choose.

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