A cold wet Thursday evening and I had just come back into the office after about 1 hour in an unusual traffic, I met a cluster of staff in the kitchen wondering what is going on, I saw someone with head bowed down and hands glued to the eyes, the nose continuously dragging, struggling hard to hold back the smooth liquid which threatens to pour out if not properly controlled. I hear a husky voice fighting back hot tears, now seriously I was eager to find out what has happened, it’s been a long time we had violence in the office, and with the caliber of people around now I am confident nobody has fallen victim of a vicious punch. Then someone whispered Muyiwa has resigned and it hurts him so much that he cannot bear to walk out on his family, yes I say his family.

Muyiwa Adelanwa is a colleague I admire so much, he is one of those whom I respect and emulate; he has an admirable character, very calm, dedicated, hardworking, deeply involved and committed. As a dude J when I walk past his desk at times, I stop to either commend his commitment, or his appearance, Muyiwa occurs to me as a natural born leader. He never gives up, as a pioneer staff of the operations department, he has groomed everyone in the department and is the final port of call whenever there is an issue, he is leaving the company after 5 years of meritious service that even the MD appreciates.

This perfectly explains why he has been having a one on one session with the MD for the past 4 hours. Staff of the department I can see are trying hard to hold back tears of having to work without him, they all have something good to say about Muyiwa, how much he has helped in the Unit. This brings me back to my topic…”What would you be remembered for” if you tender your resignation letter today, who would cry for you? Who would feel bad that you are leaving? Who would miss you? Who would talk about you? In your family, when you travel would people miss you? What legacy are you leaving behind? What would people have to say about you?

We walk through life everyday and we meet different people, these people defines our lives practically, everyone you encounter in life rubs off on you, negatively or positively, your interaction everyday matters a great deal for who you are. The beauty of life is the footprint you make on the sand of time, are you indispensable? Would people gather round to plead with you to stay a few more years? Would they try to offer you more or just accept your departure with a smile? What you do today re-echoes in future. The level of dedication to work would ultimately speak for you when the time arrives. I work hard to put in my best to the job to ensure good tales adorn my departure. For some people this is done effortlessly. Wherever you are today, do those things that years afterwards when you move on your story would motivate others.

Like my brothers would say SAIL ON….Muyiwa I wish you the best and happy things in life, with the more accolades to follow. Cheers mate. The one we all call Eniowo (Honourable)

What would you be remembered for?



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  1. R&M

    good work, pls keep it up

  2. Ono Wozo

    Really touching and true. We ought to adjust our lives not to please people but to be 100%satisfied with ourselves.

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