I was on my way back from a friend’s engagement in Edo state. I traveled by bus, this is because I could not summon courage to drive from Lagos down to Benin besides it was my first time going there.

Back to my story, so there I was in the bus, when this man, came in shut the rolling door behind him and then said, “Let Us Pray” “Oh Dear Lord,” I thought “Not today.”

You see, the truth is I don’t like these guys who pose as Pastors especially in bus-stops. It doesn’t take going to Jupiter to know that they’re just hustling for their daily bread.

They clutch a Bible, and then pray and of course at the end ask you to donate money.

I have even heard rumours that they share their collections with the bus drivers.

Anyways, the thing is I ALWAYS decide BEFOREHAND not to give these obviously fake Pastors any kobo.

But There’s Was Something About This Guy! He was entertaining. He told stories, he made jokes.
Damn I even laughed at one of them. Then he said he didn’t want our money! What?!!! A “Bus” Pastor doesn’t want money?

Who is this guy?

Then he began to preach. He used a clever analogy and Bible interpretation. I felt myself grinning with him. This man thoroughly finished me because at that point, I was about reaching into my pocket.

But Our Pastor Wasn’t Done Yet! He told even more stories, and jokes and admonitions.

The he began to bless us, our children, our wives, our parents, our businesses.

He then said he doesn’t need a donation from those who didn’t have it to give or who didn’t want to give, he said if we felt blessed by his message then we should give ANYTHING we wanted to give! This man was good. Immediately I just felt I should give him even more than I originally planned to.

So I gave a N500 then he again prayed for everyone, including those who did not give him a dime. You know what? I can’t really say if this guy was fake or not, but he did impress me. He was different and that’s what you too should be different.

If you want to make money and make a lot of it, you need to follow the lessons this ‘Pastor’ taught me on this day;

Step One: Have something to sell:  This guy had something he was selling – prayers.

Prayer my friend is one of the highest selling products/services in Nigeria. Doubt me? Go to any
Church near you next Sunday and see for yourself. Most people think they will make money without selling anything.

Crappy thinking, dont think crappy thoughts. You’re far better than that.

Step Two: Find the people who want what you’re selling most and advertise to them. See this man knew where his best target market on a rush-hour morning was – the bus stops.

Every morning people are in a rush to get to work, there’s no better people to preach to than folks who are traveling. They sitting in place waiting for their driver, their hearts full of fear about what lies ahead on the roads in front of them. They are afraid, very afraid, even though their
faces don’t show it. And believe me, they are mighty glad, when someone comes in and says,

“Let us pray for a safe journey.”


You get the drift.

The most important thing I also learnt from him is more like a reminder that “AIR” money type of business is one of the best anyone can do without capital.

What do I mean by “AIR’ money it is simply Selling of non-physical products,

Products that does not require stress to deliver and create,

Look at it this way, our bus pastor only offered prayers (which of cos is not a physical product)
and it costed him next to nothing to deliver it and he got paid instantly .

No stories.

Well there are couple of “AIR money kind of business that you can do which would pay you big without the stress of staying at the bus stop to offer prayers.


You need to look through all you can do and get something doing already, Don’t just sit there, stand up and do something.

Happy weekend.

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